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Pharmaceutics Brings Cuba and Ecuador Closer

The Cuban and Ecuadoran governments inked an agreement to build a plant to produce bio-pesticides and bio-fertizers in the South American nation, as a further step to consolidate bilateral cooperation links in the bio-pharmaceutical sector.

Bio-fertilizer Plant Opens in El Salvador
The director of Cuba's Labiofam entrepreneurial group, Jose Antonio Fraga, and Ecuadorian Agriculture minister Javier Ponce penned the document on Monday.

We will transfer technology to Ecuador to use bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers in order to replace the currently excessive application of chemicals to fight pests in that country, said Fraga as cited by PL news agency in Quito - the coutry's capital.

As part of bilateral cooperation relations, two Cuban experts are currently assisting rice production in Guayaquil, said the executive, who underscored the contribution by another 80 Cuban workers to the prevention of Dengue in four Ecuadorian provinces.

According to Fraga, Ecuadorian authorities are very pleased with the results so far attained in the collaboration projects, because in just six months they were able to bring down the Dengue prevalence by over 90 percent, as well as the presence of its carrier, the Aedes aegypti mosquito in all 12 districts where the program is being implemented. / Source: ACN.

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