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Cuba: Racial Issue Intellectuals Discus

Cuba has promoted social integration without racial discrimination. Photo: Radio BanesRacial issue mobilizes Cuban intellectuals, with initiatives such as the Aponte Commission to raise awareness about a complex and historically rooted affair. Granma newspaper review today several actions undertaken since the cultural field in pursuit of a fuller social justice, beyond speeches, on Afro-Cuban descent matter.

The article, written by journalist and writer Pedro de la Hoz, responds to recent campaigns to "find problems that lead to the disintegration of the body of the nation" as of a racial problem.

The text discusses inequalities in the fight for full equality, recognized eight years ago by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, in a congress on pedagogy.

According to the daily, since 1998, Fidel Castro had called Cuban intellectuals to discuss the problem, and social programs began to appear with the 21st century, to improve quality of life in segments with high rates of black and mulatto people.

At present, the updating of the Cuban economic model draws up guidelines, to overcome this and other problems, but the writer warns that we must work on subjectivity. / source: PL.

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