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August 2016
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Cuban Community of Petrohouses to Pay Tribute to Chavez

Pinar del Rio, Cuba.- Cuban people living in the mountains of Pinar del Rio province will pay tribute to Hugo Chavez today in a Petrohouses community, donated by Venezuela to help recovering from the damages suffered by this Caribbean country after rec... Continue reading

February 26th, 1869: In Camagüey the slavery was abolished

On February 26th, 1869, in Sibanicú, territory of Camagüey, rebels of the region, which aim was Homeland and Liberty, conceived their most noble priciples of justice and, on behalf of the people, they declared the abolition of the slavery. Continue reading

Siren’s song in the Strait of the Florida

Camagüey.- The informative means at the service of the politics of the United States, distort, silence, the truth of Cuba, like constant training artillery to justify the imperial blockade to the rebellious island. Continue reading

Camagüeyan sugar workers: to earn more it is necessary to produce more

Camagüey.- Sugar workers of this province, who work in the development of the sugar harvest, ensured that to have better salarirs it is necessary to increase the production. Continue reading

Hemingway Papers Reveal Interest for Ingrid Bergman

Havana.- US writer Ernest Hemingway wanted Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman to perform his character Maria from his novel "For Whom The Bells Toll" and so he asked the Swedish actress, in a very confidential note he wrote her. Continue reading

Academic agenda with local development initiatives

Camagüey.- The faculty of Economic and Managerial Sciences of the Camagüey´s University Ignacio Agramonte kicked off an integral postgraduate course on municipal initiatives of local development, learning process directed to impact the economic panorama of each of the municipalities of the province. Continue reading

Park Opens in Cuba, Honoring Hugo Chavez

Ciego de Avila, Cuba.- A park called "El arañero" has opened in this central Cuban region, paying tribute to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, commemorating the first anniversary of his death on March 5th.

Continue reading

Stem cells in adolescent with trauma

Camagüey.- Like an innovation in the implantation of stem cells is considered to be in Camagüey the application of this advanced technology to a 14-year-old adolescent, at least of seventy-two hours of suffering an accident that provoked a luxation of the spine, severe medular compression and paraplegia, causative illness of which the low portion of the body remains paralyzed and without functionality. Continue reading

Wetted sugar harvest in Camagüey

Camagüey.- This province, the most extensive of Cuba, which executed the Small Sugar Harvest of Drecember with over three thousand tons of sugar of advantages on the integral plan, last Friday was accumulating a deficit of almost 11 000 tons, for long paralyzation of the mechanized cut  because of the persistent precipitations of January and February. Continue reading

The Necessary War

Camagüey.- If José Martí was an ideas man and that believed that the future was the peace, why did he summoned to what he called the Necessary War? Continue reading

Children’s book launched at Havana’s International Book Fair

The event took place at the Havana based José Martí Cultural Society as part of the schedule of the International Book Fair, Cuba 2014, currently underway on the island. Editora Abril invaded the fair with the dinosaurs that are the protagonists of Pérez’s book Los dragones que un día… (The dragons that once…) Continue reading

Cuba Denounces Threats on World Peace

United Nations.- Cuba denounced at the United Nations Security Council the danger posed on peace and the development of the world by unilateral policies, interference with other countries' domestic affairs and the proliferation of doctrines, such as th... Continue reading

Facing Drug Trafficking: A Priority for Cuba

The World has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of people who consume illegal substances. Drug trafficking is a profitable business, generating billions of dollars as it claims thousands of lives around the globe. Continue reading

French Scholar Denounces Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Paris.- The current violent actions taking place in Venezuela are a troubling reminder of events in April 2002, which turned out to be an attempted coup against President Hugo Chavez, Professor Salim Lamrani charged today. Continue reading

Camagueyan delegation to 9th Congress of the Cuban women

Camagüey.- The feminine Camagüeyan delegation who will take part in the 9th Congress of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) received the flag that credits them as such in ceremony celebrated in the central park José Martí of this city. Continue reading

New Species of Wildlife Emerge in the Brazilian Amazon

Brasilia.- Scientists at the Emilio Goeldi Museum of Pará have found new species of flora and fauna in the Brazilian Amazon, confirming the rich biodiversity of the planet''s largest rainforest. Continue reading

Director of Conducta speaks about the movie

Ernesto Daranas (right) exchanged with the Camagüeyan public in the space Ciudad SimbólicaCamagüey.- The recognized film director Ernesto Daranas took part in different moments of cinematographic debate in this city, in which he talked about his most recent film Conducta. Continue reading

Biogas plants in camagüeyan porcine branch

Camagüey.- The announcement on 23 plants generating biogas and the project of installing ten new ones during 2014 to the service of the porcine branch, is demonstrative news about an awakening in the use of this renewable source of energy. Continue reading

United message to the Venezuelan people from Camagüey

Camagüey.- Members of the Honorific Department Hugo Chávez of the Medical School Carlos Juan Finlay, sent a united message to the Venezuelan people and Government, which fight the destabilizing campaign of the extreme right. In a homage event to the Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, children of the school Jesus Suárez Gayol, along with students of the above-mentioned institution, showed they support to the work of the Latin-American leader, died on March 5th last year, and repudiated the subversive actions of the extreme right. Continue reading

Cuban Vice President Receives Sri Lanka´s Special Envoy

Havana.- Cuban First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel received today Susil Premajayantha, a special envoy of the President of Sri Lanka, who is on a working visit here. Continue reading

Cuban Workers’ Union Begin Congress’ Final Sessions

Havana.- After one year of union debates, the 20th Congress of the Cuban Workers' Union (CTC) today begins its final sessions, with the implementation of the guidelines for updating the island's socio-economic model. Continue reading

Sugar harvest in Camagüey, delay for rains

Camagüey.- The frequent rains of the current winter period, present in Camagüey since the middle of January, complicated the development of the sugar harvest, which accumulates a delay of over nine thousand tons. Continue reading

Jose Marti in CELAC

Havana.- The historical and universal legacy of Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, remains valid after 161 years from his birth, in a context where his vision of Latin American integration continues living in what he called Nuestra America (Our America). Continue reading

Working Sessions Open Cuban Workers’ Congress

Havana.- Delegates taking part in the 20th Congress of the Confederation of Cuban Workers', the CTC, will open the forum with a series of working sessions. Continue reading

Innovators’ presence in the Cuban wrokers congress

Camagüey.- Arcadio Cuadrado is one of 77 delegates of this province to the XXth Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation, which kicked off next February 20th. Continue reading