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October 2018
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Amaury M. Valdivia Fernández / Photo: Leandro Pérez Pérez

February 26th, 1869: In Camagüey the slavery was abolished

On February 26th, 1869, in Sibanicú, territory of Camagüey, rebels of the region, which aim was Homeland and Liberty, conceived their most noble priciples of justice and, on behalf of the people, they declared the abolition of the slavery. Continue reading

Siren’s song in the Strait of the Florida

Camagüey.- The informative means at the service of the politics of the United States, distort, silence, the truth of Cuba, like constant training artillery to justify the imperial blockade to the rebellious island. Continue reading

Camagüeyan sugar workers: to earn more it is necessary to produce more

Camagüey.- Sugar workers of this province, who work in the development of the sugar harvest, ensured that to have better salarirs it is necessary to increase the production. Continue reading

Stem cells in adolescent with trauma

Camagüey.- Like an innovation in the implantation of stem cells is considered to be in Camagüey the application of this advanced technology to a 14-year-old adolescent, at least of seventy-two hours of suffering an accident that provoked a luxation of the spine, severe medular compression and paraplegia, causative illness of which the low portion of the body remains paralyzed and without functionality. Continue reading

Wetted sugar harvest in Camagüey

Camagüey.- This province, the most extensive of Cuba, which executed the Small Sugar Harvest of Drecember with over three thousand tons of sugar of advantages on the integral plan, last Friday was accumulating a deficit of almost 11 000 tons, for long paralyzation of the mechanized cut  because of the persistent precipitations of January and February. Continue reading

Camagueyan delegation to 9th Congress of the Cuban women

Camagüey.- The feminine Camagüeyan delegation who will take part in the 9th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) received the flag that credits them as such in ceremony celebrated in the central park José Martí of this city. Continue reading

Innovators’ presence in the Cuban wrokers congress

Camagüey.- Arcadio Cuadrado is one of 77 delegates of this province to the XXth Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation, which kicked off next February 20th. Continue reading

Writers and artists in Camagüeyan Congress

Camagüey.- Prior to the final meetings in the capital of the country, the provincial assembly of the VIIIth Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (Uneac) in Camagüey, carried out recently, chose the new managing committee, the 10 delegates of the territory to the national meeting and the Camagüeyan precandidates to integrate the national council of the organization of creators and intellectuals of the island nation. Continue reading

Message to Investigative International Committee of the Case of the Five

 José García read the message approved by the group of the airport. Camagüey.- The workpeople of the airport “Ignacio Agramonte“, agreed to send a message to the Investigative International Committee of the Case of the Five, which will take place on March 7th and 8th in London, recognizing the role that its members will redeem in favor of antiterrorist, unjustly sentenced by the government of the United States. Continue reading

Chávez in the memory of the Camagüeyans

Camagüey.- The first time that the veterinarian Reynaldo Pérez Lastre was in Venezuela was in 2007 in the mission Campo Adentro. Three years later he was employed at the Empresa Mixta Socialista Lácteos del Alba (EMSLA), located in the State of Barinas, where there was born the Bolivarian Leader Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. Continue reading

Workpeople of the civil aeronautics in Camagüey will celebrate their day

Camagüey.- Next February 15th is the Day of the Civil Aeronautics and the affiliates to this sector will celebrate here this year in a different way and at least one week from the XXth Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation. Continue reading

Re-open in Camagüey phytosanitary station

Camagüey.- A plants protection station began the delivery of services to a considerable number of agricultural and cattle producers in this province, directed to the prevention and control of harmful agents. Continue reading

Recover cattle facilities in Camagüey

Camagüey.- The program for the recovery or rehabilitation of cattle facilities in this province, managed to return the vitality to 162 units and continues the work to raise the outcomes of the branch. Continue reading

Kicks off in Camagüey tomato industrialization campaign

Camagüey.- The packing industry of this province tackled the processing of tomato in the pursuit of grindring in two plants approximately 8 000 tons, which would mean an increase of 15 per cent as regards the previous year. Continue reading

Evoke Camagüeyan poetess’s presence in Cárdenas

Cárdenas, Matanzas.- Letters signed by Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda are hoarded in the museum Oscar María de Rojas, along with other personal objects that evoke the presence, in this city, of the Camagüeyan poetess, to 200 years of her birth. Continue reading

New aeromodel field in Camagüey

Camagüey.- A field for the practice of the aeromodel in this city was opened on Saturday with an exhibition of this form, in the opening of the Recreational Center El Lago de los Sueños. Continue reading

In Camagüey, debate on La Avellaneda´s life and work

Camagüey.- Outstanding intellectuals and guests researchers, will take part in a round table devoted to Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, in the National Conference Camagüey, Medio milenio de cultura, which takes place in this city. Continue reading

Tecno Azúcar company with a new product on the market

Camagüey.- Expo Cam 2014 offered the opportunity to the Base Business Unit Tecno Azúcar to show a new rum, the ¨Santeiro 11 years¨, prepared in the nearby province of Ciego de Ávila. Continue reading

Esteban Lazo takes part in cancellation of the first day cover City 500

Camagüey.- With the tolling of the bells of the churches of the city, that after the dawn announced the six in the morning, vibrated trumpets in five emblematic squares greeting, along with the first beams of sun, the 500 years of this city. The Bachelor Fernando Crespo Baró, official of the Office of the Historian of the City of Camagüey, extoled from Ignacio Agramonte Park, the roots of the children of the city and the historical significance for the future generations in this 500th anniversary so loaded with native symbolism. Continue reading

Today, Expo Cam 2014

Camagüey.- Today was opened the most important board of trade of this territory: Expo Cam 2014, in the frame of the activities for the half a millennium of the Town of Santa Maria del Puerto del Príncipe. Continue reading

Camagüey celebrates José Martí´s birthday

Camagüey.- The traditional parade in remembrance and homage to the birthday of José Martí was realized today, like every year, by children and young people from school and labor centers, up to the park that takes his name, in a central area of this city. Continue reading

Innovators of ¨Vagones¨ unit for raising work

Camagüey.- Out of the 689 assemblies of balance or renewal or ratification of orders to be celebrated in the province, like part of the process for the First National Conference of the Association of Inventors and Improvisers (ANIR), this Friday remained discounted one, with the carried out in the railroad complex Vagones that is provided with 101 associates, compromised to give a draft to the internal functioning of the organization. Continue reading

Concerts day for 500 years in Camagüey

Camagüey.- Dedicated to the 500th anniversary of this city, which will be celebrated next February 2nd, the Day of Concerts 2014 thinks about how to encourage the taste of the audience towards the concert music, genre of big tradition in this province. Continue reading

Today VIth Provincial Congress of History

Camagüey.- The VIth Provincial Congress of History is celebrated today in Camagüey, in the frame of the activities for the half a millennium of the foundation of the Town of Santa Maria del Puerto del Príncipe. Continue reading

The presence of Camagüey in The Slave Route Project

Camagüey.- From today 23rd until January 25th, will take place the IIIrd National Meet José Antonio  Aponte in memorian, space that our country dedicates to the Slave Route on having tackled topics dedicated to the African presence in the social and economic development of the country, including cultural events and the population settlements promotion. Continue reading

Endedans and Pedro Ruiz provoke with Momentos en el Viento

Camagüey.- “Momentos en el viento”, dreamed work by the choreographer Pedro Ruíz for the Contemporary Ballet Endedans, of the center-east of Cuba, will have its world premiere next Friday, January 24th, at 8:30 p.m., in the Principal Theater of this city of almost 500 years. Continue reading