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June 2017
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Cuba Denounces Systematic Human Rights Violations in U.S.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Monday denounced systematic human rights violations in the United States. Continue reading

The ongoing Implementation of the Digital Television in Cuba

The advantages of the digital television for the nation means more efficiency through a cheaper broadcasting service, as well as the easing of congestion of the radio electric spectrum and the possibility in terms of opening new channels as another o... Continue reading

Central Bank of Cuba Puts New Currency in Circulation

The Central Bank of Cuba announced today that it will gradually put into circulation a new metallic coin worth 5 Cuban pesos from July 3. Continue reading

Cubans Remember Che Guevara and Antonio Maceo

The Sculptural Complex that bears the name of the Heroic Guerrilla will today be the venue of the main event of Villa Clara on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of his birth. Continue reading

Cuban Resort Expects 1, 5 Million Foreign Tourists in 2017

The main Cuban resort, Varadero, plans the arrival of million and a half of foreign tourists for 2017, forecast Ivis Fernandez, delegate of the Toruism Ministry (Mintur) in the province of Matanzas, where the famous destination is located. Continue reading

Cuban agriculture moves toward ecological practices

Cuba is intent upon developing sustainable agriculture based on ecological practices, according to specialists and farmers interviewed. Continue reading

Cuba Warns of Human Trafficking Risk Due to Frosty U.S. Ties

Cuba and the United States have dramatically reduced the rate of human trafficking since reaching a landmark accord in January but risk losing those gains if the two neighbors fail to resume high-level talks, Cuban Interior Ministry officials said in... Continue reading

Speech by Raul Castro at the National Assembly of the People Power

Speech delivered by the President of the Council of States and Ministers, Raul Castro during the second extraordinary session of the National Assembly of the People’s Power in its 8th Legislature on June 1st, 2017 at Havana’s Convention C... Continue reading

Cuba Ratifies Socialist and Democratic Character of the Revolution

Photo: ACNThe documents governing the process of updating the country's socioeconomic model approved by the Cuban National Assembly during an Extraordinary Session confirm today the socialist and democratic nature of the Revolution, parliamentarian sources affirm.

Speech by Raul Castro at the National Assembly of the People Power

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Committees of the Cuban National Assembly Begin Sessions

Deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power in Cuba begin their work today in commissions to discuss issues related to the economic and social development of the country.

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Cuba Has a Strong and Organized Civil Society

Cuba has a strong and organized civil society, with a presence in all spheres of the country, assured Fermín Quiñones Sánchez, president of the Cuban United Nations Association (ACNU). Continue reading

Cuba’s Sustainable Development and Support of Caribbean Nations Praised

Cuba's ability to promote sustainable development was recently recognized by the UN's Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC.

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Cuba Fosters Revolutionary Unity vs. Neoliberal Offensive

Cuba is promoting actions to foster the greatest possible unity of the Latin American and Caribbean revolutionaries facing the new neoliberal offensive led by the United States and its allies, a senior leader of the Caribbean nation said here today. Continue reading

José Martí Lives On

He was not seeking death, as some have erroneously contended, although José Martí was well aware of the very real possibility in wartime. It was logical that he should comment in his correspondence from the field to his Mexican friend Manuel Mercado: "I can write now… I am in danger of giving my life for the country every day."

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Meteoro Drill 2017: Strengthening Preparedness

Photo: CubadebateStrengthening the country's ability to confront dangerous earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and health issues is the basic objective of this year's "Meteoro 2017" preparedness exercise, scheduled May 20-21.

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Cuba Will Always Support Palestine, Says Cuban Five

Photo: Cubadebate"What is happening in Palestine today is a shame for humanity," said Cuban anti-terrorist Rene Gonzalez in assuring that his country will never betray those who have always being its friends, and Arab peoples especially.

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Reconstruction of the bridge over the River Toa begins

Work is being carried out by Venezuela’s Simón Bolívar International Civic-Military Rescue and Humanitarian Aid Brigade. Continue reading

Nature Tourism Captures Interest at FITCuba 2017

Nature and adventure travels are priority issues today in the debates of the 37th International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2017, that is held in this eastern Cuban city. Continue reading

May Day: Cuba rejects attacks on Venezuelan Revolution

On his May Day speech, Ulises Gilarte, secretary-general of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) expressed Cuba´s unfaltering support of the Venezuelan Revolution, led by President Nicolas Maduro. Continue reading

Raul Castro Presides Over May Day Parade in Havana

Photo: Prensa LatinaCuban President Raul Castro is presiding over the main event on Workers' International Day at Havana's Revolution Square, where a mass parade in defense of socialism is taking place.

Syria Pays Tribute to Working Class on International Workers' Day

May Day in Holguin, More Committed than Ever (+Photos)

A Date with the Homeland

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A Date with the Homeland

Cuban workers and the entire people are coming out to celebrate the proletariat's international day and our many conquests, committed to continue constructing a more just society for all.

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Cuba Reading for Tourism Fair FITCuba 2017

Photo: Juan Pablo Carreras The May 37th International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2017, will reportedly host the world's most important travel agencies and tour operators.

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Cuba Seeks to Boost Cruise Tourism with Bigger Ships

Cuba's tourism industry, now the country's most dynamic economic sector, is looking to boost visitor numbers by attracting larger cruise ships.

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Raul Castro at Political-Cultural Gala for Cuban Childen and Youths

Cuban President, Raul Castro Ruz, attened a political-cultural gala held in Havana last night on the occasion of the 55th and 56th respective anniversaries of the Young Communist League (UJC) and Jose Marti Pioneer Organization (OPJM). Continue reading

Cuban Youth, the Continuity of Cuban Revolution

The Cuban youth is today, a continuity and non-relay, is a guarantee of the present and future of the Revolution, said the secretary general of the Young Communist League (UJC), Susely Morfa, on occasion of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the... Continue reading

Cuba Hosts Petrogas 2017 Congress

Experts of Cuba, France, México Canadá,Venezuela and other nations will session in Havana as of next Monday, informed here one of the organizers. Continue reading