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Cuba: Clinical Integration to Face Heart Disease

Cuban cardiology has achieved noted resusts but joint work needs larger integration. Photo:  A deeper integration in the attention to complex heart disease and different levels of medical care is crucial today to achieve satisfactory outcomes in this field, said Cuban official Lorenzo Llerena Rojas.

Llerena Rojas, the director of the Cuban Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, explained to Prensa Latina that joint work is highly significant to successfully treat patients with acute heart infarcts, acute coronary syndromes and other heart pathologies.

He also considered of vital importance to give adequate attention to those patients since their arrival to primary medical attention centers and during all their passage through different sanitary levels until they reach specialized facilities.

Cardiological surgery is an important method to treat cardiovascular disorders as ischemia and congenital heart disease, he assured.

This illness and tumoral problems are among the main causes of death in the world as in Cuba, thus the need to achieve greater precision in treatment, said Llerena Rojas.

This was one of the main topics discussed by the 8th National Surgical Cardiology Workshop which concluded two-day debates and master lectures with guests from Angola, Peru, Japan, among other nations.

The director of the main center of cardiology in Cuba stressed the need to promote meetings such as this to achieve a greater economic and social impact for the development of the Cuban population.

On the other hand, he also highlighted the links of the institution he leads to other similar ones of Spain, Italy, France and several countries of Latin America. / Source: PL.

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