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July 2018
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Putin, Trump Talk for Over Two Hours in Helsinki

Trump called the private talks with the Kremlin leader a “good start” Donald Trump met one-on-one with Vladimir Putin behind closed doors Monday in a long-awaited summit overshadowed by the U.S. president blaming his own country’s past “foolishness and stupidity” for the two powers’ hostile ties. “Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks … Continue reading

Mass Protests Awaits Donald Trump in UK

Shortly after Trump landed Thursday, the Amnesty UK unfurled “Donald Trump: Human Rights Nightmare” on Vauxhall Bridge, opposite the U.S. Embassy Mass protests are expected to greet the U.S. President, Donald Trump on his visit to the U.K. as he begins his official four-day tour Thursday. According to the Guardian, shortly after Trump landed Thursday, … Continue reading

Erdogan Takes Oath after Presidential Re-election

Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan was sworn in as president Monday as the country’s political system transitions from parliamentary one to a presidential one After taking the oath and stressing that he would respect the country’s constitution and maintain rule of law and democracy, Erdogan was handed his presidential credentials by Acting Parliament Speaker Durmuş Yılmaz. Launching … Continue reading

Nicaragua Resumes Talks with IHRC Mediators

The dialogue had been suspended when opposition demanded President Daniel Ortega step down before finishing his term in 2021 The Nicaraguan government and opposition have resumed Monday the national dialogue to stop the violence that has killed almost 200 people in two months. The talks counted with the participation of a team from the Inter-American Commission … Continue reading

Ecuador: Parliament Rejects Prosecution of Rafael Correa

With 83 affirmative votes, two against and 13 abstentions, the prosecutor’s request against the former president was declared inadmissible The National Assembly of Ecuador has declared as ‘inadmissible’ a request by the Attorney General’s Office to investigate former President Rafael Correa in connection with the kidnapping of former Ambassador Fernando Balda. After Judge Daniella Camacho requested the initiation of criminal proceedings against Correa, … Continue reading

Colombia: ELN Announces Unilateral Ceasefire During Elections

Colombia’s largest guerrilla, the National Liberation Army (ELN), Monday announced a unilateral five-day truce Colombia’s largest guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), Monday announced a unilateral five-day truce to facilitate the development of the second round of presidential elections, a decision it described as a sign of the group’s will for peace. The announcement … Continue reading

Guatemala’s Head of Disaster Agency Faced with Accusations

Politicians are questioning whether or not the evacuation order was relayed to persons living in the surrounding area clearly Opposition politicians in Guatemala are calling on Sergio Cabanas, the national coordinator for the Disaster Reduction agency, or Conred, to step down accusing him of failing to heed early warnings about a possible eruption at the … Continue reading

China Announces New Drug for HIV Treatment

The drug is injected weekly and has been shown to have fewer side effects than many other HIV treatment methods The world’s first long-acting fusion inhibitor treatment for HIV has been developed and approved for use in China, after years of studies and trials. The China Food and Drug Administration approved the domestically developed drug … Continue reading

Mariano Rajoy Ousted as Prime Minister After No-Confidence Vote

Parliament passes a vote of no confidence in ruling People’s party over corruption scandal Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been forced out of office after a no-confidence vote was passed in the country’s parliament. Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez, who lead the motion after Rajoy’s party was implicated in a corruption scandal, is likely to … Continue reading

Assange Must Comply with Conditions to Preserve Asylum

Speaking in an interview Ecuador President Lenin Moreno said that Julian Assange’s actions were a cause of concern for the government Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno says his country will respect Julian Assange‘s right to asylum but only if the Wikileaks founder “respects the conditions” his government has put in place for him to continue his … Continue reading

Venezuelans Elect President, Regional Legislative Councils

The polls are expected to close at 6:00 p.m. local time but those who are waiting to vote will be allowed to cast their vote beyond the set time Voting centers opened throughout Venezuela Sunday when more than 20 million citizens vote to elect president and members of the regional legislative councils in a festive mood … Continue reading

Cuba: Plane Crashes Near Havana International Airport

The plane was flying from Havana to the eastern Cuban province of Holguin, with 113 persons on board A Boeing 737 hired by Cubana de Aviacion Airtlines crashed shortly after takeoff from Cuba’s Jose Marti airport Friday. According to officials, the flight was heading to the Cuban city of Holguin and may have had over … Continue reading

Antonio Hamilton Mourao Might Join Presidential Run in Brazil

Mourao joined the Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (PRTB) days before the deadline, which would allow him to run for president in the October’s general elections Antonio Hamilton Mourao, a reserve general in Brazil’s military, has joined the Brazilian Labour Renewal Party (PRTB) days before the deadline, which would allow him to run for president in … Continue reading

