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Holguin: People’s Opinion on July 26 (2013)

July 26 main event in Santiago de Cuba. Photo: Ismael FranciscoWhile Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz was closing in Santiago de the July 26 main event at times of the 60 years of the attack to the garrisons Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, the people in Holguin paid close attention, and later gave their opinions on it.

Mirtha Sanchez Perez. Photo: Amauris BetancourtRetiree Mirtha Sanchez Perez said she is very grateful to the Cuban Revolution and July 26, which are highly significant for the Cuban people. She said that when she was a girl the henchmen of the (Fulgencio) Batista’s tyranny whipped her and her father.

“I’m happy of having lived another July 26 main event and watch solidarity towards our country, shown with the presence of Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Santiago de Cuba, who meant their unconditional support of Cuba.”

Arturo Saavedra Santiesteban. Photo: Amauris BetancourtArturo Saavedra Santiesteban, that works at the local branch of the Cuban Electricity Company, said he felt deeply impressed about the July 26 celebration in Santiago de Cuba, specially for the words by the heads of state Nicolas Maduro from , Bolivian Evo Morales, Nicaraguan Daniel Ortega, and Uruguayan Jose Mujica, as well as the Caribbean Prime Ministers and Ecuadorian Chancellor who extolled the role of the Cuban Revolution for the region’s integration.

“Raul’s speech pointed out that the road taken 60 years ago with the attack to garrisons Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes has no way back,” he said and added that “July 26 is a source of inspiration to other sister nations in their fight against US imperialism and move forward searching for a better future, which is possible and necessary.”

Raidi Molina Palacios. Photo: Amauris BetancourtRaidi Molina Palacios, that works at the University of Medical Sciences of Holguin, said she felt highly moved by the many foreign delegations that attended the July 26 celebration, alongside with other solidarity groups like Pastors for Peace, that are an example of friendship to Cuba, and that go in the frontlines in the struggle for the release of the other four Cuban antiterrorists still behind bars in the US.

Andres Cespedes. Photo: Amauris BetancourtAndres Cespedes is a steward that said he felt deeply moved about the July 26 celebration, which was – at the saying of Cuban President Raul Castro, the right time to remember the youths that shed their blood in 1953 in the attacks to the tyranny garrisons in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo.

Raul’s speech is a commitment for us to go on with the construction of Cuban socialism, and continue on working for the integration of the Latin American and Caribbean nations, as dreamt by Bolivar and Marti, and taken to reality by Chavez and Fidel.

Blanca Simon. Photo: Amauris BetancourtBlanca Simon, a specialist at the Center of Socio-cultural Study and Development in Holguin, marked the main event as great, because “many years will go by, but the significance of July 26 will continue to grow, and will continue to influencing on the people’s determination, in their fight against US imperialism and for dignity and decent standards of living.

We’re living momentum changes, therefore, it’s good that the new generations know of July 26, 1953 – a historic date that marked the start of the fight for liberty and independence, not alone for Cuba, but also for all the people in Latin America and the Caribbean, the struggle will continue until victory for ever.

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