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June 2018
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By Yaniuska Pérez

Undergo Green Rehab in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May18.- Even amid the severe drought affecting the province since late last year, Community Services workers are determined to challenge nature. Continue reading

Cuisine and chocolate Party in Santiago de Cuba

Evento de chocolatería en Stgo

Santiago de Cuba, May 18.- From 26 to 30 May next the easternmost of the Cuban cities host the seminar GastronómCuba, Santiago de Cubaico International and chocolate, Excellencies 2015 Santiago de Cuba, located in the hotel Melia Santiago.

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HIV / AIDS: To perceive the severity of damage is the new challenge

Santiago de Cuba, May 18.- While persons has increased the perception of risk, as a province, Santiago de Cuba remains the country's second most prevalent is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Continue reading

Esquina 500, First National TV Correspondent Outside a TV Center

Santiago de Cuba, May 15.- Mauricio Reyes came out of stealth, is already known in the country as "Mao, Mr. strawberries". His discovery came all through the television documentary made by Esquina 500, the new Santiago de Cuba correspondent for the In... Continue reading

Meet The Hatuey of our Beer (I)

Santiago de Cuba, may 12.- Under the tropical heat of this ancient city an icon of the distilled liquor wanders all eating establishments in Santiago de Cuba. Hatuey beer carries the propriety of being the oldest in the country that is currently avail... Continue reading

Ends VI Meeting of Applied Electromagnetism CNEA 2015 in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 8. Show the diverse experiences on the application of magnetic fields in areas such as medicine, industry, agriculture and biotechnology are the first fruits of the VI Meeting of Applied Electromagnetism CNEA 2015, which takes pl... Continue reading

Materno Norte Hospital, 60 Years of Good Service

Santiago de Cuba, May 8. Responsible for giving life to a number of infants and ensure the well-being of mothers and women from Santiago de Cuba, the "Tamara Bunke" Maternal Hospital meets this Friday May, 8 60 years of being created. Continue reading

Maintenance Brigade of The Local Stadium worth of Soil Quality in Each Game

mantenimiento guillermon moncada santiago de cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 8. Third out for the team Industriales! Wasps again crowned champions of the National Baseball Series! That story still reverberates in the bowels of the Guillermón Moncada stadium, the slender Colossus of the Avenue of the Americas.

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SIUM: 30 Years Saving Lives

Santiago de Cuba, May 7. The Integrated Emergency Medical System (SIUM) arrived to its 30 years in this 2015. Its headquarters in this city, it was the first of its kind nationwide and since its implementation has led to out efficiently its reason for... Continue reading

Pay Tribute to Mothers of Martyrs in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 7 (ACN) The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in the province of Santiago de Cuba, paid tribute to mothers of martyrs of the Revolution, in the Hero City, where many of their children sacrificed their blood for the freedom of the h... Continue reading

Held Activities To Celebrate the International Nurses Day

Santiago de Cuba, May 7. Since May 1st Santiago de Cuba's men and female nurses are immersed in a day of celebrations that will conclude next May 12 in the city council of the city with the provincial act for the International Nursing Day. Continue reading

Information and Innovation: Opportunities for development

Santiago de Cuba, May 5 .- With a fresh look at the topic of "Importance and Innovation: Opportunities for Development" will be held in Santiago de Cuba, from 18 to 20 November, the International meeting INFOGEST 2015. Continue reading

Congratulations For Rehabilitation Projects and Cultural Revival of Streets in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 4. blackened tile roofs and colonial-style homes betray the passage of time in the age-old city of Santiago de Cuba. From the balconies of the emblematic Hotel Casa Granda Heredia bustling street exposes the entrepreneurial spiri... Continue reading

Central Union of Cuban Workers Distinguished Several orchestras in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago of Cuba, May 4. The Provincial Secretariat of the Central Union of Cuban Workers (CTC) in this city, distinguished with the Condition 500 Anniversary "five musical groups in the province. Continue reading

Presides Miguel Diaz-Canel Celebration for May Day in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 1. States in the construction of socialism and Five centuries in the heart of Cuba are some of the slogans that already are part of the fabric that display banners and workers through the Plaza of the Revolution Antonio Maceo, ho... Continue reading

Another Year of French Film Festival in Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 29.- After beginning his national tour for Havana this May, the 18th edition of the French Film Festival, which outstands for their high quality, will reach the rest of the provinces including Santiago of Cuba. Continue reading

Images That Tell History

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 29.- It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and though the phrase may "sound" cliche fits perfectly to this, you can be among the most enigmatic and disseminated in the history of the Revolution Cubana. Continue reading

Open “Cartography and Landscape” In Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 29.- To greet the half millennium of the foundation of Santiago town, 493 years of the granting of the title of city, and 18 of the Office of the Curator of the City (OCC) was inaugurated the Cartography and Landscape exhibition ... Continue reading

The time of the Big House in the 24th Book Fair

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 22.- Ediciones Santiago Big House invites public and foreign to its interactive space "Time of the Big House", from today until April 25 at the Marquee Heredia Cultural Complex as part of the activities the completion of 24 Book ... Continue reading

To Strengthen The Educational Process in the 2015-2016 Scholar Period

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 22. "This province boasts good results so far this school year, but must advance some parameters for the coming better," were among the main approaches of the Provincial Seminary School Preparation for 2015-2016 Scholar Period. Continue reading

Num3rals, Last Poem Collection of Rodolfo Tamayo

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 21. Free Verses punctuation, but full of symbols and feelings, proposes the local poet Rodolfo Tamayo Castellanos through his latest collection of poems, Num3rales, to be presented today at 6:00 pm at the 24th Book Fair. Continue reading

Celebrate in Cuba Language Day With New Dictionary

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 20.- The fourth edition of Basic School Dictionary, one of the scientific production more widespread in Cuban education, will be presented here next April 23 as part of the XXIV International Book Fair and the celebration of the ... Continue reading

Santiago de Cuba Says Goodbye to One of its Most Beloved Voices

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 15.- Ado Sanz Mila, outstanding presenter of radio and television spots in this city, died unexpectedly last night, victim of a heart attack. Continue reading

Thursday of University Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 2.- The 13 de Marzo Cup, which involves Higher education students in 17 sportive disciplines of the centers of higher education in Santiago de Cuba, closes this Thursday in this Hero City with the University Carnival parading sev... Continue reading

Arrows from Santiago de Cuba Hit the Target

larissa pagan tiro con arco santiago de cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 2 .- That the Santiago Juan Carlos Stevens and Larissa Pagán be included on the podium of Elite Archery Championships should not surprise anyone, but what's done for his compatriot, juvenile Karla Falls, yes it is amazement.

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Cuba Hosts Int’l Event on Childhood and City

cuba evento infancia

Camagüey, Cuba, Mar 30 (Prensa Latina) Aimed at encouraging initiatives linked to the relationship of children and environment, the International Meeting Participating: Children and City 2015 is running from today to April 1 here.

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