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Cuban Giroud Wins in Spanish Film Festival

Cuban filmmaker Pavel Giroud keeps making history. Photo: old.cubahora.cuThe 61st season of the famous International Spanisn Film Festival of San Sebastian gave a nice surprise by awarding filmmaker Pavel Giroud for his work El acompañante – not filmed yet, but got the prize to the best project of the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum.

The Forum, in its second edition, is sponsored by the Entidad de Gestion de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (EGEDA), and expects to boost cooperation between professionals of the two sides of the Atlantic, in addition to increase the production and distribution of Latin American cinema, the Telesur Web site reported.

Thanks to EGEDA, El acompañante will be invited to the Ventana Sur audiovisual market, soon to take place in Buenos Aires, Habana Radio reported.

The director of La edad de la peseta and Omerta, will shoot the feature film in a Cuban-French co-production, coordinated by Arete Audiovisual, with the participation of Jaguar Films, of Panama, and Trampolin Impulso Creativo, of .

In statements to the U.S. weekly magazine Variety, the Cuban filmmaker said that he expects to start shooting the film in mid 2014. / Source: PL.

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