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May 2015
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Lino Luben Pérez

Giselle: Off to School Alone

Today I will only share one of the moments we should be prepared for, but that, even so, never fails to inspire deep emotions. The youngest of my girls is seven and in the first grade at a day school in the area of San Justo. Continue reading

CELAC: Erradicar la pobreza extrema y el analfabetismo en Latinoamérica

Este martes 5 se inició en la ciudad ecuatoriana de Quito, la octava reunión de los cancilleres miembros de la Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeños (Celac). Continue reading

Chile: Movimientos indígenas viajan a La Haya

Una delegación mapuche de La Araucanía, en Chile, viajó hasta la ciudad de La Haya en Holanda, para denunciar el incumplimiento de demandas y la represión a los pueblos originarios que realiza el gobierno. Continue reading

Brasil: La empresa Maracaná pretende reducir en un 70% la inversión destinada al estadio

La empresa responsable de la administración del Maracaná tiene la intención de reducir el 70 por ciento de la inversión asignada al estadio y sus alrededores. Continue reading

EEUU aprueba el transporte de pasajeros por ferry a Cuba

Las autoridades de Estados Unidos otorgaron licencias a compañías para operar un servicio comercial de pasajeros en ferry hacia Cuba, confirmó hoy el Departamento del Tesoro en Washington a la agencia dpa. Continue reading

USA Opens Up Boat Travel to Cuba

Several Florida based companies will be racing to be the first Ferry line to travel to Havana after the US Treasury Dept. approved such trips on Tuesday. The first trips could come in a matter of weeks. Continue reading

Raul Castro Visits Pope Francis on Sunday

Pope Francis will receive the President of Cuba, Raul Castro, on Sunday for a "strictly private" meeting at the Vatican, confirmed today the Holy See. The pope played a key role in the renewed diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba. Continue reading

Raúl Castro visitará el papa Francisco este domingo

El papa Francisco recibirá al presidente de Cuba, Raúl Castro, el próximo domingo para una reunión "estrictamente privada" en el Vaticano, según confirmó hoy la Santa Sede. Continue reading

Crocodiles and Treasure Islands in Southern Matanzas, Cuba

Some say the most interesting thing in the Zapata Swamp, located in southern Matanzas, are the beaches, the crocodile meat, scuba diving and the history museum recounting the events of the Bay of Pigs invasion in the 1960s. We can add two other attrac... Continue reading

On Cuba’s Monogamy Cult

Why are Cuban sexologists so afraid of polygamy? They ascribe infinite possibilities to monogamous relationships, as though sexual desire could in fact be fully satisfied within the limits of traditional, conjugal fidelity. Continue reading

Cuba: The Virtue of Rootlessness

Alfredo Fernandez’ post, Cuba and The Price of Being Worthless, took me back to the get-togethers we’d organize at the apartment he used to live in Vedado, Havana. I remembered the reading of literature, invariably sprinkled with political comments – the complaints, speculations and dreams. Continue reading

Honey ‘Made in Cuba’ for Export

Buyers in Europe pay as much as 3,000 euros for a single ton of ecological honey, free from chemical residues, processed and sold at a plant in the city of Sancti Spiritus in central Cuba. Continue reading

Bolivia: “Demostraremos con solidez los argumentos para volver al Pacífico con soberanía”

Este lunes se iniciaron los alegatos orales del litigio marítimo que estableció Bolivia contra Chile. Los alegatos se realizan en la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ) con sede en la Haya. Continue reading

Cuban Musician Lucia Huergo Dies

May 1st became another terrible day for Cuban music. Juan Formell leader of Los Van Van, passed away one year ago and, on the same day this year, Lucia Huergo, one of the most notable figures of Cuban music, left the scene forever. Continue reading

The Critical Lens of Cuban Visual Artist Eddos

A Cuban visual artist, Eddos casts a critical glance at the world through his lens. “My work tries to raise awareness and restore feelings,” he tells us. Continue reading

Noticias en breve: Democracy Now 4/5

Presentamos las noticias en breve recopiladas por Democracy Now el lunes 4 de mayo de 2015. Continue reading

Japan Offers Credit and Donates Medical Equipment to Cuba

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit to Cuba came to an end today with benefits for the two countries: the issuing of credit lines and donation of medical equipment to State companies on the island and the opening of its market to Japanese investors and companies. Continue reading

Revelations about the Killing of the 43 Mexican Students (Videos)

As protesters in Baltimore set fire to buildings and vehicles last Monday to protest the death of Freddie Gray, protesters in the Mexican state of Guerrero drove a burning truck into the congressional building in the capital Chilpancingo. Continue reading

Miel de abejas “Hecho en Cuba”

Hasta 3 000 euros pagan en el Viejo Continente por una sola tonelada de miel ecológica, libre de residuos químicos en su composición, de las que se procesan y benefician en la planta erigida en la ciudad de Sancti Spíritus, en el centro de Cuba. Continue reading

Grupo descontento se separa de partido oficialista venezolano

El grupo Marea Socialista, que ha expresado desacuerdo con el desempeño del gobierno del presidente Nicolás Maduro, oficializó hoy su separación del oficialista Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV), creado por el fallecido mandatario Hugo Chávez en 2008. Continue reading

Japan Says it Can Talk Future with Cuba

The President of the Cuba-Japan Economic Conference, Tomoyoshi Kondo said in Havana that once the issue of the Cuban debt is solved, the two countries will be able to "discuss and talk about the future." Continue reading

What I Saw Backpacking in Cuba’s Eastern Provinces

In the second half of April, I went backpacking across Cuba’s eastern provinces. Of the many things that caught my eye, I would like to tell you about the bizarre signs and graffiti I came across, the madness that captures the way in which people live and co-exist in Cuba’s hottest region. (29 photos) Continue reading

Japón dice que puede hablar del futuro con Cuba

El Presidente de la Conferencia Económica Japón-Cuba, Tomoyoshi Kondo, afirmó que una vez resuelto el asunto de la deuda, ambos países están en condiciones de “discutir y hablar del futuro”. Se encuentra en Cuba tambien el canciller japonés. Continue reading

Havana’s Bacuranao: “The People’s Beach”

On a recent Sunday, the last day of school break and Cuba’s municipal elections, faced with a veritable shortage of inexpensive options and the scorching heat, many chose to go for a dip and shake off the day’s 35 degrees Celsius at Havana’s beach for the humble: Bacuranao. (26 photos) Continue reading

Is there a Russian community in Cuba?

We are planning to come to Cuba for Religious purposes. I am happy that I was able to find your website and I can learn something about Cuba from your website. We would like to find a Russian community in Cuba, can you help us with this? Continue reading