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August 2017
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In Photos: Summer 2017 in Matanzas

Summer 2017 has brought several options for the matanceros to enjoy it. Here there are some images that show it. Continue reading

Cuban President Raul Castro Sends Message of Condolences for Terrorist Attacks in Barcelona

The Cuban Embassy in Spain reported that president Raul Castro sent a message of condolences to King Philippe VI as well as to the relatives of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona. Such attacks left a total of 13 deaths and dozens ... Continue reading

Restaurant Brisas del Mar reestablished in Matanzas city

The restaurant Brisas del Mar, popularly known as El Ranchón del Tenis, was reestablished to offer the people a generic menu where Creole food stands out.

Reinauguran restaurante Brisas del Mar en la ciudad de Matanzas
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Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister to Visit Cuba

Mexican Foreign Affairs Minister Luis Videgaray will make a working visit to Cuba on August 17 and 18. Continue reading

A Goodbye Forever to an Outstanding Journalist

A floral offering on behalf of the President of the Councils of State and of Ministers Raul Castro Ruz presides in the Press House in Vedado, a posthumous tribute to Antonio Molto, President of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, UPEC, who died th... Continue reading

Fidel Castro: One more matancero (+Photos)

These pictures show moments of the Commander in Chief Fidel during his tours around health centers in Colón and Matanzas, around places of remarkable economic impact for the territory and the country as well as some of his visits to commemorate patriotic dates together with the matanceros.

Fidel Castro: Como un matancero más (+ Fotos)
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Varadero guarantees specialized health services to all visitors

The famous Varadero tourist resort in the Cuban western province of Matanzas has upgraded its international healthcare center now offering specialized medical services. Continue reading

Cuba Guarantees Diplomatic Security with Severity and Seriousness

The Foreign Ministry (MINREX) of the Republic of Cuba has reaffirmed today its pledge to guarantee with severity and seriousness the security for diplomatic corps accredited on the Caribbean island. Continue reading

Cuba’s President greets Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly

Cuba's President Raul Castro has congratulated Venezuelans on behalf of the Cuban people for the victory in electing and establishing a National Constituent Assembly. Continue reading

Girón’s breakwater (+ Photos)

In his book En marcha con Fidel, Antonio Núñez Jiménez describes Playa Girón's beauty like a shell open to the blue Caribbean Sea and he also refers to the coral reef that breaks the waves in a white sea  foam.

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Hotel infrastructure in Matanzas city

In order to turn a metropolis into a tourist destination it is important to have the adequate places for the travelers to stay. Continue reading

Cuban Authorities Look to Consolidate Private Sector

The second in charge of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development of Cuba, Yovana Vega, highlighted today ther need to consolidate the self-employment or private sector. Continue reading

Latin America 400m Hurdlers for Semi-Finals

Six Latin American and Caribbean 400m hurdlers have qualified today for semi-finals, at the IAAF World Championships in London. Continue reading

New Medical Services Benefit the Population in Cardenas

The reopening of the Family Doctors Office number 13 in the Boca de Camarioca Popular Council and a dentist clinic in Varadero are new medical facilities that benefit the population of the city. Continue reading

Cuban Vice-President to Inauguration of Iranian President

Ulises Rosales Del Toro, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, heads the Cuban delegation attending on August 5 the inauguration of His Excellency Doctor Hassan Rouhani, re-elected president of Iran on May 19. Continue reading

Cuban baseball takes off

Tomorrow August 5, Cuba's classic Baseball National Series kicks off without many organizational changes, as was reported in a league mini-conference prior to opening day Continue reading

Once more El Mirón Cubano surprises the Athens of Cuba

Singularity is an intrinsic part of the artistic repertory of El Mirón Cubano. This renowned troupe surprised again this Wednesday all those who walked by the old sidewalks of the Athens of Cuba.

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Monserrate’s Hermitage: Cradle of traditions in Matanzas (+ Photos and Video)

Monserrate's Hermitage, a cradle of traditions which is almost 142 years old, stands straight like a cultural multifaceted center that offers a wide range of services to the community. Continue reading

Summer +Beach: Total fun (+ Photos)

The summer is in its climax. The sun and the intense heat invite all to swim at the beach, playing in the sand or tasting any sweet. Matanzas is a city surrounded by seas and rivers. That's why there is nothing better than going to these spaces ... Continue reading

In Matanzas: Winner of David Prize 2017

The matancero Raúl Piad Ríos was the winner of the 50th edition of the David literary contest in the science-fictional category, with the storybook Lo mejor es soñar (Dreaming is the best), according to the Union of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC,by its acronym in Spanish), the organization that patronized the contest.  

Raúl Piad Ríos, ganador del Premio David 2017
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US President Removes Scaramucci from His White House Post

US President Donald Trump removed Anthony Scaramucci from his post as communications director to the White House, only 10 days after appointing him for that post, local media oputlets reported. Continue reading

USA Announces Sanctions against Maduro after Constituent Elections

The United States announced today economic sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, after the threats against the South American country to avoid the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) elections, held yesterday. Continue reading

More Than Eight Million Venezuelans Cast their Votes

The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced today that about 8,089,320 Venezuelans voted in the elections to elect the members of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC). Continue reading

In Matanzas: Revitalization of the productive scientific area

The provincial delegation of the CITMA in Matanzas promotes the revitalization of the productive scientific area as a way to procure a better use of science and to integrate the efforts of research centers and companies in pursuit of the socioeconomic development of the territory. 

En Matanzas: Promueven revitalización del polo científico productivo
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Ciénaga de Zapata: The Guajaca’s kingdom

Like hanging gardens supported by branches, like curtains that dance with the wind. That's the way   Guajaca is, in Ciénaga de Zapata. It's the favorite girlfriend of trees and the breeze. It's a plant that grows on bushes, but it only uses them as a support, it is not a parasite.

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New plant of pro-biotic yogurt projected in Matanzas

The Company that produces and commercializes Biopharmaceutical Products in Matanzas, LABIOFAM, projects the construction of a new pro-biotic- yogurt plant to increase capabilities in production. Continue reading