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December 2018
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Meet the Hatuey of our beer (II)

Santiago de Cuba May 15.- When the current Hatuey beer label look is impossible that it can fool the eye of any student of the history of Cuba or a person with basic knowledge Indians who inhabited the country before and during the Conquest. Continue reading

American Guests Conclude in Cuba The Santiago Concert

Santiago de Cuba, may 12.- The 33rd edition of Santiago concert ended here, after six days of glorification of so-called classical music and artistic interaction with guests from two US universities. Continue reading

Perform Scientific Meeting of Nursing in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, May 8. A group of specialists santiagueros pay tribute to International Nurses Day, which will be on 12 May with several activities, carried out in the halls of North Maternal Hospital "Tamara Bunke" of this city. Continue reading

Santiago de Cuba Recalls Signing of the First Agrarian Reform Law

Santiago de Cuba, May 7 (ACN) The provincial act by Farmer's Day and the 56 anniversary of the signing by President Fidel Castro's first agrarian reform law was held in the province of Santiago de Cuba, with the presence of the delegation to attend th... Continue reading

Accomplish Mother-Child Program of HIV / AIDS Control and Prevention

Santiago de Cuba, May 5. Pregnancy is a stage full of hope and joy in the life of every woman. But if the mother is HIV positive, occur fears and insecurities. Continue reading

Carnival Santiaguero for 500th anniversary of the villa will be held on July 20 to 27

Santiago of Cuba, May 4. Santiaguero Carnival, the most comprehensive and traditional festival of Cuba, will take place from July 20 to 27, in the midst of the celebrations for the half millennium of the founding of the town in 1515 and 493 years of t... Continue reading

Health Workers Will Labor and March on May Day

Santiago de Cuba, May 1st .- More than 20 thousand workers in the health sector on May Day parade in the Plaza of the Revolution Antonio Maceo Grajales, in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Continue reading

Santiago de Cuba joins the International Tourism Fair

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 29.- The new attractions and tourists products that have Santiago de Cuba in the context of the celebrations for the 500 years of existence of the villa to to be held next July 25 will be presented at the International Tourism Fa... Continue reading

Book Fair Will Pay Homage to Santiago de Cuba For its Half Millennium

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 22.- The Santiago chapter of the International Book Fair, the most massive cultural event in the country, will pay tribute to the Capital of the Caribbean, a city which celebrates its half a millennium in July this year. Continue reading

Returns The Party of Free Software to Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 22.- With ten years of experience in promoting the features, benefits and potential of the software and free technologies, returns to Santiago de Cuba FLISoL, the main event of its kind in Latin America, to be held next Saturday 25. Continue reading

Empower Santiago de Cuba As a Tourist Destination in FIT CUBA 2015

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 21.- The 500th anniversary of the city of Santiago de Cuba with natural, heritage and traditional values compose the provincial strategy to promote this city as a tourist destination in the upcoming International Tourism Fair to ... Continue reading

Folklórico Oriente Presents Complex Repertoire to FIDANZ 2015

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 21.- The Ballet Folklorico de Oriente selected an exquisite repertoire to participate in the Festival of Dance this year. Continue reading

Conference of African Culture also From the Fine Arts

Santiago de Cuba, Apr.- 15. Extremos convergentes (converging ends) is the title of the exhibition which opens today at Universal Art Gallery as part of the XIV International Conference on African and African American Culture, which until Thursday ses... Continue reading

Telematics also working to Celebrate the Anniversary of The City

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 15.- A brigade of five specialists in Telematics from Havana these days to support the Utility of Santiago de Cuba, indispensable work for the development of communications for the control of possible failures street lighting ser... Continue reading

Undergo Program on Seismological Research

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 2.- In order to strengthen disaster prevention system was created, in this city, the development program of Seismological Research Applications in Cuba (DISA), which is promoted today in organizations and institutions of the country. Continue reading

Cuban University promotes Canadian Studies

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 31 The Eighth Seminar on Canadian Studies will be held here on 8th and 9th of April at the Universidad de Oriente, as a new step towards a better understanding of that northern nation. Continue reading

“La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, a symbol of Cuban” editorial success of the Fair

olga portuondo portada

Santa Clara, Mar 31 A true publishing event of the Villa Clara version of the XXIV International Book Fair, was the presentation of the book "La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, a symbol of Cuban", by its own author, Dr. Science, Olga Portuondo Zúñiga, one of the personalities who are engaged in the country's current literary festival.

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New Space for entertainment in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 31 A new space for recreation and relaxation of domestic and foreign customers a Leisure Club, prepares this city as a gift for the 500th anniversary of the founding of the town of Santiago de Cuba, to be held next July. Continue reading

Urgent Care of Marine Ecosystems in Santiago de Cuba


Santiago de Cuba, Mar 24 – We cannot hint at the beauty of our environment without considering the benefits that have the coast of Santiago de Cuba, made of 115 kilometers of one the most beautiful coastlines in the Caribbean. However, the man's hand every day threatens the sustainable development of coastal ecosystem in which we live and on which we depend. Reason why are taken several actions to achieve the sanitation of them.

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Hypnosis Treatment Technique used in Brazil by Cuban Doctors

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 20 -Lambert Adolfo Delgado, a Cuban partner serving in Brazil, uses hypnosis with proven success in relieving symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia, a disease that produces one of the most intense pain that record medical sciences. Continue reading

Preserve Coffee Heritage in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 20 -A building of mid-nineteenth century is rehabilitated in this city to host the Interpretation Centre of the coffee heritage, an space to exhibit art, knowing the history of culture and taste the drink. Continue reading

Come to Light XIX Century Coffee Plantation Ruins

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 18 Tues-The ruins of the old coffee plantation St. Paulina, built in the nineteenth century by French colonists, were found by specialists in archeology from the Office of the Curator of the city, from the rural community of San ... Continue reading

Ageless Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival in Santiago de Cuba


Santiago de Cuba, Mar 17 -The 55th edition of the Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival, taking place from today, will bring together performers from different generations and trends in the butt genre of Cuban music, born in this city.

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Improve tourism infrastructure in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Mar 9 (ACN) Tourism Sector in the province of Santiago de Cuba undertakes various investments for the 500th anniversary of the founding of the town, in July to provide the city of new jobs and improve its hotel and no hotel infrastru... Continue reading

ETECSA will Raise International Standards in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Feb 20. With the authorization of three new areas within the municipality head to increase traffic capacity both voice and data in mobile mode with possibilities of 3G (third generation) Company Continue reading

Working For environmental improvements in Santiago de Cuba’s Bay

Santiago de Cuba, Feb 3.- Santiago de Cuba's Bay, second largest in the archipelago, restores its operational capabilities and environmental conditions as a result of dredging funds. Continue reading