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September 2016
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Otaku Culture in Cuba, Entertainment or a Scam?

Last Sunday, one of the most popular Otaku meetings took place at a Cinema in the Boyeros municipality. Although the original definition of the word “otaku” in Japanese means a young person who doesn’t contribute anything to society, the meaning has been altered... Continue reading

Looks from Guantanamo, Cuba

While out on the streets in search for a picture of interest, photographers often suddenly perceive curious gazes that catch our attention and we capture the instant. These are the faces of some young Guantanamo residents taken during some of my wande... Continue reading

Obama Appoints Ambassador to Cuba, Confirmation Unlikely

Barack Obama appointed an ambassador to Cuba on Tuesday, in an effort to continue moving forward the new US policy with Cuba before he leaves office in less than four months. Continue reading

Peace in Colombia but Not in Cuba

Today, international conditions also favor the road to domestic peace in Cuba; however, the absence of a democratic system blocks this road. A clear dialogue and democratization process would be enough to tear down the framework that supports the US em... Continue reading

Cuba’s Frozen Revolution

I came to write this piece because I was fascinated reading the Lonely Planet's account of Cuban history. Wanting to share it, I summarized it. Yet I realized that something vital was missing from the Lonely Planet, namely a summing up of Cuba as it is... Continue reading

In the Presence of Greatness

I make no secret of, nor apologies for, my admiration of Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution. The ultimate victory of a handful of heroic rebels— many unarmed at first — over dictator Fulgencio Batista’s army, consisting of 37,000 troops, as well as tanks and Mig fighter jets, can be called nothing less than admirable. Continue reading

Fate Unknown of 20 Cubans Lost at Sea

The United States Coast Guard launched an operation by air and sea to try and locate possible survivors of a new Cuban tragedy, reported Continue reading

Overflowing Garbage in Havana, Whose Fault?

It’s been raining a lot recently and in addition to the benefits that rain brings us, it also brings unrelated-to-nature collateral damage to the City of Havana. Let me explain... Continue reading

Our Current Cuban Reality

What bothers me most is our passivity, that feeling of indifference which Cubans feel with regard to all of our leaders who live in luxury and don’t care too much about are problems. Continue reading

In Cuba, Education Is Free, but It Costs

My son has just started his pre-university course. In Cuba, school education is free, and it’s a very good thing that everybody has access to it, but it’s slowly becoming a hefty financial dilemma. Continue reading

The Journalism of Terror Regarding Cuba

Enemies of the Cuban Revolution, who have no other name other than “counter-revolutionaries”, don’t seem to stop their attack, which is what the Empire orders them to do. Continue reading

Cuba’s Search for Oil and Foreign Investment

In a press conference held in mid-September, executives from Cuba's national Oil company (CUPET) lowered public expectations which have arisen around estimates that the Australian company MEO made public about Cuba’s oil potential. Continue reading

Fidel Castro Hosts Chinese Prime Minister

Cuban President Raul Castro headed off to Cartagena, Colombia on Sunday to be present for today’s official signing of that country’s peace accords. Meanwhile, his chief adviser, Fidel Castro, 90, who no longer travels, received the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Kequiang at his home in Havana. Continue reading

The Companion: Not Just Friendship and Aids

The friendship between a boxer and a former soldier, within the context of the “Los Cocos” sanitarium, an institution where they kept every case of HIV and seropositives in confinement, in Cuba in the ‘80s is the setting for of film “El Acompañante” (The Companion). Continue reading

Havana Weather for September 22-28

For this 7-day forecast it will expect high humidity and overcast days by the late morning. The chance of rain will increase from the early afternoon, and there will be likely some thunderstorms. Continue reading

Is Venezuela Heading for a Coup?

Cuban government media and Telesur out of Venezuela are always alluding to a new kind of coup d’etat against the Left’s empowerment on the global political stage: “the soft coup”. They promote the time worn “conspiracy theory.” It’s repeated over and over again; its objective being to get it inside our heads so we accept it as a proven reality. Continue reading

Campaign Begins in Cuba for Imprisoned Spy Ana Belen Montes

This week the first public event was held in Havana to demand the release of Ana Belen Montes, a spy for Cuba who has already served 15 years in a United States' prison. Continue reading

Tragic Death of Cuban Pitcher Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez, the star pitcher for the Miami Marlins, died today in a boating accident in Miami Beach, confirmed his team. Fernandez, 24, came to the United States from Cuba when he was 14. Continue reading

Bill Sanctioning Nicaragua Passes in US House of Reps.

The US House of Representatives approved a bill known as the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act (NICA), promoted by Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. The bill requires the United States to oppose any loans to Nicaragua from internatio... Continue reading

China Takes Its Turn in Cuba

President Raul Castro met on Saturday in the Cuban capital with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Li’s presence is the third high-level visit during the week, preceded by the president of Iran and prime minister of Japan. Continue reading

My Memories of Havana’s Mella Theatre

Over the past 25 years, the Mella Theater in Havana has become my second home. Here, I have witnessed unique and once-in-a-lifetime moments in Cuban culture. Continue reading

Cuban Volleyball Players Can Appeal the Sentences Imposed on Them in Finland

Cuban sports authorities said this week that the five volleyball players who have been sent to prison by a court in Finland could appeal their sentences, and they've mentioned the crime that led to this case by its name for the first time. Continue reading

Fidel and Raul Castro Meet in Havana with Japan’s Shinzo Abe

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, met separately on Thursday with Cuban President Raul Castro and former president Fidel Castro on a visit to the island to revive bilateral ties. Continue reading

Cuba’s Culture Minister Criticizes US Attempt to Boost Private Sector

Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, lashed out this week against the policy drawn out by the United States to boost the private sector in Cuba. He considers their efforts to empower civil society nothing more than actions taken with the aim of dest... Continue reading

Cuba Hosts Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, arrived Thursday in Havana for a historic visit, the first ever by a Japanese premier to Cuba. The prime minister will meet later in the day with the General/President Raul Castro. Continue reading