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September 2018
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Connected to the world via internet, one option for Guantanamo people

Baracoa's news

The world moves via the internet, it’s the phrase of a mad about the World Wide Web and is not far from reality. The search for information and news, social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, email, conducting business, large-scale advertising, buying and selling of dissimilar products, music downloads, videos and much more, so millions of people daily turn to digital pages to meet various needs.

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Expedition of 100 Ceibas Route departures from Guantanamo

Scholars of the life and work of Jose Marti participate since last Sunday July 21 until October 7 at the Second Cuban Expedition by the Route of the Hundred Ceibas, to mark the 160 anniversary of the birth of the National Hero and awaiting the Nati... Continue reading

Cuba celebrates Che Guevara documents included in World Register

The UN Memory of the World Register is honored when saving documents whose creator is one of the most outstanding figures mankind has ever known, Ernesto Che Guevara, said investigator Berarda Salabrarria here Friday. Continue reading

New houses in the Caribe District

Of the 65 planned for this year in Guantanamo, 20 houses were culminated in the Caribe neighborhood of this city, according to Luis Ariel Bouly Favier, specialist in the Municipal Housing Unit, entity leading this project. Continue reading

Local Development Program, five years of achievements

In little more than five years after the implementation of the Local Development Program, Guantanamo province finished 1035 social projects, 22 of them are scheduled for July 26, located in the ten municipalities. Continue reading

One hundred young students enter the communist organization in Baracoa

Young students enter the communist organization in Baracoa

Maceo Park was the perfect setting for the card delivery to one hundred young people in Baracoa, which certify them as members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC)  in the act tribute to the anniversary of Antonio Maceo and Che Guevara.

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Daughter of Che is in Baracoa for Anniversary of the Chocolate Factory

The significance of April 1st for Baracoa people will be shared this year with Aleida Guevara March, the eldest daughter of Ernesto Guevara de la Serma, el "Che" of all Cubans. Continue reading

Scarcity of Rain, but Enough Water in Guantanamo’s Reservoirs

The reservoirs in the eastern province of Guantanamo presently show a favorable situation, despite rainfall this year of only 27.9% of the historical average. Continue reading

At a time of tribute

Throughout history the social role of women has changed in many ways. For many years there was the thought that she had to fulfil only with her duties as a mother, wife and homemaker. Continue reading