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Countryside Songs

Genuine artists like him deserve intense ovation. Applauses for Polo are rumbling in the wilderness and caressing all the green

Ana Margarita Sánchez Soler

Talent arises sometimes in the most unsuspected places and is eternally attached to its place of origin. Even after the disappearance of the one who produced all the grace of an art which lies in its most genuine environment, that which keeps inspirations. Some field ot the West of Cuba bears the music a natural guajiro used as fertilizer for the land.

The voice of Polo Montañez spread through paths and rivulets when another anniversary of his death was recently commemorated. November 26 marked another year since that fateful accident shook the trills of his voice. On the other hand, the guajira music, the son and the guaracha he cultivated with so much pleasure still give us something to talk about.

Fernando Borrego Linares was the real name of this singer who knew how to draw rural landscapes with melodies. Inspiration, one of his dearest treasures, came to him like a gust of breeze. Among muses crowned with orange blossom and the mud under his boots, he found the lyrics expressing love and Cuban character. His prodigious memory retained songs enriched again and again before being included in the album.

Not even the resounding success persuaded Polo to abandon his country nature; and that was the key to success. Gold and platinum records, international tours and immense popularity in Cuba were motivations to hold on to his roots. Many people go to Las Terrazas today, where the great Montañez had his home and find the marks of a life  equally dedicated to coal, cane and music.

As much as in his homeland, he was loved in Colombia, a country he visited five times and to which he professed a distinctive affection. Polo returned all the love he received from the Colombians with his compositions. Among the figures who admired him and accompanied him on the stage are Rubén Blades, Andy Montañés, Cándido Fabré and Compay Segundo.     

To listen to the ” Guajiro natural ” will have to use much more than the ear, we will have to see in its subjects the immense countryside, we will have to feel the tobacco leaf. Genuine artists like him deserve intense ovations. Applause for Polo are rumbling in the wilderness and caressing all the green.

Translated by ESTI

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