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December 2016
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Trump: Frustration and Joy Don’t Change Reality

Grievances and exclamations of triumphs don’t really help us understand what is happening in the United States and what is the general feeling, which is complex, varied and contradictory, of its people and what the dynamics are behind its political system. Continue reading

Nicaragua: The Aftermath of the Election Day Abstention Protest

The second consecutive reelection of Daniel Ortega, this time with his wife Rosario Murillo as Vice President, occurred as had been foreseen by the official script. Continue reading

If Vietnam Advanced Why Can’t Cuba?

Thanks to the President of Vietnam’s recent visit, the Cuban media has shed some light on this country´s socio-economic achievements. However, very little is said about how they have managed to achieve this, going beyond just some generic references to the Doi Moi and their reforms process. Continue reading

A Saint for Cuba’s Hard Times

Religious faith accompanies many Cubans in their wish to resolve urgent problems. A never-ending stream of people come throughout the year to consecrate their faith to the saint who is considered the Patron of difficult and desperate situations.(17 pho... Continue reading

Vietnam, a Miracle for Cuba to Follow?

Cuban authorities have insisted on the Cuban people knowing the absolute minimum about the Vietnamese "perestroika", known as the Doi Moi, for one main reason: private property, a subject which has terrorized them. Continue reading

Havana Weather for November 17-23

The maximum temperatures will oscillate between 25 and 28° C (77 and 82 F), and the lows between 17 and 19° C (63 and 66 F). The sea surface temperature will be 27° C (81 F). Continue reading

Trudeau: Trump Won’t Affect Canada-Cuba Relationship

Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election in the United States will not change Canada's relations with Cuba, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday in Havana. Continue reading

Raul Castro Kicks Off Cuba’s Military Maneuvers

Cuban General/President Raul Castro ordered the beginning today of the "Bastion 2016" military exercises, which for three days will seek to increase "the level of preparedness at all levels." Continue reading

Cuba’s Police Should Be Looking After Us

Martin and Leo, two young artists from Havana were walking peacefully home at night after a long day of working, studying and rehearsing when a policeman called them over on the corner of 23rd and G Streets and rudely asked them for their IDs... Continue reading

The Initials of the Earth and Me

I grew up with the insistent recommendation of reading "The Initials of the Earth", a fundamental text in understanding the Cuban Revolution’s early years. Today, at last, I was able to finish reading it. This excellent book captivated me so much that I decided to write this article. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau Begins His Cuba Visit

Cuban President Raul Castro welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his first official visit to the island, which seeks to strengthen economic and trade relations. Canada is the leading source country of tourists to the island, representing ... Continue reading

Cuba Pardons 787 Prisoners at Pope’s Request

The Cuban government announced today the pardoning of 787 prisoners in response to the international call of Pope Francis for the Holy Year of Mercy. Continue reading

Nicaragua: Halleslevens to head the National Assembly

Omar Halleslevens, former head of the Nicaraguan Army and the country’s current Vice President, will assume his constitutionally allotted deputy’s seat in the National Assembly in January and reportedly take on the role of presiding over the legislature. Continue reading

Castro Likes Rock and his Home Country

Athanay Castro, the well-known Cuban singer-songwriter, who was based in Spain for many years, known as the white rapper, is returning to his country to continue his musical project. Continue reading

Firings and a Lack of Solidarity among Cubans

After learning about the shocking news that professor Julio Antonio Fernandez Estrada, one of Cuba’s most talented and passionate young left-wing academics, had been laid off, I became very restless. Continue reading

Menopause: a Bearable ill?

When I used to work in TV, I heard a colleague say: now that I’ve reached 50, my whole world has turned upside down. I have hot flashes in the early morning, a dry mouth and vagina, and I haven’t had a period in about a year... Continue reading

Canada’s Leonard Cohen, the Last Tourist in Havana, 1961

Pierre Trudeau’s Havana visits are legendary, and Justin Trudeau is on his way there. Another famous son of Montreal made a trip in March 1961. Leonard Cohen visited Havana at a most unusual time. Continue reading

Donald Trump Has His Fans in Havana

The New York magnate’s unexpected presidential win had an unusual precedent in the Cuban capital when, on October 21st, a dozen people gathered together at the crowded La Normal Park located on Calzada de Infanta, on the corner of Manglar Street, carrying their handmade posters announcing the Trump-Pence candidacy. Continue reading

Why Should We Conform?

Everybody knows that death sustains life and that life sustains death. Maybe it´s because of this undeniable fact that a group of friends gathered together to remember the poet Juan Carlos Flores on the day that he would have turned 54. We had an extraordinary experience. Continue reading

What’s Going On with Havana’s Self-Employed?

Niuris Higueras, the owner of Atelier restaurant, was notified a week beforehand. She had to go to a People’s Power meeting in the Revolution Square municipality. Many of the contradictions that have now come to light stem from the private sector’s own development. The question now is how far the government is willing to let this sector grow. Continue reading

Cuba Photo Contest Winners for 2016

The 8th Havana Times Cuba Photo Contest has finally come to a conclusion after the very difficult selection work carried out by the 20-member jury living in 9 countries. Now we bring you the winners and special mentions in each of the six categories. Continue reading

Havana’s Trees: Excessive Pruning and Poor Maintenance

Havana has many old trees, some of them are in a wretched state, and new trees replacing the old can be seen. Celebrating Tree Day or getting together to sit down and talk about the environment isn’t an alternative, environmental damage is spreading across the city. (17 photos) Continue reading

The US Political System Is in Crisis

In the US, traditional politics and politicians are suffering a deep credibility crisis. The country to our North has put its democratic system on show to the world and has presented it as the best political system which other countries should follow. Continue reading

Coming Soon: 2016 Havana Film Festival

Film buffs are already counting down the days until the 38th edition of the Havana Film Festival, which takes place in the capital from December 8-18. Many Havana residents take their holidays on this date, so that they will have time to enjoy more fil... Continue reading

Martha Graham Dance Company in Cuba

One of the highlights of the recently concluded Havana Ballet Festival was the presentation of the Martha Graham Dance Company, which we witnessed at the Mella Theater. (25 photos) Continue reading