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Cuba: Bye Asthma, Girl Says in Holguin

Lawn tennis is a passion for Melisa Laura Acosta Reyes. Photo: Iraldo LeyvaAsthma today is history for Melisa Laura Acosta Reyes, a 9 year old girl from the Cuban municipality of Calixto Garcia, in Holguin province, for whom practicing lawn tennis every day helped her put am end to the regular asthma attacks, which caused much harm to her along several nights.

Melisa that is a third grader at the Rigoberto Mora Aguilera school, in Buenaventura, the municipal head town, the summer season is a great opportunity to meet her dreams of paying lawn tennis, which she loves so much.

From Monday to Friday, right at 8:30 AM, Melisa starts the warm-ups to later give free rein to lawn tennis playing.

Under the guidance of her trainer Danilo Echevarria, Melissa sometimes plays vs female contenders but boys are her rivals for the most part, who make her come and go across the court.

Echevarria, who praises the interest Melisa shows for tennis, stressed her progress is remarkable by day.

Asthma has been going little by little, what amuses so much her two most faithful fans, Yanet Reyes and Gilberto Acosta, her parents. / Source: Radio Juvenil / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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