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Cuba: The Family, a Pedestal and Shelter

The family plays a significant role in children's formation. A daily view in Holguin city, as in all Cuba, parents taking children to schol. Photo: Amauris Betancourt   ;  e  The link between the school and the family permits the combination of the educational and proper influences for the students' formation of their personality through the different teachings levels. That fact reaches higher transcendence today when the Cuban society instills the human values intensely in them, what enrich the young students' nature and spiritually.

The expert, Maria Elena Sinclair, who is the national methodologist from the primary education in the local Ministry of Education, said to Radio Rebelde station the importance in respect to the parents' participation in the development of the educational-teaching process.

“The educational institution knows all the potential and difficulties about each family, so different themes are chosen for their proper training. Moreover, the most important detail is precisely that they could be well-informed and trained to have a positive impact in their children

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