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Holguin: Nature, History Between 2 Bays

El Ramon peninsula is a natural separator of two Cuban bag bays, Nipe and Banes. Photo: Alexis Rojas  El Ramon is one of the few peninsulas in . Its is located in one of the country’s smallest municipalities – Antilla, north of the province of Holguin, whose about 19 kilometers long baosts of its historic events, in addition to its charms as being a natural separator for two major bays, Banes and Nipe, from north to south.

With lush beauty, the peninsula has a swampy relief, low and markedly flat, except for its northern portion where there are some elevations near the coast line.

The peninsula, stretch in some parts, also gives you the chance of watching the canyon of the Banes bay in the northern part and a little later enjoy the dark blue waters of Nipe bay in the southern part, which one of the biggest bag bays in the world.

Dense mangroves and sea grapes, among other vegetables, decorate the contact zone of the sea to the land, and provide shelter for many species of fish, shellfish and birds.

4.gifBut this peninsula has not only a natural charm, it is also part to history. Pirate William Hastings left his prints in this place, where his remains were buried, together with some treasures and a large line of descendants.

El Ramon de Antilla is also linked to the Cuba struggle for freedom from Spanish colonialism, as there occured the landing of men headed by American general Thomas Jordan in the days of the Great War, bringing weapons to support eastern rebel armies.

The natural charms of El Ramon de Antilla are linked to history. Photo: Alexis Rojas     And the brief stay in 1959 of the hero Camilo , exactly where the Cuban Revolution built a beautiful town a little later.

During the summer season the place becomes a must for vacationers, mainly from the municipalities of Antilla and Banes, attracted by the unique beauty of this almost virgin natural area, bathed by warm waters – tinged by history – all what gives El Ramon a bewitching tough. / Source:

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