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March 2017
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We Always Had the Conviction of Our Return, Says Cuban Antiterrorist

Cuban antiterrorist Ramon Labañino pointed out that he had always believed in the time for their return and happiness, because he never lost the c... Continue reading

Cuban Solidarity with Africa Highlighted

Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Congo, Maj. Gen. Guy Blanchand Okoi, extolled today Cuba''s gestures of solidarity with the African peoples.

After paying tribute to Cuban heroes, Lieut.Gen. Antonio Maceo and his assistant Capt. Panchito Gomez Toro, at a Mausoleum in Cacahual, in southwestern Havana, the visitor termed excellent the relations with Cuba.

"I'm thinking about all those who lost their lives while accomplishing internationalist missions, specially in the African continent," said Blanchard Okoi.

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Cubans Pay Tribute to Dominican Hero Maximo Gomez

The 178th birthday anniversary of General Maximo Gomez, a hero of Cuban independence struggle, was remembered in this capital today, when a wreath was la... Continue reading

Religious People Favor US-Cuba Dialogue

The chairman of the World Service of Churches, Reverend John McCullough, favored promoting actions to promote "sincere and transparent" dialogue between Cuba and the United States.

At a press conference in Havana on Tuesday, along with his companions, Reverend Gradye Parsons, of the US Presbyterian Church, and Rabi Howard Sunny Shnitzer, McCullog noted the need to achieve speed and progress in the dialogue between the two countries to search after the normalization of relations. He assured that efforts to achieve that goal will continue.

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Cuba Strengthens Business Opportunities Promotion

With today''s presentation of opportunities of the Medical Services Trading Company, the industrial sector and other managerial forums, Cuba is strengthening the promotion of business potentialities at the 32th Havana International Trade Fair (FIHAV).

Since that trade fair opened on Sunday, November 2, offers by national companies have not ceased to attract foreign investment, now in a new legal framework with facilities and benefits to establish and promote mixed businesses or totally foreign capital in priority sectors for the country's economic development.

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Cuba and Uruguay Seek to Expand Economic and Trade Links

Cuba and Uruguay are seeking to widen and deepen their economic and commercial relations, said Uruguayan Foreign Affairs Minister Luis Almagro and Cuban ... Continue reading

Cuba, United Kingdom to Relaunch Bilateral Relations

The vice-president of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, Ricardo Cabrisas; and the Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom, Hugo Swire, expressed here today their interest in reviving the bilateral relations.

In a meeting held in the Palace of the Revolution, both senior representatives stressed they are working to develop the potential of the existing cooperation.

The Cuban representative stated that Swire's official visit comes at an opportune time, as the island develops the projection of its economic development for the period 2016-2030, and gives priority to its plans until 2020.

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Cuban President Bid Farewell Medical Brigade against Ebola

Cuban President Raul Castro bid farewell to a medical brigade that will fight the Ebola epidemic in Africa, mainly in western countries of that continent... Continue reading

Director General of OPCW in Cuba

Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ahmet Üzümcü, is attending today a regional meeting about the medical aspects of the assistance and protection against chemical weapons.

According to sources from the Foreign Ministry of Cuba, the OPCW chief is attending a Regional Course on medical Aspects of the Assistance and Protection against Chemical Weapons for Latin American and Caribbean countries, on October 20-23.

The sources said that Uzumcu's presence comnsolidates relations and cooperation between Cuba and the OPCW.

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Cuban President Closes ALBA Extraordinary Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro closed the Extraordinary Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance - Trade Treaty of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP) Monday at ... Continue reading

Infectious Diseases in Americas, Topic at Conference in Havana

With a keynote speech "Situation of infectious diseases in the Americas: progresses and challenges," the second and penultimate day of the Eighth Cuban Congress on Microbiology and Parasitology begins today.

The lecture will be offered by delegates from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) in Washington.

Myths, dreams and realities regarding vaccines to fight the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), by U.S. researcher Jose Esparza, is another subject to be discussed today.

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Role of History in Cuban Heritage Preservation Emphasized

Academicians, researchers and specialists today highlighted the role of history in the preservation of Cuban heritage, during the Scientific Workshop held here to celebrate the 321st anniversary of this city.

About 35 papers on the teaching of history, personalities, institutions and social movements were analyzed in three working committees, who met in San Severino Castle, home of the Slave Route Museum.

The forum, organized by the Municipal Assembly of People's Power (mayor's office) and the National Union of Historians, included the discussion pannel Matanzas, towards the 325 anniversary: experiences and challenges.

