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March 2018
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Radio Santa Cruz. Noticias del municipio, Camagüey, Cuba y el mundo.

DESOFT Enterprise Administers Applications and Knowledge

The institution has developed some related applications for the control and administration of some useful services (2018-03-16 09:48:41) Continue reading

Raul Castro receives the President of Kenya

Cuban President Raul Castro received on Thursday the President of the Republic of Kenya, Mr. Uhuro Kenyatta, who is on an official visit to Cuba (2018-03-16 09:58:28) Continue reading

Seven Cubans will try to get into semifinals in badminton tourney

Seven Cubans will go in search of their ticket to the single semifinals today in the continuation of the 19th Giraldilla de la Habana international badminton tournament, which will conclude next Sunday 18 (2018-03-16 10:17:50) Continue reading

Cuban Table Tennis Trying to Excel in Barranquilla

Cuba will attend to the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla city with full female and male teams (2018-03-15 10:59:57) Continue reading

Kenyan President is in Cuba on Official Visit

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived on Wednesday in Havana for an official visit and will participate in the inauguration of its embassy on Friday in Havana (2018-03-15 11:14:59) Continue reading

Cuba’s Informatics Association announces its National Conference

The Cuban Informatics Association will hold its National Conference next October to discuss key aspects in the development of the social youth organization like the approval of work policies and strategies (2018-03-15 11:23:51) Continue reading

Miguel Diaz-Canel Highlights Role of Vanguard of the Cuban Press

Cuba’s First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Wednesday, Day of the Cuban Press, the main role of the sector in the development of the country in addition to its role as vanguard throughout the years (2018-03-15 11:31:21) Continue reading

President of Kenya to arrive in Cuba

Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya, will arrive in Cuba today on an official visit that will help strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation between the two nations (2018-03-14 11:03:15) Continue reading

Eduardo Rosillo and his Lifetime Satisfactions

Once socializes with all kind of people in spite of not everybody go to their house and it is when the people tune the local programs Discotecas del Ayer and Alegrías de sobremesa radio and Un domingo con Rosillo programs and I enter into the houses of my people (2018-03-14 10:08:24) Continue reading

Over 80 Countries to Participate in International Health Convention

The 3rd International Health Convention will be held from April 23rd to the 27th with the participation of over 2 thousand representatives from some 80 countries including Cuba, announced on Tuesday in Havana by the organizing committee (2018-03-14 10:... Continue reading

New Cooperation Projects between Cuba and South Africa

Cuba’s ambassador to South Africa, Rodolfo Benitez announced on Tuesday in Havana that the two countries are developing new cooperation projects in different sectors of the economy and services (2018-03-14 10:23:26) Continue reading

Djibouti and Cuba strengthen sports relations

Mr. Hassan Mohamed Kamel, Djibouti´s Minister of State for Youth and Sports, started a working visit to Cuba with the aim of renewing the agreement on sports collaboration signed in 2007 (2018-03-13 09:58:24) Continue reading

Neurology Institute Increases its Research

Dr. Rafael Estrada Gonzalez, of the Neurology and Neurosurgery Institute said on Monday in Havana that the center continues to improve in comprehensive treatment and specialized attention of its neurological-degenerative illness and those that increase... Continue reading

The Election of 605 Deputies to the Cuban Parliament Confirmed

The general elections showed a mass presence of electors as part of an intense day for reaffirming the principles of the Cuban electoral system and the Revolutionary achievements in Cuba (2018-03-13 10:46:59) Continue reading

Las Tunas is in line with the world

The fiftieth José Julián Rivero Cabrera told that the telecommunication progress in Las Tunas, as in the entire country, goes in harmony with the development of the Cuban economy (2018-03-09 10:02:56) Continue reading

Margaret Randall Pays Tribute to Women from Cuba

US writers Margaret Randall and Barbara Byers, invited to the 27th International Book Fair in Matanzas paid tribute on Thursday to Haydee Santamaria as icon of Cuban women (2018-03-09 10:10:10) Continue reading

Exhibition of Japanese Contemporary Art Inaugurated in Havana

An exhibition entitled “Going Away Closer” of Cuban and Japanese artists will be inaugurated on Friday afternoon at the Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Center in Havana (2018-03-09 10:18:31) Continue reading

Will the Cuban National Assembly Have Majority Women Deputies?

Cuba would have for the first time a National Assembly made up by majority of women who currently represent 53.22 percent of the candidates to deputies to the island’s Parliament (2018-03-09 10:28:44) Continue reading

Cuba Received its One-Millionth Visitor despite US Campaigns

The arrival on Thursday of its first one-millionth vacationer to Cuba reaffirms the recognition of the island as a peaceful and safe destination despite the travel warnings issued by the US State Department (2018-03-09 10:34:31) Continue reading

Cuba and Bolivia look at larger bilateral trade

Bolivia and Cuba are considering a short-term boost of their bilateral trade of goods and services, said Cuba’s first deputy foreign trade minister Ileana Nunez (2018-03-09 10:41:43) Continue reading

Cuba and the Film Oscar Awards through Time

The first time that Cuba was watched in the related candidacies to obtain an Oscar was thanks to the famous musician Ernesto Lecuona (2018-03-08 09:50:44) Continue reading

Farmers from Cienfuegos in the other side of the dais

Looking to 2018 the farmers from Cienfuegos are preparing themselves for substituting importations and realizing the self-supply program throughout the distribution of 30 pounds per capita viands, vegetables, fruits and grain a month (2018-03-08 09:56:44) Continue reading

Oral Hearings on Maritime Demand for Chile and Bolivia in March

The important detail is precisely about sending a delegation that shows Chile to the judges and the entire world that Bolivia is united in relation to one single cause (2018-03-07 09:18:34) Continue reading

Cuba Defends the Need to Continue United for Venezuela

The First Secretary of the National Bureau of the Young Communist League, Sussely Morfa, ratified on Tuesday in Caracas, the need to continue united for Venezuela before US aggression against the South American nation (2018-03-07 09:39:48) Continue reading

Former Advisor to Obama Says Blockade is Anachronistic

Former Special Advisor to Barack Obama, Robert Malley said on Tuesday that the US blockade against Cuba is anachronistic and has no sense (2018-03-07 10:04:41) Continue reading

Cuban Communist Party delegation visiting Mexico

A Cuban Communist Party delegation is currently in Mexico to participate at events organized by the Mexican Labor Party and to take part at the 22nd International Seminar on Political Parties and a New Society (2018-03-07 10:09:13) Continue reading