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Stephen Kimber, Interview, Miami and the Cuban Five

Canadian writer Stephen Kimber, whi wrote the book "What Lies across the Water: the Real Story of the Cuban Five," revealed on Tuesday that the WLRN, affiliated to the National Public Radio of Miami, canceled an interview with him for considering his book “too polemic.”

Letter to Rousseff Urges Obama to Free The Five

In his Web blog, professor Kimber expressed that the WLRN informed him via e-mail that his interview had been canceled at the request of Joseph Cooper, executive producer and host of the program Topical Currents.

After reading the book, Cooper requested the suspension of the interview, because -in his words- the text was “too incendiary” and he was afraid to generate negative opinions in certain segments of the Miami community.

This message –stressed the author of the book- says everything we need to know –and more- about why it was impossible to find an impartial jury in Miami for the case of The Five (condemned in that city for warning Cuba about plans of Florida-based terrorist organizations).

Likewise, this incident illustrates why it’s important for the U.S. people to know the facts of this case, when, 15 years after their arrest, there are still four of The Five in U.S. prisons, expressed Kimber.

Since September 11, Kimber has been touring the U.S. east coast, a tour organized by the International Committee for the Freedom of The Five, to promote the book, considered to be the most complete in English language on the case, points out the Prensa Latina news agency. / Source: ACN.

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