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Daily Archives: June 11, 2016

My Time at Cuba’s Farallon del Caribe Hotel

When I was still illegally peddling coffee back in 1994, a door was opened to me in the middle of the labyrinth I’d lost myself in. I found light in the middle of the darkness. And with this light, my days as a peddler ended. Continue reading

Oposición en Nicaragua llama a “resistencia pacífica”

La oposición en Nicaragua llamó a ejercer la "resistencia pacífica" tras conocerse el fallo judicial que excluyó su participación de los comicios presidenciales del próximo noviembre. Continue reading

Ortega Buries Democracy in Nicaragua

With less than five months to go for the November 6 national elections, the Constitutional Wing of Nicaragua’s Supreme Court has effectively left the opposing National Coalition for Democracy without a flag or a designated spot on the ballot. Continue reading

The Cuban Museum of Dissent, a First Encounter

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this article. Perhaps because I've had too many emotions running through my mind recently: anger, anxiety, disappointment, discomfort. Feelings which haven’t allowed me to reflect calmly upon the situation. Continue reading

Costly Delays in the Port of Havana

Havana’s port-transport-domestic economy chain has been interrupted once again and, at the end of the day, it’s the majority of the Cuban population who suffer the consequences. This time, the Gordian knot involves 20,000 tons of rice and thousands of bags of fertilizer. Continue reading

Amnesty International Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

The Americas Director at Amnesty International (AI), Erika Guevara, warned on Friday of a possible humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, product of a "lethal cocktail" by the coincidence of several factors. Continue reading