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Educative Sector Celebrates July 26 Commemoration

Morning and afternoon activities, as well as cleaning and maintenance works in educative centers, are some of the tasks of the sector in ocassion of the July 26 celebrations. Continue reading

Commercial Sector Steps up

A city is a language. The extraverbal aspect lies in the buildings, the streets or spaces in general. Pinar del Río speaks with its offers to eat, consume or recreate.

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Extreme Right-Wing Group Burns Alive Another Venezuelan Youth

A group of hooded Venezuelans linked to the extreme right-wing groups of opposition parties has burned alive and stabbed Giovanny Gonzalez, 24, in La Castellana sector, Chacao municipality, Miranda state, allegedly because he appeared to be a Chavez'' ... Continue reading

Health Care Shows Favorable Indicators

The infant mortality rate of 2 per 1,000 live births in the first semester of the year, stands out from the rest of the Public Health indicators in Pinar del Río.

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Cuba Hosts Seminar on Journalism and Tourism

The 12th International Seminar on Journalism and Tourism has began sessions today in this capital, in times that the leisure industry in the island is showing a strengthening and the media devotes more attention to its benefits. Continue reading

Víctor Mesa: “I Will Be Better than my Dad”

“I will be better than my dad”, that was the beginning of a dialogue with Victor Mesa, who is training these days at Capitan San Luis stadium of Pinar del Rio, along with the junior team that will participate in the World Baseball Championship of the category the upcoming September.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Stresses Relevance of Ties with Italy

Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, continues today his three-day official visit to Italy, during which he will meet with Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, and Pietro Grasso, President of the Senate. Continue reading

Cuban Customs: Zero Tolerance on Drugs

A larger volume of drugs were seized during the first five months of this year than the same period in 2016, despite the fact that methods of concealment have become more sophisticated in order to evade Cuba’s border controls, reported officials from the General Customs of the Republic (AGR), June 21.

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German Film Festival to Screen Awarded Movies in Cuba

The 23rd German Film Festival will screen six feature films awarded in that country from June 22-30 in Cuba, according to organizers of the event. Continue reading

Cristiano Ronaldo Due in Court on July 31 For Tax Evasion Case

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo has been called to appear in a Spanish court on July 31 to testify in a case in which he is accused of evading taxes, according to The Confidential newspaper. Continue reading

Pinar del Río to Host National Event for 26 of July Celebrations

The people of Pinar del Rio received with joy and pride the news to host the main event for the 64th anniversary of the attacks to Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes barracks, to be held the upcoming July 26th.

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Reservoirs of Pinar del Río Recover

After the latest rainfalls, the 24 reservoirs of Pinar del Río have increased their volumes to 70 million cubic meters and present a favourable situation by storing a total of 430.2 million cubic meters, which represent 55 % of their full capacity.

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The Rain Covers the City

The westernmost part of Cuba continues with the presence of the rain due to the wide low-pressure area located in the Yucatan peninsula and very close to Pinar del Río.

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Pinar del Río Outstanding in Blood Donations

With over 24 000 extractions in one year, Pinar del Rio was selected to hold the main event for the World Blood Donor Day celebrated this June 14 at the monument to Antonio Maceo located in Las Taironas community, a place of great historic significance... Continue reading

La Conchita: Past, Present, and Future

Among the company's best known and most sought-after products are fruit sauces, candies, and preserves, prepared at the state enterprise unit (UEB) La Conchita, located in the western province of Pinar del Río and designed to process more than 12,000 tons of fruit annually.

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Council of State Calls General Elections

In accordance with procedures established in the Constitution of the Republic and Law No. 72 from October 29,1992, the "Electoral Law," the Council of State convokes the Republic's electors to general elections to elect, respectively, delegates to Muni... Continue reading

Restoration Works for 150th Anniversary of the City Continue

The main authorities of the province and directors of the entities related to the restoration actions of the city, held a meeting to check the state of the works that should be ready for the celebration of the 150 anniversary of the foundation of Pinar... Continue reading

Cuba’s Domadores Looking to Create a Dynasty

For the fourth consecutive time, Cuban boxing has reached its goal of making the finals in the World Series of Boxing (WSB), just as the Tournament of the Americas is underway in Honduras, June 10-18, where they hope to qualify for the 19th World Champ... Continue reading

Protected Marine Reserves can Mitigate Climate Effects

Marine reserves highly protected can help mitigate the effects of climate change, said an international research published by a specialized magazine. Continue reading

Encounter of Generations

As part of the activities in the municipality of Viñales to mark the 40th anniversary of the creation of República de Chile community, the authorities of the Party and the Government prepared an encounter between youngsters of the territory and Commander of the Rebel Army Julio Camacho Aguilera.

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Cruise Industry Committed to Cuba

Many experts define cruises as an exploratory form of tourism that, through short stays in each port, allows travelers to visit and learn about various destinations. Undoubtedly, it is a modality that at the very least is effective and solvent. Continue reading

Cuba to Attend Grand Prix in Cancun with Eight Athletes

Cuba will attend the Grand Prix of Judo in Cancun, Mexico with 8 fighters, in a competition that has confirmed the presence of 190 athletes from 39 nations up to now, and giving points for the world ranking. Continue reading

Ranchón Cabañas Complex: an Attractive Option

The Ranchón Cabañas complex, located in Santa Lucia village, is one of the most attractive places of Minas de Matahambre municipality, with services of lodging, pool, game area and restaurant, apart from a special view for those who love the sea.

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Raúl Paz: Culture Leads Us to Win a Thousand Battles

Cuba is a small country, but its culture makes us different and leads us to win a thousand battles, that along with the intelligence and originality of its people, said singer and songwriter Raúl Paz.

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ZED Mariel Envisioning a Greater Role in Cuban Economy

The Special Development Zone (ZED) Mariel in Cuba, with barely three and a half years of existence, is now the focus of the regional and international market, says its director general, Ana Teresa Izarga. Continue reading

Our Planet Celebrates World Environment Day

To remember the importance of preserving the environment for human development is the objective of this day, which is celebrated throughout the world with actions aimed to make the international community more sensitive to this matter. Continue reading