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Daily Archives: June 9, 2016

Cuba’s Foreign Policy and its Repercussions

There is no doubt then that the Cuban government exercises great influence in global politics, for many reasons. It doesn’t matter that most everybody thinks that we have serious problems with respecting our most basic and fundamental human rights... Continue reading

My Morning Odyssey in Havana…

I know the issue of transport here in Cuba has been the subject of discussion many times before, but I feel like there’s always a lot more that can be said. Or maybe it’s because one is left wanting to vent. I’m not sure. Normally, I take the bus my workplace provides. It’s quite reliable, but, it breaks down sometimes, which actually happens quite often, and that’s when my headache starts. More than just a headache, it’s when I just want to disappear. Continue reading

In the Aftermath of Fast and the Furious in Havana

The capital was recently stirred up by the filming of scenes from the eighth film in the “Fast and the Furious” series. They’re in high-demand. But, that’s just the way show business is and that’s not what concerns me. Continue reading

Cuba and United States Hold First Counterterrorism Technical Exchange in Havana

On Wednesday, Cuba and the United States held the first Counterterrorism Technical Exchange in Havana. Continue reading

For Cuba to Fight Corruption, Transparency is the First Step

Experts believe that transparency is the first step in Cuba's fight against corruption. Then you have to take other steps because opacity and secrecy are the best breeding ground for the development of this global virus. Continue reading