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Holguin: Radio Angulo Marks 77 Years

Radio Angulo marks 77 years of its foundation. Photo: Amauris BetancourtRadio Angulo, the main station of the Radio Broadcasting System in the province of Holguin, met as traditional this August the first, but this time to mark the 77 years of its foundation by its owner Manuel Angulo Farran. The date was the excuse to acknowledge the work of its best workers.

Producer Cesar Hidalgo Torres (right) receives the Microphone of Cuban Radio thru Alexander Rojas, an officer from the Provincial Communist Party Board. Photo: Amauris Betancourt     During the ceremony held with the presence of Olga Angulo Alonso, daughter to Angulo Farran – the founder of CMKO and martyr of the Cuban Revolution, Moraima Lopez Leon – the directress of the Provincial Radio Broadcasting system in Holguin – granted the replica of a microphone of Cuban Radio to writer Ana Irma Sanz Fernandez, producer Cesar Hidalgo Torres and presenters Vilma Perez de Aguiar and Osvaldo Aguilera Gonzalez for the significant contribution to radio along many years.

Program directress and music operator Barbara Sanchez Rojas given the “90 Years Seal” of the Cuban Radio. Photo: Amauris BetancourtThe “90 Years Seal” of Cuban Radio was given to Nelson Cruz Tejas – actor, presenter and program director for having worked for 40 years at Radio Angulo, but also to program directress and music operator Barbara Sanchez Rojas.

Journalist Arnaldo Vargas Castro given the Microphone of Dignity - the top award granted by Radio Angulo. Photo: Amauris BetancourtRadio Angulo directive Board agreed to praise the outcomes reached by journalists Arnaldo Vargas Castro and Elvia Mulet Silva, as well as top actor Manuel Pavon Sanchez, who were given the Microphone of Dignity – the top award granted by Radio Angulo to people that have made remarkable contributions to radio production.

Moraima Lopez receives the acknowledgement given by the chairman of the Holguin province branch of the Cuban Jounalists Association. Photo: Amauris Betancourt   At times of the 77 years of the foundation of Radio Angulo, different institutions acknowledge this station with a remarkable work in the province and as well.

Sitting in the front chairs - from left to right: Olga Angulo, Moraima Lopez and Alexander Rojas. Photo: Amauris Betancourt The Provincial Music Center, the provincial branches of the Ministery of Science, Technology and Environment, the Cuban Farmers Association and the Cuban Women Federation, and of the Cuban Journalists Association presented Radio Angulo with certificates, who Moraima Lopez Leon received – on behalf of its staffers.

Local soprano Loreta Rodriguez, a young soloist from the Rodrigo Prats lyric theater, delighted the audience with popular pieces like “Damisela Encantadora” by Ernesto Lecuona and “Sabor a mi” by Alvaro Carrillo, two referents at the station inaugurated by Manuel Angulo Farran in August the first, 1936, and that was baptized Radio Angulo after the idea of its staffers who wanter to honor a man that was killed for defending justice before 1959.

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