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July 2016
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María Elena Lazo, Lady of the Local Song

Maria Elena Lazo is one of the most renowned singers of Pinar del Rio with a career that surpasses three decades. Her charisma and peculiar voice have one of the most influential artists of Vueltabajo. Continue reading

Council of State announces newly appointed ministers of Economy and Planning and Higher Education

At the proposal of the President, the Council of State agreed to relieve compañero Marino Murillo Jorge of his responsibilities as Minister of Economy and Planning and appoint in his place Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a vice president of the Council of Ministers.

This decision reflects the need for compañero Marino Murillo, in his capacity as vice president of the government and head of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development, to focus his efforts on tasks related to the updating of the Cuban economic and social model, adopted by the 6th and the 7th Party Congresses.

Compañero Ricardo Cabrisas has extensive experience and preparation, demonstrated in the exercise of responsibilities in the government and the fulfillment of important missions, including the recent successful supervision of Cuba's external debt restructuring process.

Upon this move, the work undertaken by compañero Murillo in fulfilling the duties of the office of Minister of Economy and Planning are recognized.

At the same time, the Council of State, at the proposal of its President, decided to relieve compañero Rodolfo A. Alarcón Ortiz of his responsibilities as Minister of Higher Education and appoint compañero José R. Saborido Loidi, current first vice minister of Higher Education in his place.

Compañero Saborido is a Doctor of Technical Sciences and tenured professor and has worked from the grassroots up in posts related to teaching including as an instructor, professor, dean, vice-rector and rector, until his appointment four years ago in his current responsibility.

Equally recognized is the commendable career of compañero Alarcón in the field of higher education for over 50 years, including his efforts as minister since 2012 and in the posts of deputy minister and first deputy minister over a period of more than two decades.

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This kind summer that gives more heat than ever, might be good for the Europeans that search for a tan skin in Varadero, but in Pinar del Rio, what we need is to refresh ourselves, both body and mind. Continue reading

Cuban Parliament Examines Progress in Computerization of Society

The legislators of the Attention to Services Commission of the Cuban Parliament are discussing today the progress in the process of computerization of society and its relationship with the provision of services to the population. Continue reading

Pinar del Río with more Renewable Energy

After the completion of its first stage in late June, the second photovoltaic park of Pinar del Rio will generate 3 megawatts per hour (mw/h) every day contributing with more energy to the province from renewable sources. Continue reading

A Man of his People

Unforgettable moments those Fidel Castro Ruz shared with the people of Pinar del Rio during his visits to the province. Lucky are those who could see the soldier of the Homeland in his olive green uniform: a tall, tenacious, slender... Continue reading

President Maduro Meets Cuban Foreign Minister

President, Nicolas Maduro, met Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, who is concluding a two-day visit to the South American nation today. Continue reading

Two Men, Same Ideals

fidel chavez fpt2Nobody could forget his beautiful smile and the confidence in the people. Hugo Chávez Frías was an example of a leader, respected, admired and always loyal.
He despised war, violence and meddling. For him, peaceful dialogue and the unity of all peoples were some of the solutions the world is facing.

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Fidel, an Oratory Leader

Being a public speaker is a little bit complicated. Not everyone has that gift or art. Continue reading

Genetic Clues Reveal How Giraffes Got Their Long Necks

giraffeFor the first time ever, scientists have sequenced the genome of the world's tallest land species, the giraffe. Surprisingly, this majestic creature required only a small handful of mutations to attain its remarkable physical stature and physiology—but these mutations packed an evolutionary punch.

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Life (+Photos)

Life, as we know it, has many sides, and one of them is almost imperceptible sometimes, so small that it seems not to exist. But at the same time it is so important as that other life that lies in everything at plain sight. Continue reading

New Measures to Gradually Increase Cuban’s Purchasing Power

In line with information published on April 22 and May 3 and continuation of measures to gradually increase Cubans' purchasing power, the following measures will be implemented beginning May 17, 2016: Continue reading

Day against Homophobia Celebrated in Cuba

A march carrying a big Cuban flag preceded by a conga went through the main arteries of the city of Matanzas as part of the activities for the 9th Cuban Day against the Homophobia and Transfobia. Continue reading

Canopy and Adventure Tourism in Cuba

The development of nature and adventure tourism in Cuba has in Canopy activity a very special attraction, above all through a new station inaugurated in the western province of Pinar del Rio. Continue reading

Subscribers to The New York Times Visit Guerrillero

For the ninth time since 2015 a group of subscribers to the American daily The New York Times visited Guerrillero on Tuesday afternoon. Continue reading

Raúl Reelected as First Party Secretary

congreso raulWith the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, and Army General Raúl Castro Ruz in attendance, the 7th Party Congress final session continues today, April 19, with 1,200 delegates and invitees participating.

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Cuba Sends Medical Personnel to Ecuador Following Earthquake

In the evening hours of Sunday, April 17, a brigade of the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Large-Scale Epidemics left for Ecuador, backed by a search and rescue team, to provide assistance to the s... Continue reading

The Development of the National Economy, along with the Struggle for Peace and Ideological Resolve, Constitute the Party’s Principal Missions

raul lectura informe pcc fpt1The development of the national economy, along with the struggle for peace and ideological resolve, constitute the principal missions of the Communist Party of Cuba, First Secretary Raúl Castro said, during the inaugural session of the 7th Party Congress.

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President of Cuba Expresses Condolences and Solidarity to Ecuador

President of Cuba, Raul Castro, sent a message of condolences to his Ecuadorian counterpart, Rafael Correa, after the earthquake that left at least 246 dead and 2,527 wounded in the South American country. Continue reading

Eight questions about the Party Congress

Q & A about the important event set to take place April 16-19 in Havana. Continue reading

A Glance to Rancho San Vicente Hotel (+Photos)

Rancho San Vicente Hotel is definitely an attractive option for visitors. The cozy environment, surrounded by nature, the comfort of the facility and the good service guarantee a pleasant stay to share with the family. Continue reading

Cuba among the Islands with Greatest Plant Diversity

Home to some 7,500 species, with a high degree of endemism, Cuba ranks fourth among the islands with the greatest plant diversity in the world, as such conservation efforts are of considerable regional and international importance. Continue reading

PInar del Rio Hosts National Event for Nursery Schools Anniversary

The national event for the 55th anniversary of nurseries is to take place Friday at 10 a.m at Praga movie theater of Pinar del Rio. Continue reading

Raúl Congratulates Central Army

President Raúl Castro sent a message to the Central Army yesterday, April 4, on the occasion of its 55th anniversary

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The Final Begins

pinar vs ciego fpt1Five years ago, in the so-called Golden Series, marking the 50th anniversary of Cuba's national baseball championship, Ciego de Ávila and Pinar del Río faced off in a veritable struggle for the title.

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