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Sancti Spiritus Dedicates Scientific Workshop to Hospital Commemoration

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This year the workshop is focused on the Orthopedics speciality. (Photo taken from Facebook / Carlo Figueroa).

On the occasion of the celebration, renowned Cuban Orthopedic Dr. Alfredo Braulio Ceballos Mesa donated a guayabera shirt to the collection treasured in this city

Some 300 researches related to diseases and medical procedures will be debated, among other topics, in the Al Servicio de la Vida (At the Service of Life) scientific workshop, underway at the Camilo Cienfuegos General Hospital of Sancti Spiritus.

Like every year, a forum is held to commemorate the foundation of the civil hospital of this central Cuban city, which will be celebrating this month the 118th anniversary of its creation.

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? On this occasion, the forum will be focused on orthopedics topics mainly minimally invasive surgery and hip fracture. ?

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