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November 2018
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Cuba to Set Up Municipal Assemblies for New Mandate

The Municipal Assemblies of People's Power will be set up in Cuba on December 17 for a new mandate that will run for two and a half years, Granma newspaper reports today.

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Everyone counts. Let’s end with AIDS

World Day of the Fight against AIDS. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, educate and improve the understanding of HIV as a global public health problem. This year, the motto that the Pan American Health Organization proposes for the World Day of the Fight against AIDS 2017 is: "Everyone counts. Let's end with AIDS. "

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Wished U.S. Citizens Could Watch First Hand Cuban Elections, FM Said

I wished U.S. citizens could watch first hand Cuban elections to have an opinion of our democratic system, said today Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez. Continue reading

Polls Open for 8 Million Cubans

Over 24,300 polling stations opened Sunday in Cuba for 8 million Cubans to elect their delegates to Municipal Assemblies as part of a key electoral process for the nation which will wind up with the election of a new president on February 24 next year. Continue reading

Elections Begin in Cuba

Today, the Cuban people will be voting for delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, in 12,515 circumscriptions nationwide, following nomination assemblies which took place from September 4-30, 2017, with the participation of 6,746,8... Continue reading

Cuba Advocates for Peace and Stability in The Korean Peninsula

Cuba advocates for the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, assured Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla when he received his counterpart from the Democratic People''s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Ri Yong Ho Wednesday.

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Havana Club Rum, Authentic Symbol of the Cuban Culture

The Havana Club Rum emerged in 1878 and it is considered as one of the best one hundred rums of the world. In order to perpetuate it, since the year two thousand, there is a museum with the same name located in the Avenue of the Port, Old Havana San ... Continue reading

Fidel and the Solemnity of Santa Ifigenia

The cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, declared a National Monument in 1979, already had importance for all Cubans, as it hosts the mortal remains of patriots. But its significance has been increasing since December 2016, when the historical leader of the C... Continue reading

Cuba Reaches Four Million Tourists’ Arrivals

International tourists’ arrivals in Cuba are reaching the 4 million mark Monday, according to a press release by the island´s Ministry of Tourism. Continue reading

Measures Announced by Cuba Favor Thousands of Emigrants, Experts Say

The new immigration measures announced by Cuban authorities will benefit hundreds of thousands of emigrants of the island and continue the process of updating the migration policy, specialists in the issue highlighted here. Continue reading

Message from Army General Raúl Castro to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

Havana October 16, 2017 Comrade Nicolás Maduro Moros President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Continue reading

Delegate No. 173: Sochi, the Center of the World (+Photos and Video)

The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students was officially opened on Sunday by Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, who called for the defense of love for freedom, peace and solidarity to the more than 20, 000 young people present a... Continue reading

The Legacy of Che Guevara, 50 Years Later

His enemies find it hard to believe that Che Guevara toured the region of Latin America on a motorcycle, taking the pulse of poverty, asking for weapons to defend Guatemala from Árbenz and joining a group of young people led by Fidel Castro. Continue reading

ETECSA Assesses the Effectiveness of the Information Services Through the Mobile

The Computing Applications Enterprise (DESOFT), through a work agreement with the Cuban Telecommunication Enterprise (ETECSA), activated a mobile telephone system service that allow the user request the information of his interest for the price of 16... Continue reading

Cuban Gov’t Expresses Gratitude for Solidarity after Hurricane Irma

Cuba's National Defense Council has expressed gratitude for the shows of solidarity that the country is still receiving after Hurricane Irma.

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Raul Castro Sees off Venezuelan President After Visit

Photo: Estudios RevoluciónYesterday September 24, constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros departed for his homeland from José Martí International Airport, where Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba's Councils of State and Ministers, bid him farewell.

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Foreign Companies Invest over 1 Billion Dollars in Renewable Energy

Several businesses with foreign capital, totaling more than one billion dollars, have been established in Cuba this year in the renewable energy sector, considered fundamental for the socioeconomic development of the country. Continue reading

Alleged Baffling Acoustic Attacks in Cuba Described As Absurd

The story of allegedly baffling acoustic attacks in Cuba against U.S. diplomats, broadcast in international media but termed absurd by several experts, continues today starting to wag in this Caribbean nation. Continue reading

Cuba Brings to Justice Penal Cases Related to Hurricane Irma

The judicial body of the National Defense Council reported that 35 penal cases related to the impact of hurricane Irma in Cuba have been brought to justice. Continue reading

Hurricane Irma hits the Caribbean hard and approaches Cuba

Irma has weakened slightly over the last few hours, but continues to be a powerful hurricane hitting the insular Caribbean with winds of 285 kilometers per hour, and advancing toward Cuba. Continue reading

Raúl recieves Spanish Foreign Minister

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, yesterday September 6, received Alfonso María Dastis Quecedo, Spain's minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, who is making an official visit to the country.

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Eastern Cuba Takes Measures Before Passing of Irma

Facing the imminent passage of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean, authorities from this province are assuring today the sending of materials and workforce from the telecommunications and electricity companies to the most vulnerable municipalities. Continue reading

Hurricane Irma Approaches Northern Group of the Lower Antilles

The forecast during Tuesday afternoon indicate that the powerful Hurricane Irma is approaching the northern group of the Lower Antilles at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour. Continue reading

Cuba Marks 57th Anniversary of FMC

Fifty-seven years after its founding, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) is taking on the challenges of a new era with the dedication to be expected of the inheritors of the Cuban people's best traditions of dignity and courage, especially the many women who with their example enriched the nation's history.

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Russian Car-Making Avtovaz to Re-Start Supply of Vehicles to Cuba

Russia’s largest carmaker, Avtovaz, has said it will supply 300 cars for taxi service in Cuba before the end of this year. Continue reading

Venezuelan President Pays his Respects in Santa Ifigenia

Photo: Estudios RevoluciónVenezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros visited the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba, yesterday August 15, accompanied by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, to pay his respects to Cuba's national hero José Martí and Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, on the 91st anniversary of his birth.

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