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February 2015
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Another American with a Drone Arrives in Cuba

All of a sudden my cheap-o remote control "drone" and I were shuffled over to the customs declaration desk where I was promptly told it would be confiscated. So much for the aerial shots of Parque Lenin, the Botanical Gardens and the Malecon at night I... Continue reading

The Last Act (video)

The sleeping character is tormented by successive nightmares that lead him to take a supposed “medicine” to alleviate his sorrow. A short video by Harold Rensoli. Continue reading

Cuba Broadcasting Still Dishing Out Paychecks

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting, or OCB, has signed more than 100 contracts worth nearly $1 million since the U.S. and Cuba on Dec. 17 announced they would begin renewing diplomatic ties. (See the full of List of contracts). Continue reading

Spanish Ballet at Havana’s Marti Theater

Since its re-opening in 2014, Havana’s Marti Theater has surprised us with artful and powerful performances. This time around, Cuba’s Spanish Ballet Company – a dance ensemble that will be celebrating 28 years of existence next April – was responsible for the performance we enjoyed.(29 photos) Continue reading

US Will Not Return Guantanamo to Cuba

The US government has no plans of returning the territory where the Guantanamo Naval Base is located back to Cuba, even if President Barack Obama manages to shut down the detention center there, as he promised, DPA reported. Continue reading

A Cuban Health Alert

Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health has reportedly presented medical doctors working in Brazil with an ultimatum, stating that, if their accompanying relatives do not return to the island before next Sunday, they will be expelled from their missions. Continue reading

Caracas Does Not Believe in Pictures

Caracas is not a pretty city. The only thing that keeps people from going completely mad is the Waraira Repano (or Mount Avila) that hugs almost the entire extent of the capital. A light rain is enough to flood the city’s streets and make them look like weeping virgins. (46 photos) Continue reading

Twelve Corners in Havana, Cuba

Yesterday afternoon walking along San Benigno Street in the Havana municipality of 10 de Octubre I noticed that on the first two corners of the block garbage was piled up on the street. At first I wasn’t surprised since such is commonplace in the Cuban capital and I continued on. (12 photos) Continue reading

The Package: Cuba’s New Film and Series Rental Option

It is already undeniable that innovation in Cuba’s private sector, coupled with the use of new technologies, has overtaken and left the audiovisual offer of the State sector behind. Continue reading

Bipartisan Push to Open Tourist Travel to Cuba for US Citizens

Eight powerful US senators announced Thursday a bipartisan project to end all restrictions on US citizens wanting to travel to Cuba. The bill, called the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Law was introduced in the Senate by the group led by Senators Patrick Le... Continue reading

Raul Castro Lays Out Conditions to USA

Cuban President Raul Castro addressed the III Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) on Wednesday in Costa Rica. He spoke on regional topics such as integration and social justice and concluded with an explanation of his government’s position in the negotiations begun with the United States. Here's his entire speech. Continue reading

Cuba’s UCI University Blocks Our Blog

Some years ago, I criticized the inconsistencies of Cuba’s information policy and a Cuban colleague of mine replied with a smile: “What information policy?” And it’s true: censorship seems to be devoid of all logic; as though it depended on what mood the official working that day woke up in. Continue reading

Cuba’s Two Communist Parties

The systematic and direct exchange with members of the Cuban Communist Party through base-level organizations that those of us who champion the SPD (Participative & Democratic Socialism) platform maintain has led a number of us to conclude that there are in fact two Parties in Cuba. Continue reading

Cuban Dissidents and Exiles Show Unity in Miami

Cuban dissidents and exiles met in Miami on Wednesday to begin forging a new united front, despite the absence of some of their most prominent figures. "There are many differences, but far from weakening us, they strengthen us in our struggle," said ac... Continue reading

Ibero-American Triathlon in Cuba

The Ibero-American Triathlon Championship concluded last Sunday in Havana, an event held for the first time in Cuba, and where the island obtained no medals. A total of 372 athletes competed from 29 nations. (12 photos) Continue reading

The Unmentioned Cause of Syria’s Civil War

It will have been four years since civil war broke out in Syria this March. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be the last year of conflict. Much has been written about the causes of the war, but there’s one fact analysts tend to overlook... Continue reading

Miguel Barnet: “Cuba’s Press Should Be Proud To Be Official”

Writer Miguel Barnet believes that the Cuban press should feel proud to be an official government medium. “Don’t worry when people say you work for an official government journal, feel proud and say: ‘I am holding the shield of the homeland.’ Continue reading

US Fugitives in Cuba: A Thorny Issue for the Diplomatic Thaw

Will Cuba hand over the dozens of fugitives from US justice who were allegedly taken in by the island? Will the US reciprocate by handing over Luis Posada and others? Continue reading

Fidel Castro and the United States

In recent weeks, social networks were once again filled up with comments about the life – or, better said, the death – of the world-famous leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro. We even talked about his possible death at home... Continue reading

Cuba Wants Big to Win the Caribbean Baseball Series

Though Cuba’s Villa Clara team had a poor showing at the Caribbean Series last year (the island took part for the first time after 50 years of absence from the tournament), Cuba expects its Pinar del Rio team to fare better at this year’s championship, set to take place in Puerto Rico from February 2 to 8. Continue reading

American Express Plans to Enter Cuba

The latest economic giant planning to enter the Cuban market is American Express which said it would begin operations in Cuba. No specifics as to dates, etc. were offered. Continue reading

Fidel Castro Back in the News

While President Raul Castro is off to attend a summit of CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) Fidel Castro is back in the news on the island having met on Tuesday in Havana with the Brazilian author and liberation theologist Frei Be... Continue reading

Cuban Dissidents Seek Unity in Miami

Cuban dissidents on the island and exiles in Miami took a step today to seek unity despite their diverse criteria on how to "build democracy." Continue reading

A Kid in France that Could Be Confused…

My whole family is worried about the recent terrorist attacks in France. Twenty years ago, my sister married a man of Gallic origin and lives in France with my three nephews (the twin sisters Yeica and Yennife and the younger of the three, Julian), wit... Continue reading

Cuba: Love Will Achieve What War Couldn’t

In a show of maturity, two leaders chose the good of the people. The people expressed their gratitude, repaying the gesture with wisdom and the will to work together for peace and mutual trust, for the benefit of the entire world. Continue reading