Another Two People Kidnpped at the Ecuador-Colombia Border

According to Ecuadorian governmental sources, the kidnapping might had taken place last Wednesday or Thursday Cesar Navas, Ecuador’s Interior Minister, has confirmed another kidnapping has taken place on the country’s northern border with Colombia. During a press conference Tuesday, Navas said Walter Patricio Artizala Vernaza, who goes by the alias “El Guacho” and has been … Continue reading

South African Struggle Icon Winnie Mandela Dies

During Nelson Mandela’s 27-year incarceration, Winnie  campaigned tirelessly for his release and for the rights of black South Africans South Africa‘s Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, an anti-apartheid stalwart and wife to Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned on Robben Island, died Monday, her personal assistant Zodwa Zwane said. She was 81. During her husband’s 27-year incarceration, Madikizela-Mandela campaigned tirelessly for … Continue reading

Maduro Announces Monetary Reforms in Venezuela

A series of new monetary measures are being launched in Venezuela, including allowing citizens and companies to buy Petros on the official webpage Riding on the interest in Venezuela’s fledgling state-backed cryptocurrency, President Nicolas Maduro has highlighted the new investment interests lured through the Petro while simultaneously announcing a significant reform to the country’s circulating currency. “We are … Continue reading

Caribbean Nations Discuss Climate Change in Venezuela

ACS members will analyze the effects of climate change and the financing of projects in nations devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria The XXIII Ministerial Meeting of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) continued Thursday in Venezuela, where representatives from the region seek to address the effects of climate change and support the financing of projects in nations devastated … Continue reading

ELN Guerrilla Killed in Colombia Army Attack

The attack resulted in the deaths of 10 guerilla fighters, including Cachaco, the leader of the ELN in Antioquia’s lower Cauca region At least 10 guerrilla rebels from the National Liberation Army (ELN) were killed when the Colombian army bombed one of their camps in the department of Antioquia, local media reported Tuesday. The attack … Continue reading

Mexican Del Toro Wins Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director

“The Shape of Water” filmmaker Guillermo del Toro became the third Mexican to claim the Best Director trophy at the Academy Award over the last five years. “I am an immigrant like Alfonso [Cuaron] and Alejandro [González Iñárritu], my compadres,” del Toro said in his speech. “Like Gael [Garcia Bernal], like Salma [Hayek] and like … Continue reading

Shooter Targets African Migrants in Macerata, Italy

A few days ago an 18-year-old Italian woman was discovered cut up and hidden in two suitcases, and a Nigerian migrant was connected with the death A man opened fire on passersby in the central Italian city of Macerata Saturday, injuring at least four African migrants in an attack that might be racially motivated, local media … Continue reading

State of Emergency in Ecuador after Terrorist Attack

The announcement was made by President Lenin Moreno in a post on Twitter Saturday afternoon Ecuador has declared a limited State of Emergency in San Lorenzo and Eloy Alfaro, two cities in the northern Pacific province of Esmeraldas, after a car bomb caused damage to a local police command center in the early hours of Saturday morning. The … Continue reading

Venezuela’s Government-Opposition Dialogue Restarts

The Venezuelan government is set to resume dialogue with the country’s opposition in the capital of the Dominican Republic Participants are looking to advance Venezuela’s economy and maintain peace after opposition forces broke out into protests last April, resulting in the death of over 100 people. The Dominican Foreign Minister Miguel Vargas, a principal mediator of … Continue reading

Fujimori Pardon under Analysis by Regional Court

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, IACHR, will hold a hearing regarding the pardon of former Peruvian president, Alberto Fujimori, on February 2nd. The hearing will analyze whether or not the Peruvian government is following through with the IACHR indictment of Alberto Fujimori. The IACHR, a regional court under the Organization of the American States, … Continue reading

Evo Morales Rejects Decision to Maintain Doctors’ Strike

The strike was initiated 46 days ago by the Medical Association of Bolivia Bolivia’s President Evo Morales claimed Sunday that the medical professionals maintained the strike started 46 days ago as a “conspiracy” carried out by opposition sectors and grounded on defamation so he would not run for the next presidential elections. “The right wing … Continue reading

UN Calls the USA to Reverse Decision on Jerusalem

The United Nations General Assembly has voted on a resolution that revokes U.S. President Donald Trump’s inflammatory decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital With 128 votes, the UN approved on Thursday the resolution reversing Washington’s unilateral decision to declare Jerusalem the Israeli capital despite U.S. threats against the voting nations. In the extraordinary session … Continue reading

Vladimir Putin to Run for Re-election as Independent

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that he will run for re-election in next year’s presidential race as an independent candidate.  Putin is a member of United Russia, but has decided not to represent the political party in the next election.  “I hope I will be supported by some popular groups, movements, parties,” Putin said at his … Continue reading