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December 2017
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Radio Santa Cruz. Noticias del municipio, Camagüey, Cuba y el mundo.

Lázaro Cedeño: A man who makes the Mizuno crying

In our country one of the baseball players with more force when batting is Lázaro Cedeño González from Granma who, in the 57 National Series, dominates the home runs with 17 (2017-12-16 11:29:07) Continue reading

Over 90 percent of Mayor’s Offices won by the Bolivarian Movement

Three victories of the Venezuelan people and that is to say that we have defeated the US imperialism with votes and the path is the popular unity (2017-12-15 09:26:47) Continue reading

Cuban Parliament leader receives the Serbian president

(2017-12-15 09:30:26) Continue reading

Dominica thanks ALBA countries for help after Hurricane Maria

Thanks to the solidarity of Cuba, Venezuela and other countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of America-Peoples Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Dominica (2017-12-15 09:38:29) Continue reading

Political Council of ALBA-TCP will meet in Havana today

The 16th Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Peoples Trade Treaty will take place this Thursday in Havana, with the aim of exploring new opportunities for integration. (2017-12-14 11:02:44) Continue reading

Five Cuban judokas to participate in World Master in Russia

Cuba will compete this weekend with five judokas in the IJF World Master St. Petersburg 2017, in Russia (2017-12-14 11:22:11) Continue reading

Cuban refinery undergoes comprehensive maintenance process

Located at about 10 kilometers from Cienfuegos city, that industry was inaugurated in 2007 by Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez and Cuban Army General Raul Castro. (2017-12-14 11:23:52) Continue reading

Cuba takes measures to face climate change

A group of important measures, contained in program Tarea Vida (Life Task), are adopted in Cuba with the aim of preparing the country to face the effects caused by climate change. (2017-12-14 11:29:11) Continue reading

The Tobacco Production Grows in Las Tunas

It was possible to surpass the annual production from 200 tons of tobacco to 1215 ones established this year as a related record (2017-12-14 11:29:46) Continue reading

Chile and Argentina with movies about women in the Festival of Havana

From the debuts of the second day of the XXXIX International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema of Havana two movies which put on the women in the center of the public debate highlight, due to the themes they deal with: the prostitution and the ... Continue reading

Alicia Alonso Great Theater, a piece of jewelry that emerges from the center of Havana. (+photos)

Havana has elegant places that distinguish it; one of them is “Alicia Alonso” Great Theater of Havana, located in Prado or Marti Walk, corner to San Rafael, it is considered one of the most important institutions of Latin America. (2017-12-13 06:46:57) Continue reading

Cuban Five become members of the Communist Party

The Five Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, known worldwide as the Cuban Five, received the card of militants of the Communist Party of Cuba (2017-12-13 06:31:36) Continue reading

A hundred of Years of a Unique Musical Rhythm

The Cuban idiosyncrasy and the interest of its composer on his land are easily felt through it. (2017-12-13 06:35:59) Continue reading

Tracking the local Medicine Marketing Issues

There were more than 5000 men and women who are part of the pharmacy course for assistants which is being delivered in the medicine universities (2017-12-12 10:12:45) Continue reading

Cuban Communist Party leader receives Secretary General of the FMLN

José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) received on Monday afternoon Medardo González Trejo, Secretary General of the Farabundo Martí Front for the National Liberation of El Salvador (2017-12-12 10:19:50) Continue reading

Serbian president to visit Cuba on Wednesday

The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, will make an official visit to Cuba starting this Wednesday, December 13 (2017-12-12 10:24:07) Continue reading

Las Tunas beats Pinar del Rio, stays on top in Cuban baseball

Las Tunas batted 13 hits, including four doubles, and defeated away Pinar del Río 7-4 in the closing match of the eleven subseries of the second stage of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series (2017-12-12 10:28:45) Continue reading

Cuba for Non Violence Gender against Women

We choose Las Tunas province into account some of main premises based on the work kept by that province and projects developed by other institutions in that territory (2017-12-11 09:40:38) Continue reading

Cuban youngster gives father his kidney, transplant a success

A young Cuban man of only 23 years of age donated his kidney to his father, in the first transplant of this organ with a living donor performed at the central Cuban province of Camaguey (2017-12-09 12:20:31) Continue reading

International workshop on photovoltaic energy ends in Havana

The VII Cubafotovoltaica International Workshop concluded on Friday in this capital, where the central debate was the search for alternatives to finance the exploitation of solar energy and achieve its successful integration into the national electric ... Continue reading

Cuba ratifies support for Caricom in its claims

Cuban president Raul Castro ratified the support of his country to the Caribbean Community (Caricom) in all the just claims, and urged to prevent the destruction of the constitutional order in Venezuela (2017-12-09 12:26:49) Continue reading

Bariloche Hosts Regional Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Argentina

The beautiful Argentine city of Bariloche, in the province of Río Negro, welcomes today the 13th Regional Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba of Patagonia Camilo Cienfuegos, attended by the ambassador of that island in Argentina, Orestes Pérez (2017-12-09 12:32:11) Continue reading

Emotions from the Latin American Medicine School

This was abundantly obvious an opportunity to retake the path towards that happiness on the stage as a show of the endless strength reaches the human willpower in the public (2017-12-08 10:30:02) Continue reading

The Negatives Trend on the Under 23 Pan American Games

The last game of our team before Panama was a disappointing one for having not qualified into the World Baseball cup next year (2017-12-08 10:36:05) Continue reading

Minister of Agriculture qualifies as transcendental the sector’s answer before the hurricane Irma

The Minister of Cuban Agriculture Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero qualified as transcendental the answer of the Cuban farmers for giving aliments to the people, before the huge damages caused by hurricane Irma to the sector (2017-12-08 10:44:27) Continue reading

Raul Castro arrives in Antigua and Barbuda for Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro arrived this morning in Antigua and Barbuda to attend the Sixth Cuba-Caribbean Community (Caricom) Summit and on an official visit (2017-12-08 11:10:26) Continue reading