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Holguin Flora: Endemic Species Protected

The dwarf cactus is only found in Holguin province. Photo: Perla VisionThe dwarf cactus, the jasmine of the Pinar and the pinus cubensis tree are among the endemic species of the Cuban flora under protection in the north-eastern province of Holguin, due to being in danger of extinction.

Cuban Native Plant Protected in Holguin

Omar Leyva, a biologist at the Botanical Garden of Holguin city, told the ACN news agency that the local autochthonous plants live on special environments, among which sun’s rays, arid soil and the presence of heavy metals like nickel and manganese.

Therefore, environment protection turns into an essential fact to preserve those plants, which are in exclusive ecosystems as Loma del Fraile hill and the Cuchillas de Moa mountains.

Norelis Peña, a specialist in the handling of protected areas in Holguin, added that they are also recovering the population of species at the florist reserve in Dos Rios de Purnio.

Other sites like the hills Cerro Galano and Ceja de Palma are also included, where they carry out steady monitoring on the climate, the ph in the soil, the rains, and other essential conditions for the surviving of those autochthonous specimens.

Holguin has more than a thousand endemic species, in its largest majority included in the Red Book of the Cuban Flora, as species in critical danger of extinction, for their long existence and the reduction of their population, according to the site of Cuban Biodiversity. / Source: ACN / Translated by Radio Angulo.

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