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Cuba: Diabetic Foot Drug into New Markets

Herberprot-P has been successfully used in Cuba and several other countries. Photo: PL’s Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center will launch its diabetic foot ulcer pharmaceutical known as Heberprot-P into new markets, such as Brazil, Peru and some European countries.

Cuban Contribution to Anesthesiology Extolled

Mailyin Palmero, a promotion official with the Havana’s center, said that over 125 thousand people have been treated with the Cuban drug in other countries, including nearly 100 thousand Venezuelans.

The scientific institution is taking part at the 24 International Congress on Orthopedics and Traumatology, underway till Saturday at Havana’s Frank Pais orthopedic hospital.

The forum, which is being attended by local and foreign institutions in the field, offers an opportunity to promote the advantages of the Cuban pharmaceutical, which prevents the amputation of lower limbs in patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.

The commercialization of Heberprot-P is under negotiations in Brazil and Peru, while the medication is being submitted to clinical tests in Europe before its registration, said the official.

Mailyn Palmero said that effectiveness studies reveal a successful 78 percent impact by the medication, though most of the people treated with it already suffered from advanced ulcers which, if their doctors had known the drug before, the results would have been much better.

Heberprot-P was approved five years ago and over this period it has been commercialized in 18 countries, including Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. / Source: ACN.

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