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Cuban Sport, Improved Salaries

Sport shooter Leuris Pupo from Holguin province did it great in London Olympics. Photo: PL  Cuban athletes, trainers and other sports specialists will noticeably enjoy an increase on salaries and bonuses, as approved by the Council of Ministers. According to Granma newspaper, the new policy will get in force in January 2014, though in the case of Baseball it will start with the opening of the National Series in November 2013.

The new measure aims at improving the performance of Cuban sports, generating income sources, increasing the quality and rigor in competitions, gradually increasing salaries and guaranteeing that each one receives a salary according to his or her work.

High-performance athletes, who devote all their time to practicing a sports modality, will get their salaries according to their results, the newspaper explains and adds that in the case of athletes who get contracts abroad, they will be guaranteed their participation in major competitions on the island.

The new policy maintains monthly payments to athletes in hard currency or Cuban convertible pesos as it has been done so far. This payment is received by athletes, trainers either active or retired in return for the medals they have won, while other payments in the Cuban national currency, the Peso, will also be included.

This way the pay will be based on the socialist principle establishing that “from each one according to his or her capabilities, to each one according to his or her work,” which will be expressed at the moment of obtaining competition results, as approved by the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party.

The newspaper also explains that when an athlete is no longer active, her or she will receive an additional pay as acknowledgement, which will be considered for the calculation of his social security fund.

Decathletist Leonel Suarez from Holguin province too. Photo: PL  Along with this Cuba will implement a annual system of contracts in the country accredited by the National Federation of each sports, thus replacing a system of leaves thus far in force.

The policy approved by the Cuban Council of Ministers establishes six sports categories according to the performance of athletes, which constitute the basis to set the basic monthly payments in national currency for high-performance athletes.

According to Cuban vice-president Marino Murillo, the new policy is the result of a study which, among other problems, revealed the large diversity of legal norms that ruled the issue in the country.

Murillo referred to the absence of a single and basic salary system in Cuban Pesos for all athletes, the uniformity of salaries for all trainers and specialists, from the bases up to national pre-selections, as well as the low pay of referees. / Source: PL.

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