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Panvet 2014: Event to Favor Academic, Commercial Links

 Panvet 2014 represents an important platform to create and reinforce academic and commercial links, stated today to Prensa Latina Ernesto Gonz&aacu... Continue reading

Cuban People Demand Return of Cuban Five

Cuban victims of State Terrorism, organized and funded by the United States, today demanded an end to the policy against Cuba and the release of the thre... Continue reading

Indonesian Ambassador Condemns U.S Blockade on Cuba

The Indonesian ambassador to Cuba, Teiseran F. Cornelis, condemned here the extraterritorial nature of the United States economic blockade against Cuba and said it is an obstacle to market expansion to distant countries.

Cornelis reiterated his country's condemnation to the blockade and their adherence to the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations expressing global rejection to this measure that have been approved almost unanimously for 22 years.

Cornelis expressed Indonesian entrepreneurs' interest on increasing their ties in Latin American countries, whose economies are growing and its population represents a large market.

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U.S. Blockade Hinders IT Development in Cuba

The U.S. blockade prevents the development of the Cuban IT firm of Information Technology and Advanced Telematic Services (Citmatel), which operates toda... Continue reading

Cuban President Sees Off Medical Teams Leaving to Fight Against Ebola

Cuba's President Raul Castro Ruz bid farewell last night to 165 health professionals headed for Sierra Leone as part of the global fight against Ebola, the Granma newspaper reported today.

At the stairway to the plane, General Raul Castro clasped the hands of each of the members of the Cuban medical team as they left to perform their sworn duty to save lives, said the report which appeared in today's edition of the paper.

The group includes 64 doctors and 102 nurses with more than 15 years of experience. The Ebola virus has killed thousands in western Africa, the paper pointed out.

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Matanzas’ apiarists set the pace

Apicultores de Matanzas a la vanguardia
Matanzas' apiarists, leaders in the national production of honey for eight consecutive years, intend to collect one thousand 250 tons of the ruble this year, more than what they have reached in the last 25 years, according to Granma newspaper.

A total of 842 tons of honey, 18 thousand 326 kilograms of wax and 402 kilograms of propóleo had been collected at the end of August , more than at the same period last year, when they delivered  one thousand 185 tons, according to Lorenzo Jesús Falcón Sotolongo, director of Matanzas' Base Entrepreneurial Unit .

Otros Autores

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Prensa Latina Chairman Receives Angola”s Information Senior Official

The president of the Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina, Luis Enrique Gonzalez, received here today the Information Chief of the International Press Center of Angola, Antonio Rufino Neto, who is on a working visit to Cuba.

Rufino Neto and Gonzalez discussed the excellent state of relations between Prensa Latina, the International Press Center of Angola 'Anibal de Melo' and the Angolan Press Agency (ANGOP).

Rufino Neto highlighted in particular the links between his agency and Prensa Latina's correspondent in Angola.

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Cuban President Raul Castro Presides Over July 26th Celebration

 Predident Raúl Castro presided over today the ceremony for the Day of National Rebellion, in Artemisa, southwest from this capital. ... Continue reading

Cuban Vicepresident Ramiro Valdes Main Speaker on 26 of July

Cuban Vicepresident Ramiro Valdes will pronounce the central speech for the activity to commemorate the 61st anniversary of the Rebeliousness Day in the ... Continue reading

Cuban Legislators Discuss Deficiencies in Important Sectors

The results of the efforts to control and supervise deficiencies in the national economy, and the effects of the ongoing updating are the focus of discussions today at the Cuban Parliament''s committee sessions.

In the first case, legislators are examining problems with the 2013-2014 sugarcane harvest, which though improved over the year, only achieved 5.3 percent of the 17.5 percent planned increase, due to low industrial performance and organizational shortages.

Another relevant issue is the review of capacities available for processing fruits and vegetables for the food industry.

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U.S. Must End Blockade on Cuba, Kazakh Deputy FM Says

The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S against Cuba for more than 50 years must stop, Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Yerzhan ... Continue reading

Cuba Decorates Veterans of October Missile Crisis

Cuba''s ambassador to Russia, Emilio Losada, decorated today some 14 former Soviet internationalist combatants who demonstrated their solidarity in the difficult moments of the October Missile Crisis in 1962, through the strategic "Operation Anadir."

On behalf of Cuban President Raul Castro, the group of veterans from Moscow and the homonymous region were awarded with the First Degree Internationalist Combatant medal, a tribute to internationalism, humanism, courage, friendship, and brotherhood among the two peoples.

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Adaptation to climatic change will bring about experts’ debate in Matanzas

The capability of adaptation to the climatic change will be a theme to be tackled today by experts from about twenty countries, during the 10th Internati... Continue reading