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December 2017
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Jamaica regala a Cuba foto histórica de José Martí

El presidente del Senado de Jamaica, Thomas Tavares-Finson, obsequió a Raúl Castro una foto original del Héroe Nacional de Cuba, José Martí, durante uno de los encuentros bilaterales mantenidos Saint Mary, Antigua y Barbuda, por el jefe de Estado El senador Tavares-Finson entregó al presidente cubano una imagen impresa de Martí en un cañaveral durante […] Continue reading

Opposition Wants Election Recount in Honduras

Electoral authorities has not declared an official winner, but results gave a 1.60 percentage point advantage to current President Juan Orlando Hernandez The Honduran opposition battling President Juan Orlando Hernandez over a disputed presidential election proposed on Tuesday that a run-off be held if authorities would not recount the entire vote. Opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla … Continue reading

Elián Was Like a Son for Fidel

The significance of Fidel Castro for Juan Miguel González, father of the Elián, recalls today one of the most memorable battles devised by the historical leader of the Revolution: the return of the child to the island. “Without him, without his wise decisions, without his physical presence in every act, in every march, without his … Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus: Hasta Siempre Comandante! (photo gallery)

Residents of Sancti Spiritus paid last tribute to Fidel Castro this December 1st. On their way to Santiago de Cuba, the ashes of the Commander in Chief were honored in this city, where he first met with local residents 57 years ago. Continue reading

Chileans Honor Fidel with Soccer Game

On occasion of the first anniversary of Fidel Castro’s passing, the Coordinator Group of Solidarity with Cuba in Santiago de Chile organized a soccer match A soccer match and a letter to Donald Trump through the U.S. Embassy in Chile, were some of the initiatives launched by groups of friendship with Cuba in Chile. As … Continue reading

Kenya President Sworn In for Second Term

Thousands of supporters attended President Uhuru Kenyatta swearing-in ceremony held at Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta took office in a complicated political environment, as opposition leaders and supporters refuse to recognize his legitimacy. Media highlights the legal ups and downs that preceded Kenyatta’s assumption back to being head of state. Last week, the … Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Votes for Cuba

The Cuban people decide. This is no propaganda but the reality across the country, from Havana to the most remote village of the Escambray or the Sierra Maestra. More than eight million people registered on the lists of voters are called to the polls this November 26 to elect delegates from the 12 515 constituencies … Continue reading

I Prefer the Palm Tree Wood

Among the plain truths said by combatant Gustavo Castellon Melian fighter, best known in Cuba as El Caballo de Mayaguara (The Horse of Mayaguara), there is one that seems to be impossible to deny: there’s no other place in the island with so many royal palm trees as the area between Yaguajay and Caibarien. The […] Continue reading

Havana Celebrates 498 Anniversary

The Cuban capital, which granted the title of Wonder City of the World in 2016, features extraordinary architectural and urban values Havana today celebrates 498 years of existence in the midst of a particular revelry that not only adds to its habitual inhabitants, but also to travelers from all over the world. Since dawn, the […] Continue reading

Contracts with Travel Agencies Encourage Tourism in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

In order to encourage new management models in the non-state sector, 1 014 contracts are so far signed in Sancti Spiritus with Havanatur, Cubanacán and Cubatur Travel agencies on accommodation, food and transport tourist operations.   Such contractual relationships turn into alternatives to the increasing arrival of foreign visitors mainly Trinidad, one of the regions […] Continue reading

Cuba Welcomes Puerto Rican Independence Activist Oscar López Rivera

Happy to visit Cuba for the first time, whose leaders and people he thanked for their support for his release, the Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar López Rivera arrived in Havana this morning. He was welcomed by Fernando González Llort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with […] Continue reading

Aedes se posa y pica más

Aunque al mosquito no le han faltado encerronas de más o de menos para cortarle las alas, la situación epidemiológica del territorio se ha complicado: hoy se reportan seis áreas en trasmisión de arbovirosis, léanse dengue y zika.   La esencia está en prevenir El Aedes vuelve a echar alas Guerra declarada contra el Aedes […] Continue reading

Carles Puigdemont Still Committed to Catalonian Independence

Puigdemont intends to coordinate from Brussels the actions of his ousted government, which he considers legitimate The former president of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, announced today the implementation of a ”stable structure” to coordinate from Brussels the actions of his ousted government, which he considers legitimate. In a letter released Thursday by […] Continue reading

