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August 2018
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Radio Santa Cruz. Noticias del municipio, Camagüey, Cuba y el mundo.

It is confirmed the presence of a giant African snail in Villa Clara

The presence of the giant African snail, considered as one of the most dangerous invasive species of the planet, was confirmed in the Placetas locality, in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara (2018-08-16 14:02:59) Continue reading

Cuban-Vietnamese plant to cover 90 percent of detergent demand

(2018-08-16 09:37:05) Continue reading

Cuban First VP receives North Korean top official

(2018-08-16 09:41:53) Continue reading

Insists on assistance from CDRs to debates on the Constitution

Carlos Rafael Miranda Martinez, national coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Cuban largest grassroots organization, insisted on the importance of all the members to attend the neighborhood debates, regardless if t... Continue reading

Cuba and Canada establish cooperation against sexual crimes

A cooperation agreement for the protection of children and adolescents from sale, prostitution, pornography, trafficking and other forms of sexual abuse was signed today in Havana by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and the Roya... Continue reading

Social Centers as a Proposal for Everyone

The Social Centers of Havana city are the results of the endeavor of the local government and the Provincial enterprise and its staff that works in each of them to enable the users the best service and excellent offers and it is destined to attract the... Continue reading

The gift we all need

We are daily witnesses of the social indolence against the urban development of the city and we criticize it just on few occasions (2018-08-15 09:38:33) Continue reading

The first round of Trump’s sanctions against Iran enters into force

Iran lives a new cycle of United States’ economic and trade sanctions, reestablished by Donald Trump, three months after ordering the exit of Washington from the nuclear agreement of six world powers with the Islamic Republic (2018-08-14 10:32:35) Continue reading

New Rules for the Local Agricultural Sector

The legal norms about the delivery of state idling lands under the usufruct term were published as part of the local official Gazette from August 7 (2018-08-14 09:44:46) Continue reading

Transcendental Political and Democratic Exercise to start in Cuba

Cuba will experience from today a transcendental political and democratic exercise which success will depend, in the first place, on the active and committed participation of Cuban people, as Army General Raul Castro described the popular consultation ... Continue reading

Rain of meteors will be visible in Cuba

The annual rain of meteors, the Perseidas, will be seen from any location of the Cuban archipelago between the night of August 12th and the first early hours of the August 13th (2018-08-12 11:21:03) Continue reading

In Holguín, Youth Days for history

With a wide and varied program Holguín gets ready to receive the central activities due to the International Day of Youth and the Anniversary 92 of the Commandant in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz’s birth (2018-08-12 11:23:21) Continue reading

A School for a Variety

The searching of a school which includes increasing educational needs of each child and girl is taking one of the fields of study of the Cuban researcher Orlando Terré Camacho (2018-08-10 13:04:55) Continue reading

Cuban Peace Movement fights for Elimination of Foreign Military Bases

The Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples (MOVPAZ by its Spanish acronym) ratified its position in favor of the elimination of foreign military bases anywhere in the world, especially in Latin America (2018-08-10 10:10:36) Continue reading

Cuba has received Three Million Tourists so far this Year

Cuba arrived today at three million international visitors, figure achieved in midst of campaigns organized and directed by the United States Government to discourage the flow of Americans to the country, reported the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR ... Continue reading

58th Cuban National Baseball Series First Official Matchday kicks off

After the hard-fought victory of Granma in the opening game of the 2018 season, all the teams (16) enrolled in the 58th Cuban National Baseball Series will have action today (2018-08-10 10:20:07) Continue reading

Cubans living Overseras to be able to Participate on the Constitution

All the Cuban citizens living overseas will be able to express their related opinions and proposals about the new project for the local Constitution since the first days of September (2018-08-09 10:54:30) Continue reading

Salvador Valdes Mesa Assessed the Service of Social Centers in Havana

Cuba First Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa characterized on Wednesday in Havana as favorable the work of the social centers in the Cuban capital in its objective of offering recreational services to the population (2018-08-09 11:02:37) Continue reading

Cuban Vaccine for Veterinarian Use expands its Market Worldwide

In the last eight years, the Cuban vaccine against ticks in cattle, developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym), has produced incomes for more than 20 million dollars to the country, said Dr. Mario Pa... Continue reading

Chucho Valdes and Patricia Sosa to give Concert in Havana

Maestro Chucho Valdes and Argentine singer Patricia Sosa will present next Saturday night at Havana´s Grand Theatre their most recent joint record production entitled ¨Once. Concierto Para Dos¨ (Eleven. Concert for two) (2018-08-09 11:27:23) Continue reading

Cuba will be a Stronger Country with the Draft Proposed Constitution

Cuba will become stronger after the consultation process of the population of the draft Constitution. The population will contribute with ideas on the law of laws starting August 13th, said on Tuesday in Matanzas, Odelia Santana, Specialist of the Muni... Continue reading

Cuba sends 12 athletes to NACAC Track and Field Championships

Six Barranquilla 2018 champions head the group of 12 Cubans who between next August 10-12 will compete in the NACAC Track and Field Championships in the Canadian city of Toronto, with the presence of several Olympic and world medalists (2018-08-08 10:3... Continue reading

ICAP Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela and its President

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP expressed on Tuesday in Havana its support to Venezuela and its Chavista leader in a declaration issued in Havana and published by ACN (2018-08-08 10:41:10) Continue reading

Holguin Gets Ready for Discussions of the Draft Constitution

Professionals from different sectors of society exchanged on Tuesday in the city of Holguin on issues regarding the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, whose discussions will begin on August 13th (2018-08-08 10:11:04) Continue reading

US basketball college team beats Cuba in Havana

The Salukis, basketball team of the Southern Illinois University, from United States, beat 79-78 (17-12, 22-22, 12-22, 28-22) a squad made up by members of the Cuban national side in the first of three matches to be staged in this city (2018-08-07 10:0... Continue reading

Bolivian Ambassador Says his Country Advances with its Dream of Unity

Bolivia is complying with its dream of territorial integration, unity of the indigenous peoples and social inclusion, thanks to the policies of President Evo Morales, said the South American nation’s Ambassador to Cuba, Joaquin Ramon Quintana (2018-08-07 10:30:56) Continue reading