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Cuban Tribute to Calixto Garcia in Holguin

A monument to honor Calixto Garcia rises at the downtown main square of Holguin city, which was named after the local hero. Photo: Juan Carlos Dominguez Taño     The top leadership of the Cuban Communist Party in the north-eastern province of Holguin, paid tribute this August 4 to Major General Calixto Ramon Garcia Iñiguez, on his 174 birth anniversary.

At the monument that carries his name at the Revolution Square in this eastern city, the first secretary of the political organization here, Luis Torres Iribar, laid a wreath as a sign of remembrance and gratitude of this people.

At this house - today a history museum - Calixto Garcia was born 174 years ago. Photo:   Members of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province, the Council of Administration, leaders of the mass organizations and the Association of Combatants of the Revolution attended the tribute of one of the most brilliant military strategists of Cuban history and whom Jose Marti called it the “Man of the Star on his Forehead.” / Source:

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