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Cuban Health System US Citizens Praise

Cuban elderly people make exercises as a way of keeping sound life styles. Photo: Radio Banes    Members of a community coalition in the New York City’s district of The Bronx praised in Havana the Cuban people’s participation in the country’s health system activities.

Visitors from the community-based Claremont Healthy Village Partnership implement a project named Medical Education in Cooperation with (MEDIC), aimed at promoting exchanges in the field of health between the peoples of and the United States and also to learn of Cuban experiences and successes in that field.

We are aiming at the promotion of a new image of public health in the Bronx and to involve the population in health activities, said Helen Schwoldy, a member of the visiting group during celebrations in Cuba of the World Day against Diabetes.

The Bronx Community leader said they are aiming at taking back new ideas for the promotion a new image of health in their environment.

Many of Claremont Village citizens, in the Bronx, where she lives, suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart and circulatory system complaints, absence of a healthy diet and also of poverty and lack of access to medical health due to the absence of health insurance.

Lynda Kemp and Olivia Blancheflower, also members of the visiting

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