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August 2017
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Radio Santa Cruz. Noticias del municipio, Camagüey, Cuba y el mundo.

Till which point we are the same thing?

One more time the program The Cuban color today: situation, scopes and perspectives arrives to Así in Radio Rebelde, which this month of August deal with the topic Innovations and recurrences of the debate about the racial matter (2017-08-19 15:23:03) Continue reading

The Oldest Zoo of Cuba

It is abundantly obvious, the zoo is one of the favorite places of the Cuban families to spend some leisure hours and some time for approaching the local flora and fauna (2017-08-18 10:01:03) Continue reading

The Cultural Heritage of Cuba: Colón Cemetery

The central chapel that was conceived to be the main work of that cemetery is located in the intersection of two main roads (2017-08-17 10:12:24) Continue reading

Long Applause for Antonio Molto

The last applause for Antonio Molto Martorell were heard in the meeting room of the Cuban Journalism Association (UPEC), packed by several generation of journalists that went to pay tribute to the renowned figure (2017-08-17 10:36:42) Continue reading

Venezuela´s Maduro pays tribute to Fidel and Martí

Granma newspaper reports that both leaders, along with First Combatant Cilia Flores and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, witnessed the change of honor guards at the tombs where the mortal remains of Martí and Fidel rest (2017-08-16 09:46:55) Continue reading

Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico will visit Cuba

As announced by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its website, during his stay the Mexican diplomat will hold talks with Cuban authorities and carry out other activities (2017-08-15 13:03:12) Continue reading

Tribute to Fidel in New York

Diplomats from all over the world and solidarity activists paid tribute on Monday in New York to the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro on the 91st anniversary of his birth, reported Prensa Latina News Agency (2017-08-15 09:50:59) Continue reading

President Raul Castro Pays Tribute to Fidel and Marti

Cuban President Raul Castro placed on Monday a floral wreath before the tombs of Cuba’s National Hero Jose Mari and the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro (2017-08-15 09:53:29) Continue reading

Where are we from? From Cuba

In the whole world Cuba is associated with symbols that have defined the Cuban’s image. When the words mulatto, tobacco, beach, domino (2017-08-15 09:47:02) Continue reading

Great game today in Cuban baseball series

The match Industriales-Santiago de Cuba, at Guillermon Moncada stadium, will undoubtedly meet the highest expectations at the start of the third subseries of the 57th Cuban National Baseball Series (2017-08-14 11:34:53) Continue reading

Cuba finished 14 in IAAF World Championships

With 35 units, Cuba ranked 14th in the IAAF World Championships London 2017, where the Caribbean island only won one bronze medal (2017-08-14 11:51:00) Continue reading

An anonymous hero that feels pride for saving lives

Leoneidis la O Benítez already has near 150 donations. For him donating blood goes beyond a duty, it is his way of giving solidarity and bringing happiness to his fellow men. (2017-08-14 09:45:34) Continue reading

Cojímar tower defended Havana

This construction is a part of the system of military fortifications that were built in the country in the 17th century with the goal of protecting the major city of the Island from the attacks (2017-08-11 09:10:57) Continue reading

Septeto Santiaguero continues successful tour of the United States

The Cuban orchestra Septeto Santiaguero is making a successful tour of the United States to promote its latest album, Raiz (root) (2017-08-11 11:57:57) Continue reading

Russian nuclear energy official visits Cuba

(2017-08-11 12:09:35) Continue reading

Ecuadorian Training Ship to arrive in Havana

The Guayas Training Vessel of the Navy of the Republic of Ecuador will arrive at the Port of Havana in the morning hours of this Saturday, August 12 (2017-08-11 12:27:01) Continue reading

Hit parade of Radio Rebelde from July 29 through August 4, 2017

Hit parade of the most popular songs, songwriters and singers weekly broadcast on Radio Rebelde from July 29 through August 4, 2017 (2017-08-10 11:32:56) Continue reading

Cuba Fifth in Regional Air Traffic Control

Cuba is in fifth Place in air control operations in the area of the Caribbean Central and South America only surpassed by large countries like Argentina and Brazil. (2017-08-10 09:20:49) Continue reading

Cuban Cooperation Personnel in Angola Exhibit Photos of Fidel

Cuban cooperation personnel in Angola inaugurated on Wednesday in Luanda a photographic exhibition in honor of the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro on occasion of the 91st anniversary of his birth next August 13th (2017-08-10 09:29:16) Continue reading

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

On February 17 this year, the United States Embassy in Havana and the Department of State informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the occurrence of some alleged incidents affecting some officials of that diplomatic mission and their families (2017-... Continue reading

Raul Castro sends message to Venezuelan President

Following is a message sent by General of the Army Raul Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros (2017-08-10 09:37:11) Continue reading

Summer is enjoyed with the Festival Rhythm in Cienfuegos.

The summer stage of 2017 goes by with alternatives which are enjoyed by the people in the communities and institutions from Cienfuegos (2017-08-09 09:52:26) Continue reading

Cuban Triple Jumpers Qualified for the Finals

Cristian Napoles, Andy Diaz and Lazaro Martinez secured their presence in the finals to be held on Thursday. Napoles, with 17.06 meters was the first to qualify while Andy Diaz (16.96) and Lazaro Martinez jumped 16.66 joined the list of 12 finalists de... Continue reading

Cuban Baseball: Current Monarch reaches First Win

Based on Leandro Martinez´s pitching and a 13-hit attack, Granma, current monarch, defeated home 10-3 Villa Clara to achieve their first win in the current 57th Cuban National Baseball Series (2017-08-08 14:42:40) Continue reading

Prestigious experts attend International Course on Dengue in Cuba

Renowned Cuban and foreign experts will meet from this Monday until the 18th of this month at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK) in Havana, to make an update on the current situation of dengue and other arbovirosis (2017-08-07 10:12:31) Continue reading

President of Iran receives Cuban Vice President

The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, received the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Ulises Rosales del Toro, after his presidential inauguration (2017-08-07 10:16:20) Continue reading