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In Villa Manuela: Epitaph

The personal exhibition Epitafio by the artist Rodney Batista is shown to the public at the Villa Manuela Gallery of the UNEAC until the middle of this month

Rubén Ricardo Infante

Villa Manuela Gallery of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) supports an active program that is expressed in the opening of exhibitions, book presentations and catalogues as well as talks for students.

Epitafio, by Rodney Batista, is going to be exposed until the middle of this month.   This work is a sample that questions the western conception in which death constitutes a state contrary to life.  Batista launches a new testament on death, its myths and the look that the visual arts have made of it, based on that work.

According to the catalogue, the curator Modesto D. Serpa expresses that: “This call of attention of the artist on a desired “posthuman” condition, claims the protagonism of a physical death, unique capable of doing deserved justice to life.  In any case, dying will be a finding, a fulfillment, a peak?  To live accustomed to die.  Death, like that, is not scary.  Life is assumed.”

Some of the works included in the exhibition are: Espacio Común, together with others belonging to the series Solo recuerda que debes actar con la forma humana (Just remember you have to compromise with the human form); Si alguien tiene oidos oiga (If someone has ears, then hear), El paisaje más maravilloso del mundo (The most wonderful landscape in the world).  A fact that highlights the constant creative rhythm of this artist is that the works have been produced in this year.

Rodney Batista Herrera, was born in Havana in 1988, is a graduate of the San Alejandro Academy, of the Higher Institute of Arts and has made the personal exhibitions Mundo de mi Mundo (2014) in Servando gallery; Viaje de la Semilla. In Memoriam (2009) a collateral example in the X Biennial of Havana and Inventario (2008) in the Ludwing Foundation.  His work has also been included in more than a dozen collective exhibitions in Cuba and abroad.

Until the middle of this month, you can visit Villa Manuela gallery of the UNEAC, located on calle H, #406, entre calle 17 y calle 19, Vedado, Havana, in the usual hours and agree or disagree with this proposal by the artist Rodney Batista about death: Epitafio.


Translated by ESTI

La entrada In Villa Manuela: Epitaph aparece primero en Radio Metropolitana.

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