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May 2018
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Trump Calls off Meeting with North Korea’s Kim

News comes just hours after North Korea dismantled a nuclear test site. U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday called off his planned June 12 summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a letter released by the White House.


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Trump Persists in Building Controversial Border Wall

US President Donald Trump today made the existence of a new US law about immigration conditional on a real wall on the border with Mexico. Continue reading

Congress of the University Students’ Federation in Matanzas

The assembly of the 9th    Congress of the Federation of University Students (FEU, according to its acronym in Spanish), will take place form May 24 to 26 at the University of Matanzas and at the Medical School of this province.

Desde hoy congreso estudiantil en Matanzas
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From Portugal to Cuba, Solidarity Hug of Danish Rowers

Four Danish rowers brought a message of peace, solidarity and unity among people after a 74-day journey from Portugal to Cuba. Continue reading

Terrorist Posada Carrilles dies without paying his debts to justice

The most infamous terrorist in the Western Hemisphere, Luis Posada Carriles, died on May 23 in Miami, without paying his debts to justice or reparations to a single one of his victims. Continue reading

Cuban President Recognizes Art as a Means to Forge Respect (+Photos)

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted the power of art and culture to forge relationships of respect when exchanging with artists who participated in recent events in Peru and the United States.

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World Badminton Federation Awards Cuban Federation

The World Badminton Federation (WBF) recognized in its annual meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, the record of Cuban Miguel Diaz, founder of the national federation in 1979, today highlights Cuban digital website Jit . Continue reading

World Badminton Federation Awards Cuban Federation

The World Badminton Federation (WBF) recognized in its annual meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand, the record of Cuban Miguel Diaz, founder of the national federation in 1979, today highlights Cuban digital website Jit . Continue reading

USA and Mexico Support Cuba’s Investigation on Aviation Accident

Experts from the United States and Mexico support the investigations led by Cuba to clarify the causes of the plane crash that took place last Friday in this capital, the press reports today. Continue reading

Arrival of 2 Million Visitors Confirms Cuba as Travel Destination

Cuban authorities highlighted the confidence in this destination after the arrival of two million international visitors on May 18. Continue reading

Pizzeria El Louvre reopened in Matanzas

In less than two months the pizza restaurant El Louvre, in Matanzas, offers a totally renewed aspect after its reopening, to celebrate anniversary 325 of the city. Continue reading

Cuban minister of Economy and Planning pays official visit to Russia

The Vice-president of the Council of State and Ministers and minister of Economy and Planning, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, pays an official visit to the Federation of Russia. Continue reading

Cuban Experts Continue Investigations after Plane Crash

The investigations to clarify the causes of the plane crash occurred in this capital and the identification process of the victims continue today in charge of Cuban experts. Continue reading

Maduro Wins Elections in Venezuela with 67% of the Votes

With nearly 68 percent of the votes, well ahead of his political rivals, incumbent president Nicolas Maduro won a second six year presidential term in Venezuela''s Sunday elections. Continue reading

Exercise against Disasters Meteor 2018 Starts in Cuba

With the aim of avoiding severe damage to the economy and loss of human life due to disasters such as earthquakes, droughts and hurricanes of great intensity, the popular exercise Meteoro 2018 began in Cuba today. Continue reading

Cuba Woke Up in Mourning after Aviation Accident

Cuba meets today an official duel after the tragic plane crash occurred the day before in Havana, when a Boeing 737 leased by Cubana de Aviación fell ashore at the moment of takeoff.

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Raul Castro Expressed Condolences to Family of Victims of Air Accident

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Army General Raul Castro Ruz who is successfully recovering from recent surgery of a hernia which was programmed a while back is following the situation and has offered i... Continue reading

Cuban Foreign Minister Begins Tour of Europe

Cuba's Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, is beginning today a tour of Europe that will take him to several countries. Continue reading

Cuban President Checks Program for 500th Anniversary of Havana

President Miguel Diaz-Canel checked the program of actions to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Villa San Cristobal de La Habana, Granma newspaper published today. Continue reading

Faílde Orchestra: A success of Cuban art in the United States (+Photos and Video)

Eleven concerts in five days: That was the incredible presentation of Faílde's Orchestra in the festival Arts from Cuba last Sunday, in the United States.

Orquesta Faílde: Éxito indiscutible del arte cubano en EE.UU.
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New Surgical Method for Knee Problems applied in Matanzas

More than 110 Cuban patients suffering from a very disabling knee pathology present a better quality of life after being operated here by orthopedic Enrique Pancorbo with a method from China. Continue reading

African and Caribbean Diplomats Visit Matanzas

Representatives of the African and Caribbean Embassies to Cuba visited this city today as part of the activities for the 55 years of establishing May 25th as Africa Day by Unesco. Continue reading

Russian Painters Exhibit in Matanzas

Artworks by contemporary Russian painters who took the links between their nation and Cuba as inspiration make up the exhibition ''Sisters'' that the Esteban Chartrand Gallery is hosting in this western Cuban city. Continue reading

Declaration of Cuba Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Cuba expresses its profound rejection to the US government decision of withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or Nuclear Agreement with Iran and once again impose sanctions to that country. Continue reading

New products for cleanliness and household hygiene available in Matanzas (+ Photos)

The Company Demos, belonging to the entrepreneurial group GARDIS, diversifies its productions with a new line of products for cleanliness and household hygiene. Under the brands Desol and Sedem, these liquids certified by the CONAC and bailed by... Continue reading

Artes de Cuba Takes US Capital in Grand Festival

The festival ''Artes de Cuba: From the Island to the World'', which gathers about 400 artists from that nation, opens its doors today in the United States with a show featuring music figures. Continue reading