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October 2017
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Excuses in US Foreign Policy

Nobody should be surprised about the fact that today, the current US president is using an excuse so as to take US-Cuba relations back to what they were during the Cold War. Continue reading

Cuba Offers Cheaper Nicotine for the Revolution and the Future

While some might say business is business, Repatrado sees a series contradiction in lucrative State owned tobacco companies lowering the price of cigarettes and promoting their consumption in Cuba, especially among the youth, and the costs to the natio... Continue reading

YouTube’s Maternal Side

An unusual pleasure which some of us all share in some way or another is that of knowing how somebody we like is, what they are doing, what they are up to in their day-to-day lives. But not a relative or a friend, someone we don’t even know. Continue reading

A Rapist on the Loose in Alamar, The Movie

Alamar is unsettled, news of a rapist running around on the loose through the neighborhood’s streets interrupts any conversation, outshining the increase in agro-market prices and livening up lines. There are so many different versions; sometimes, dates get mixed up, the number of victims varies, but the reality is that people are very stressed about this issue. Continue reading

Matanzas after Irma, a Three-Act Play

Elaine Diaz takes us to Matanzas province where she gathers the stories of a fisherman, a farmer and a survivor of Hurricane Irma. Continue reading

Castro, Ortega and Morales Celebrate Maduro’s Victory in Venezuela

The presidents of Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia, Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega and Evo Morales, celebrated today the "great victory" of the Venezuelan government in Sunday's regional elections, which granted the ruling party 17 governor’s seats against five of the opposition. Continue reading

Trump Pins Blame Directly on Cuba for Sick US Diplomats

US President Donald Trump said today for the first time that he believes the Cuban government is behind the mysterious acoustic attacks on US diplomats in Havana that led Washington to withdraw the majority of its personnel from the island. He did not ... Continue reading

Cuba-Saudi Arabia: The Threads of a Relationship of Convenience

The relationship between the Saudi monarchy and the Cuban regime continues to grow. Curiously, many pro-Cuban government detractors of US foreign policy on human rights often use Washington’s lucrative dealings with Saudi Arabia as a sign of hypocrisy. Continue reading

Cuba, the US and Trump’s policy

Even though many people claim that we aren’t important to the US, the truth is that we are much more important than we seem. It isn’t simple chauvinism, it’s the absolute truth. Continue reading

Venezuela: Opposition Doesn’t Recognize Voting Results

The Venezuelan opposition said today it does not recognize the results of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the regional elections held Sunday, which gave the ruling party a victory 17 governors against five for the opposition. Continue reading

Maduro Forces Win Major Victory in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government, under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro, won a surprise solid victory Sunday in the regional elections, winning 17 of 23 governors races, against five of the opposition and one still in dispute in the vote count, acc... Continue reading

Rugby & US Football in Cuba, Past and Present

Rugby, in its different forms, has been played in Cuba for many years, although it still continues to suffer a kind of curse because it doesn’t receive the institutional support it should. Continue reading

We Decide: “Trees Aren’t the Problem”

On October 10th, under the slogan “Trees aren’t the problem”, artists, environmentalists and lovers of life on the whole came together and participated in the performance piece “Human Connection for Forest Revitalization.” Continue reading

Venezuela Elects Governors on Sunday

Venezuelans will vote Sunday to elect 23 regional governors, amid the tension generated by President Nicolas Maduro's warning that winners who do not recognize his controversial Constituent Assembly will not be allowed to take office. Continue reading

What the “Nica Act” has Already Brought Us

Three sketches regarding the threat of economic sanctions, following a 72-hour visit to Washington D.C. Carlos Fernando Chamorro discusses the "Nica Act" and its prospects for passage in the United States Senate. Continue reading

Cubans Must Now Go to Colombia to Apply to Immigrate to the USA

As if it were a simple matter, US diplomatic sources said today that Cubans who want to immigrate to the United States, often under family reunification, will have to apply for a visa at that country's embassy in Colombia. Continue reading

Cuba Sonic Files: “Nails scratching the blackboard”

The AP news agency received from US authorities the audio of a screeching noise that supposedly had been recorded in Havana and sent "for analysis to the US Navy, which has sophisticated equipment to analyze acoustic signals, and to intelligence agenci... Continue reading

“Juan sin Nada”: Cuban Reality and Nothing Else

La singular historia de Juan sin Nada is an independent documentary made in Cuba. Directed by Ricardo Figueredo Oliva and produced by Diana Reyes Barrena, the movie has the audacity to openly and bravely question the raw reality of a Cuban who lives on... Continue reading

My Grandfather, My Mask, My Love

I love my grandfather, he went up into the Sierra Maestra Mountains because he wanted to change things and when he arrived unarmed, the rebels sent him to the plains to arm himself. He came down from the mountains and killed a soldier or rural guard, I’m not sure, and he went back up. Continue reading

Hurricanes: Eastern Cuba Getting Hit the Hardest of Late

People outside of the capital half-jokingly say that when a hurricane sweeps through Havana or the country’s western provinces, soap opera episodes are rebroadcast. In 2000 and 2004, hurricanes Michelle and Charly, respectively, cut the national energy system into two and TV viewers in Cuba’s Oriente, spent days thinking about the severe damage that both hurricanes caused for their compatriots further to the west. Now things have changed. Continue reading

The Target: Tourism in Cuba

Every time Cuba finds ways of financing, campaigns to destroy its sources of income begin. Now the target seems to be tourism, a fast moving locomotive that can bring growth to other economic sectors as well. Continue reading

Havana Weather for October 12-18

For this 7-day period, partial cloud cover is forecast starting in the late morning, which will increase in the afternoon, with the occurrence of rain and some isolated thunderstorms. Continue reading

Matagalpa, Nicaragua’s “Elder Mayor” Sadrach Zeledon

Every morning for weeks now, the speakers on the outside of the Matagalpa mayor’s office blast at nearly full volume, alternating songs of the Sandinista Front with Reggaeton music. Although his name is never mentioned in the repertoire, passers-by and neighbors know that the strident music celebrates the third consecutive candidacy of Sadrach Zeledon Rocha as Matagalpa’s mayor. Continue reading

Nicaragua Anti-Canal Leader Gets Protection

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) gave protection to Nicaraguan rural leader Francisca Ramirez, leader of the protests against the construction of the interoceanic canal, dpa news agency reports. Continue reading

Oops, error 404

An article published last week by the Cienfuegos newspaper 5 de Septiembre, where the thoughts of several journalists and members of the newspaper’s board about their working conditions were published, was taken down from this newspaper’s website just a few hours later. Continue reading

Racial Crisis Corrodes the Foundations of Cuban Society

The announcement made by the Cuban Attorney General about the most-talked-about case of Yanay Aguirre Calderon has resulted in shameful inactivity and official complicity with the growing racism that is taking over the country. Continue reading