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November 2014
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Is the Traditional Metal Key Becoming Obsolete?

Since the Pharaohs, people have been using keys to lock things up. The metal key has proved remarkably resilient, but as electronic locking devices become ever-more popular, are the days of the humble key numbered? Continue reading

Cuban Worker with Medical Brigade in Guinea Dies from Malaria

The Cuban Health Ministry announced the death from Malaria, on October 26, of an economist with the island´s medical brigade that is fighting Ebola in Guinea.

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Cuban Delegation Reaffirms Commitment to Win in Veracruz-2014

The Cuban delegation reaffirmed today its commitment to victory for upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games Veracruz-2014, which aims to restore regional hegemony. Continue reading

UN Rejects Again US Blockade Against Cuba

The UN General Assembly today adopted almost unanimously, and for twenty-third consecutive year, a resolution demanding the end to the US blockade against Cuba, unilateral measures imposed by Washington since 1962. Continue reading

New Rum Brand Alabao Launched

Ever since last Wednesday the new rum Alabao, latest product of rum master Javier Sabat and created in the aging warehouse of El Valle factory, was released for sale. Continue reading

Fernando Gonzalez Visits Pinar del Rio

fernando escudo-porThe Coat of Arms of the province of Pinar del Rio (Escudo Pinareño in Spanish) an award that treasures will, dignity and the honor of a people, was granted to Fernando Gonzalez LLort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and who will be historically recognized as one of the Five patriots that sacrificed their youth in American jails to preserve the lives of Cuban and American citizens from State terrorism.

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Constant Rains in Pinar

When many people thought that October would end without rain, the westernmost part of the country receives the last showers of the season. Continue reading

Liberia, Guinea Conakry Thank Cuba for Help against Ebola

The governments of Liberia and Guinea Conakry thanked the medical help provided by Cuba in those West African countries in the midst of health crisis due to the Ebola epidemic. Continue reading

The Flags of Everyday (+Photos)

Present in every aspect of the daily life of the Cuban citizen, the flag that has accompanied the Homeland ever since the beginning of the struggles for independence, is waving today more impetuous than ever.We can see it in schools, institutions, even... Continue reading

Cuban President Closes ALBA Extraordinary Summit

Cuban President Raul Castro closed the Extraordinary Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance - Trade Treaty of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP) Monday at noon, after an action plan to face the propagation of the ebola virus, was definitely agreed. Continue reading

ALBA Summit to Face Ebola Begins Today

Heads of State and senior representatives of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) are meeting today here in a special summit, to coordinate actions to fight the Ebola epidemic and prevent its expansion. Continue reading

Jose Marti Brigade Marks 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago on October 20, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro created the Jose Marti Brigade (BJM in Spanish) of art instructors in order to contribute to the artistic training of students and to take culture to the deepest regions of the country. Continue reading

Cuban President Bestows Award on Naval Academy

Raul Estudios RevoluciónPresident Raúl Castro presided over in Havanal the military ceremony and political event on occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Granma Naval Academy, upon which he bestowed the Antonio Maceo Award, as reported by national television.

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CDR for a Stronger Organization

The political and strengthening process of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) started in Pinar del Rio with a training seminar for leaders of the organization in the province. Continue reading

Amateur Theater Festival Begins

The eighth edition of the provincial Festival of Amateur Theater Tragaluz (Skylight) began Thursday in the municipality of San Luis. The event will end with an award ceremony. Continue reading

New Identity Card to Be Implemented in Cuba

Cuba will implement, starting October 29, a new identity card for its citizens, as part of a process that will begin in Havana to reach the rest of the country gradually, the newspaper Granma reported. Continue reading

Heir to a Passion

casa de cultura pedro junco fpt1As homage to tobacco growing traditions in Pinar del Rio and especially to the Robaina family, the Arturo Regueiro Art Gallery will open on October 16 the collective exhibit Heredero de una Pasion (Heir to a Passion)by Nelson Dominguez and Javier Nuñez.

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Argeliers Leon Center to be Reopened

This October 15 will be reinaugurated in Pinar del Rio the Argeliers Leon Center, which is intended to rescue, treasure and promote all the things related to the music history of the province. Continue reading

Hugo and Liset to Continental Archery Event

The archers from Pinar del Rio Hugo Franco and Liset Amador complete the male and female teams that will represent the country in the Pan American Archery Tournament to be held in Rosario, Argentina from October 20-25. Continue reading

Evo Morales Is Reelected as President of Bolivia

President Evo Morales was reelected to rule Bolivia from 2015 to 2020, after easily defeating his four rivals on Sunday's general election, according to preliminary statistics released on Monday. Continue reading

Chess Simultaneous Match in Argentina in honor of Cuban Five

The Argentinean Committee for Freedom of the Five summoned to a simultaneous chess match to be played on October 25, to make Argentinean public aware of the need to liberate the three Cuban heroess still incarcerated in the United States. Continue reading

“To Restore is not Repainting”

Laercio Frade Gonzalez insists over and over again: "To restore is not to repaint". It is not putting the new over the old, neither is to replace one for the other". Continue reading

Observers Highlight Tranquility in Brazilian Elections

Observers of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) said peace and quiet have prevailed in general elections in Brazil. Continue reading

The Washington Post Extols Cuban Help to Fight Ebola in Africa

An article published on US newspaper The Washington Post highlighted the importance of Cuba's medical assistance to African countriers hit by the Ebola virus in the wake of arrival of 165 Cuban professionals to Freetown, Sierra Leone. Continue reading

Che’s Daughter Stresses Solidarity of Cuban Medical Missions

Cuban medical missions work all over the world under the premise that solidarity is not to give what is left over but to provide what others need, said Dr. Aleida Guevara March. Continue reading