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Sancti Spiritus Insurance Company Compensates Hurricane Irma Victims

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The compensation includes payments for damages to the tobacco infrastructure. (Photo: Aramís Fernández).

The insurance company of Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba, will disburse over 5 000 000 pesos to pay the corresponding compensation to the legal and natural persons who claimed on the insurance after the passage of Hurricane Irma. ?

According to Reldy Ramirez Garcia, deputy director of the company, there are 249 of such persons who required the intervention of the insurance business. Some of the claimants are enterprises and others are individual farmers associated with cooperatives.

Special attention has been given to agricultural products such as sugar cane, coffee, bananas, corn, sweet potatoes and yucca in the different territories. In the cases of crops still in harvest, the producers were advanced 30 percent of the payment, which will be settled once the harvest is concluded.

Tobacco cultivations received much attention as well. A hundred and fifty six individual farmers received insurance benefits due to the damage to the tobacco curing barns, while several cooperatives were compensated for damages to the tobacco leaves.

Ramírez García also said that the compensation payment process is almost concluded, thanks to the commitment of the company’s staff, and the support received from the Intermar agency in charge of assessing the loses throughout the territory.

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