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Chinese Presence in Holguin, 80 Years Later

Chinese roots have planted in Holguin  for more than 8 decades. Photo: Amauris Betancourt  The nicknamed Cuban City of the Parks hosted the 5th Scientific-Theoretical Workshop called “Chinese Presence in Holguin” (September 20 thru 22), where several activities were scheduled aimed at strengthening this values and roots of this ancient culture in the homonymous north-eastern province.

The event also welcomed a delegation made up of Xu Kezhu, Liu Hai, Wang Yue, Yau Chuang, members of the Chinese Embassy in Cuba.

Martial arts performances, music and dance, children drawings expos and historic panels were part of the forum, which marked the 80th years of the construction of the old China Colony in this city.

There was also a rich debate on different issues linked to the quality of life of the Elderly, the origin, evolution and expansion of tea, traditional and natural medicine, as well as acupuncture and physiotherapy to treat the pains caused by some cancer types and forms of homeopathic treatment in neurological ailments.

The three day event served to widen bonds of friendship between the China and Holguin, indeed an excuse to celebrate eight decades of history. / Source:

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