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July 2017
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Ya estamos en 26

Ya estamos en 26.Ya es 26; celebramos el aniversario 64 del asalto a los cuarteles Moncada y Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, hechos en los que el coraje y la razón enfrentaron a la muerte.

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Three Million Tourists Arrive in Cuba in Less than 7 months

This Tuesday, July 25, Cuba reached the three million tourist mark, 75 days faster than last year A press release from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism reports that on this Tuesday, July 25, Cuba reached the three million tourist mark, 75 days faster than last year. The figures translate in a 24 percent growth in […] Continue reading

The Refurbished José Jacinto Milanés Theater

The emblematic building is being refurbished for being the scenery of the important political and cultural gala performance (2017-07-25 09:27:12) Continue reading

Pinar del Rio Hosts 26th of July Main Commemoration

On Wednesday, July 26th, the provisional Revolution Square of Pinar del Rio city will be the venue of the central activities to mark the 64th anniversary of the attacks of the Moncada and Cespedes garrisons, Cuba’s National Rebelliousness Day. The ceremony will begin at 7 AM, and the main speech will be delivered by the […] Continue reading

Morón abre sus puertas al 26 de Julio (+Post)(+Galería en Flickr)

Acto por el 26 de Julio en morón IEste martes Morón dio riendas sueltas a la creatividad con el afán de rendir tributo a quienes entregaron sus vidas el 26 de Julio de 1953 y a los que dieron continuidad a aquella obra, que ya rebasa los 59 años de Revolución.

Desde las 6:00 de la mañana, la remozada Plaza de la Victoria acogió a la población y una hora después empezó el homenaje, caracterizado por marchas, poesías, repentismo, danza y la oratoria de representantes del pueblo.

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Mexican activists call for U.S. to end Cuba blockade

July 25.- Mexico’s Cuba Solidarity Movement (MMSC) demanded the United States lift the blockade against the socialist government July 22, during a march outside the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. Continue reading

Morón y el 26: Conmemoración y responsabilidad

Morón y el 26 IIINada fácil le cayó a Morón cuando lo eligieron municipio sede de las actividades centrales por el 26 de Julio en la provincia de Ciego de Ávila.

Se sabía que llegaba un período en el cual el trabajo iba a multiplicarse y con el reto comenzaron las obras, extendidas a todos los consejos populares de ese terruño.

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The new Nicaragua

Managua, Nicaragua, July 25.— A 1972 earthquake left the city in ruins, but the ancient cathedral, like a good boxer, stayed on its feet. Although today we can see the cracks in its columns, and the toll taken on one of its two towers, the building's endurance is a reminder of the nation's mettle.

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Education in Cuba valid correctness of the Moncada Program

To conceive education as a right of the people was one of the objectives of the Moncada Program, as set forth by the young Fidel Castro in his plea of self-defense during the trial for the events of 26 July 1953, and that the Cuban Revolution has bec... Continue reading

Sugary Drinks, A High-protein Meal Could Be Making You Fat

Washington, July 25.- Having a sugar-sweetened drink with a high-protein meal may negatively affect energy balance, alter food preferences and cause the body to store more fat, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Nutrition. Continue reading

Commitment to Cuba is Permanent, Say Pastors for Peace

Havana, Jul 25.- Regarding solidarity with Cuba, Pastors for Peace ''does not take vacations or spare time,'' said members of the US inter-religious group, participants in the 28th US-Cuba Friendship Caravan.

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Cuba, Qatar Plans Respectful Relationship Focused on Development

Havana, July 25.- Cuba and Qatar are planning a relationship based on mutual respect and focused on the economic development, Arab country's ambassador here, Rashid Mairza Al-Mulla, stated today.

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Paulo FG at Tempo Festival in Camagüey ( Photos)

Camagüey, July 25.- To the rhythm of the Camagüey´s young people enjoyed this Monday of the popular singer Paulo FG, along with several finalists of the second season of the project Sonando en Cuba (Singing in Cuba), as part of its na... Continue reading

Sustainable agriculture for food sovereignty in Camagüey

Camagüey, July 25.- Executives of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP, Spanish acronym), in this province, highlighted the results of the Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Land Management, and assessed the agro-ecological move... Continue reading

Arlenis Sierra, dreaming big

Havana, July 25.-I clearly remember my first conversations with Arlenis Sierra Cañadilla a couple of years ago. Under a brutal sun in the Reinaldo Paseirovelodrome, the cyclist was very reserved; she barely spoke, it was like, as the saying go... Continue reading

Main celebration of National Rebellion Day in Pinar del Río tomorrow

Cuba, July 25.- Tomorrow at 7:00am, set to take place is the country's principal commemoration of National Rebellion Day, in Pinar del Río's provisional Plaza de la Revolución, in the Hermanos Cruz neighborhood, in honor of the 64th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons.

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Nuevitas celebra Día de la Rebeldía Nacional con obras de impacto social

Construcción del cabaret La Patana.Jul, 2017.- El 26 de julio de 1953 un grupo de jóvenes valerosos se lanzaron a conquistar la esperanza de vivir en una sociedad de todos y para el bien de todos.

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Heroes of the Moncada Garrison Assault and Granma Expeditioners Visit Pinar del Río

Heroes who participated in the assaults on the Moncada and Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons, on July 26, 1953, and the Granma yacht expedition, are touring sites of historic, social and economic interest in this province, as part of the activities to mark National Rebellion Day, this July 26.

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History Makers

On behalf of the Cuban youth, its main leaders revered living personalities of the Cuban history Continue reading

Pinar is Ready for July 26th Celebrations

The Cuban Women Federation will be at the forefront of a mass mobilization to have the city clean and embellished Continue reading

Velazco Keeps Golden Vice

Triple jumper Davisleydis Velazco chipped in with a new gold medal for the Cuban delegation medal table in the Athletics Pan American U20 Championships Continue reading

The Cuban Reef Communities are in Excellent State

Revealing findingsof Cuba-USA joint scientific expedition Continue reading

Raúl Castro Attends Swearing-in Ceremony for New Cuban Ambassadors

Army Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuban Central Committee and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, presided a swearing-in ceremony for 38 new Cuban ambassadors, yesterday July 23, in the Council of State's Revolution Hall.

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US Artist Drifts Apart from Trump and Exhibit in Cuba

Photo: Prensa LatinaUS plastic artist Ben Jones expressed his dissatisfaction with the stance of US President Donald Trump, opposed to enhance relations between his country and Cuba, where he's presenting a personal exhibition.

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Camagüey will be at the Festival of Sochi with 11 young people ( Photos)

Camagüey, July 24.-  Camagüey´s Delegation to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students was presented last night, at the closing of the provincial appointment met for two days in this city. Continue reading

Japanese Apply Artificial Intelligence to Help in Diagnosing Cancer

Tokyo, July 24.- Japanese scientists have created an early diagnosis system for colorectal cancer based on artificial intelligence (AI), which is capable of detecting up to 98 percent of polyps and other carcinogenic signs, the Asahi daily reported t... Continue reading