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Cubans Wearing Hats, so Needed Always

The hat or sombrero made of yarey leaves is a Cuban rural tradition. Photo: Radio Banes Wearing hats has been a need and a tradition which has been passing on from generation to generation all across the world, mainly in the tropical countries, and Cuba is no exception, where thousands of people today are wearing hats made with natural fibers for the most part, despite the large attraction of baseball hats.

Hats made with natural fibers keep gaining ground in Cuba. Photo: Radio RebeldeWhen we daily travel along Cuban streets and avenues, it is really attractive to get to see the use of different hats with different shapes and colours which protect us from the intense sun’s rays, so the hats make the difference in the current fashion.

Wearing hats to protect the head from the sun is a must in agriculture. Photo: smiling lady as gorgeous as her hat. Photo: cubadebate.cuTheir history dates back to the ancient Egypt where we find the cap named then as Phrygian cap which was also used by the Greeks.

After some years, the hats and their materials were as different as the time they were used. Moreover, it was during the Renaissance, for instance, that wearing a hat was then a way about revealing the social and cultural status. The monarchy was using big and eye-catching hats which were made of velvet, precious stones and feathers while the poor class had to use the smallest and austere ones.

The hat, part and parcel of artistic perfomances. Photo: Radio JuvenilIt was already in the XVII century that the hats used to be wider in order to be adapted to the wigs which was a fashion that concluded in 1789, then the elaboration of the male hat changed into a more simple one through the Napoleon-style hat which had one of its sides attached to the head, as well as two of its corners, That simple design remained until the XIX century in which it was typical the hat and its high crown. It is during that same stage of history when sewing machines appeared and that was a fact that made it a massive accessory.

The yarey leaf hat to Cuban farmers like the dog to man. Photo:  Hats are popular in urban and rural areas. Photo: With the beginning of the First World War in 1914, the hat constituted an icon of the fashion that women used to highlight their outfit. It was in that decade that French designer, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, achieved the elaboration of a different female-style hat which was appropriate to the events that were taking place at that moment.

During the XX century, the hat had many changes not only in its shape but also in its size and use and it was already in the 1990 decade that it began to lose its fame and its decline appears.

Not even reading can split hats from some people. Photo: Regarding our nation, the straw hat as such, which is highly used by the local growers, is a symbol of the Cuban culture as it was part of the 19-century rebel forces (locally known as mambises) while they were fighting for the independence of the nation against the Spanish Colonialism.

A big cigar competing vs this Cuban's huge hat. Photo: cubadebate.cuLately, it can be observed an increase in relation to the tendency of using hats which demonstrates and highlights the preference for an accessory that it is always in fashion. This accessory continues being highly useful for everyone, especially for those people who carry out certain type of works that require them. / Source: / Translated by JC Caballero.

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