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April 2016
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Daily Archives: April 12, 2016

Nicaragua Legislature Rejects Initiative to Revoke Canal Law

The secretary’s office of the National Assembly has rejected the citizens’ initiative to repeal Law #840, which ratifies the Canal concession and the related land expropriations. It declared itself “legally incapable” of processing the request presented on April 7 by the rural movement known as the National Council for the Defense of our Land, Lake and National Sovereignty. Continue reading

My Father’s Good Life

When my father died just before the age of 86, a friend said to me: “At least he had a good life. He had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who loved him.” What she said left me thinking and made me look back at certain episodes in his life. Continue reading

The Price in Cuba for Thinking Differently

I hope readers will excuse me for not writing about what I see around me or politics today and for focusing on a personal story, on my disagreement with the regime and my experiences with Cuban State Security. It could prove interesting for you. Continue reading

Farber, Plattism and the Dilemmas of Cuba’s Opposition

Samuel Farber’s most recent article unleashed a tsunami of comments and protest. If we were talking about a party, we’d say he got people’s blood pumping and down to the dance floor. Continue reading

Cuba among the Islands with Greatest Plant Diversity

Home to some 7,500 species, with a high degree of endemism, Cuba ranks fourth among the islands with the greatest plant diversity in the world, as such conservation efforts are of considerable regional and international importance. Continue reading

Over 28,000 Signatures against Nicaragua Canal Law

Francisca Ramirez, a farmer from La Fonseca, Nueva Guinea, said that the rural residents would exhaust all national legal channels to demand the repeal of law 840. “We’re going to continue to insist, and we’ll issue an ultimatum, because we’re prepared to hold work stoppages if they don’t listen. Continue reading