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April 2016
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Daily Archives: April 8, 2016

Del hastío a la pasión

El joven cineasta participa en la XV Muestra Joven con Héroe de culto, una visión punzante e inconforme del abuso y maltrato que padece la imagen de José Martí en la sociedad cubana… Continue reading

Construction Suspended in Nicaragua on Tumarin Hydroelectric Project

The Queiroz Galvão construction firm is leaving the country, its funding sources affected by the Brazilian political crisis. The firm, together with the Brazilian state company Eletrobras owns 90% of the Nicaraguan Hydroelectric Center (CHN), the company behind the Tumarín hydroelectric project. Continue reading

Ciego de Avila up 2-0 over Pinar del Rio in Cuban Baseball Finals

The Cuban baseball league best-of-seven finals shifts to Pinar del Rio on Sunday with the hosts down 2-0 to the defending champion Ciego de Avila. On Thursday, Ciego won 2-1 in a 13-inning pitching duel. Continue reading

Cuba’s 7th Communist Congress Finally Unveiled, for Better or for Worse

At the close of March, Cuba’s Granma newspaper, the official voice of the Cuban Communist Party, was kind enough to offer some pertinent details about the imminent 7th Party Congress. A heated debate had arisen prior to this in response to the lack of transparency that no few onlookers had perceived in the manner the congress was being organized. Continue reading

Cuba with Two Generations, One Reality

My nephew has already turned 17. It wasn’t long ago that he learned to get over tears and stumbling blocks and, now, he strikes me as a man through and through. He gets good grades at school without trying too hard. Recently, my sister told me that the young man had no interest in going to university. Continue reading

Venezuela: “There’s No Flour for Buns”

I step off the subway and, next to the National Assembly building, I see a truck fitted with loudspeakers and a stand where they are taking signatures against the Amnesty Law [approved by the legislature but being fought by the executive]. Continue reading

Fidel Castro Reappears in Public (Video)

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro appeared in public for the first time in more than eight months. Castro, 89, took part in a tribute to Vilma Espin, the late wife of his brother Raul, according to images broadcast on state television on Thursday night. Continue reading

Todos los caminos me condujeron hasta El Caimán

Yo no iba a ser periodista. Quería estudiar algo vinculado a las matemáticas, pero el entonces Ministro de Educación Superior, no dio el permiso para que un ciego cursase la ingeniería en Sistemas Automatizados de Dirección… Continue reading