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Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

Ortega Reduced the FSLN to Nothing More Than a Family

The Sandinista Congress unanimously ratified Commander Daniel Ortega’s seventh presidential candidacy with their hands raised high. They also authorized him to select his running mate as well as to the list of candidates to the National Assembly and Central American Parliament, for the general elections set for November 6. Continue reading

Tobacco, Patriarchy and Totalitarianism; Inseparable Friends

People who haven’t experienced “socialism” firsthand may imagine it’s a system where collective well-being takes priority over individual rights. According to this line of thought, chronic problems in these kinds of societies - such as a lack in personal freedoms - stem from excess. Continue reading

La poesía es redonda y viene en caja cuadrada

Me gustan los audaces, los temerarios, los imprudentes, los descabellados, los kamikazes. Hay muchas maneras de ser todas esas cosas. Una de ellas es aparecerse a estas alturas con un libro de poesía sobre el amor… Continue reading