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Holguin: Tobacco Fine, Higher Yield Needed

Tobacco that is grown in some of the municiplaities of the Cuban province of Holguin needs to increase production and yield. Photo:  The results of the 2012-2013 tobacco crop in the Cuban province of Holguin were deeply assessed in a provincial meeting where the delegates agreed that there is much to do yet, despite the steps forward made in this north-eastern jurisdiction.

Tobacco growers extolled the better prices set, what led to sign new contracts and expectations on the corresponding increase in number, thus production will boost, they said.

In the meeting they said that the municipality of Mayari will have the largest number of leased land to grow tobacco.

Tobacco is mainly grown in the municipalities of Holguin, Mayari, Sagua de Tanamo and Calixto Garcia, where producers should do things better to achieve higher yields at the time they increase production.

The best producers were acknowledged in the provincial meeting, among them the “Celia Sanchez” cooperative farm from Holguin; its peer “Jose Maceo” from “Calixto Garcia” as well as the best individual producers Arturo Aguilar and Ruben Aguilera, both from the Desembarco del Granma cooperative farm; while the municipality of Calixto Garcia best all its rivals.

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