Las terrazas acortan el paso

Con la presa Zaza llena parecía que las terrazas de la Sierpe se iban a sacar las espinas de la sequía y volverían a vivir una cosecha de esplendor, pero no será del todo así. A una infraestructura de este tipo, entre las más grandes y tecnificadas del país, no le basta con tener el […] Continue reading

School Affiliated to UNESCO in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Like the rest of the teenagers of their generation, the students of the Urban Secondary School Mártires de la Familia Romero in Fomento, central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus like to play soccer, dance reggaeton and talk about fashion. But something distinguishes them: they are better prepared, so, they can see the world in a […] Continue reading

Cuba to Attend Mexico Paralympic Championships

Cuba will be represented at the World Swimming and Weightlifting Championships for Disabled Athletes in Mexico City from November 27 to December 7, it was published in this capital Thursday. In swimming, Cuba will be represented by Paralympic Champion in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Disabled Pan Panamerican Champion in 2015, Lorenzo Perez, who […] Continue reading

Contribution of Self-Employed Workers Grows in Sancti Spiritus

The seven so-called Non-Agricultural Cooperatives that exist in Sancti Spíritus have so far contributed with over 14 million pesos to the state budget, which by far exceeds their contribution last year in the same period of time. Lianet Ruiz Mena, from the assistance-to-the-taxpayer local service of the National Administration Tax Office (ONAT) told Escambray that […] Continue reading

Mexicans Hold Day of the Dead Celebration

Mexicans are celebrating today and tomorrow the Day of the Dead, one of the oldest and most representative traditions in this country The festivity has a pre-Hispanic origin, when the current borders did not exist, so neighboring peoples joined the celebrations consisting of popular parties with altars, favorite food for the dead and the living, […] Continue reading

A Caricature Blockade (illustrations)

Since it is inexplicable from the logical point of view, the US blockade is better described with cartoons than with words Certain situations are so absurd that border on caricature. One of such situations is the blockade imposed on the Cuban people by the United States since 1962, a set of laws, decrees and resolutions […] Continue reading

USA to Vote against Resolution Condemning US Blockade on Cuba

The United States will return to its traditional position supporting the blockade against Cuba and will challenge the international community by voting in the United Nations against the resolution that condemns this policy, said today the State Department. Spokesperson for the State Department Heather Nauert said today that U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley […] Continue reading

New Migratory Regulations in Cuba Next January

The new regulations announced October 28 incorporate suggestions made by Cubans residing in the United States and other countries As part of the continuous, irreversible process of updating the country’s migratory policies, the Cuban government has approved the following measures, which will take effect January 1, 2018: • Eliminate the “Habilitación” (authorization) of passports previously […] Continue reading

Tropical Depression Brings Rains Back in Cuba

Taking into consideration the weather forecast issued about the new tropical system that may affect western and central Cuba with heavy rainfall, measures have been adopted in Sancti Spiritus since yesterday aimed at protecting the people living in the south of the province, given the threat of sea penetrations and floods. Experts from the local […] Continue reading

Mexican Chamber of Deputies Acknowledges Help of Cuban Physicians

Mexico Chamber of Deputies has recognized Cuba and the medical brigade for their support and solidarity with earthquake victims Jorge Carlos Ramírez, president of the Board of the Mexican parliament’s lower house, presented the recognition to Cuba’s Ambassador to Mexico, Pedro Núñez Mosquera. Ramírez, a federal deputy from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), acknowledged the […] Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Girl with Epidermolysis Bullosa Survives

Despite suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, Melany Correa Hernandez will soon turn eight years old Naylet Hernández Hernández had just turned 17 when she was admitted in the maternity hospital of Yaguajay with 24 weeks of pregnancy. She was carrying a baby whose skin was as fragile as a piece of glass, a condition unknown for […] Continue reading

Evo Calls for Unity in MAS Congress

Some 3,000 delegates attend the congress in which the new leadership will be elected and the future political actions will be discussed Bolivian President Evo Morales called for unity to strengthen the party Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS), during the congress of this organization currently held in the eastern city of Santa Cruz. ‘We must be […] Continue reading

ONU: Expertos condenan el bloqueo estadounidense contra Cuba

Expertos independientes de la ONU en el campo de los derechos humanos, advirtieron que las sanciones unilaterales, como el bloqueo contra Cuba, juegan con la vida de las personas y deben cesar En declaraciones a Prensa Latina, el relator especial para el impacto negativo de las sanciones unilaterales en el disfrute de los derechos humanos, […] Continue reading