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Banes: Tour Across Cuban Aboriginal Culture

Each year prints left behind by Cuban aboriginals are revealed in Banes, the Cuban Archeological Capital. Photo: Radio BanesA collection of aboriginal pieces just found in the Cuban municipality of Banes are on displayed at the Indocubano Bani Museum, in Holguin province. To locals’ joy the axes and other tools can be admired by passers-by because they are shown at the institutions’ porch - unique of its type in Cuba.

The idea of exhibiting the new pieces there is part of the summer program in that costal jurisdiction nicknamed the Cuban Archeological Capital for the many aboriginal findings found there.

But the Indocubano Bani Museum also schedules courses on community culture taught by the experts working there.

Also as part of the summer program, people are offered tours around the sites with historic interest in Banes downtown, among them the visits to the Juan Marinello culture house, the Indocubano Bani museum and the Aboriginal Patio. / Source: Radio Banes / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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