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Guarantees to ascend

A plan designed from 2007 and until 2020 plans to replace all the old-fashioned elevators in the tall buildings of Havana

By: Inés María Miranda

High buildings in Havana already have 325 new elevators (of 545) since the program to replace these old equipment began in 2007.

The plan includes the replacement until 2020 of all those with more than 50 years of useful life; and to date there are only 190 left in charge of the Provincial Elevator Company, known as Unisa.

According to director Ramón Faife Gutiérrez, in Havana there are more than 600 elevators in high-rise buildings belonging to agencies and the housing sector, of which more than 60 percent are serviced by Unisa.

He specified that work is currently being done on 21 elevators for housing.  Also we are working on the recruitment of new workers due to shortage of staffs, mainly young people trained in electronics and electricity, knowledge that is required for the activity of elevators with appreciable technical advances.

The assembly of the equipment, according to the number of floors and the complexity of the work, takes from three to four months: a month to completely dismantle the old elevator and two to three months are needed to install the new one, said Faife Gutiérrez.

They also depends on temporary places for containers to be set, on the placement of cranes and machines on the roofs of buildings of 20 or 22 floors.  All that requires time that also including the permit applications to close the streets and other coordination with transit that needs the completion of the work carried out by the Construction Business Group of People’s Power, Gecal, to which they belong, he said.

Last year arrived 12 elevators, plus 48 that the country had received are a total amount of 60 elevators, said Faife.  From those equipments, 52 are for the Cuban capital that will replace the old ones in the its five municipalities: Plaza de la Revolución (with 60% of the elevators in the city), Centro Habana, Habana Vieja, Diez de Octubre and Playa.  During this year, new equipments will be assembled in every of these municipalities, he added.

The elevators for the housing buildings come from Russia and Spain, those located in the government buildings are high quality equipment of other brands, specified the manager.

Assembly, maintenance and repairing of elevators in the city is the Unisa company purpos.  The 60 percent are of the housing buildings and the rest to the Central State Administration Agencies and all ministries.

He also explained that for the maintenance service, they have spare parts and a control station working the 24 hours to meet the needs of customers.

Translated by ESTI


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