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Esperanza Spalding and Richard Bona in Guanabacoa

The entrance was by invitation and the amphitheater was full. Most of the people went to see the students of the Guanabacoa music school. They almost never appear in public and relatives longed for that moment. Few knew that two world renown musicians,... Continue reading

Cuba Ready to Celebrate International Workers’ Day

For days now, the official Cuban media hasn’t stopped telling us how the country prepares to fill the streets on May 1st, International Workers’ Day. The most ironic thing is when we hear workers reciting short speeches that they’ve learned by heart in front of rolling TV cameras. Continue reading

Eleven Minutes of Horror: Stray Animals in Cuba

“Natural Selection” is a documentary which shows, in only eleven minutes and a succession of visual cuts, the current landscape for stray animals in Cuba. The director, Cynthia Cazanas Garin is a fourth year student who struggled to get the permits to make the film. Continue reading

“Nica Act” Reintroduced in US Senate

The draft of the Nica Bill [Nicaraguan Investments Conditionality Act], threatening to impose economic sanctions on Nicaragua in response to the authoritarian drift and corruption of Comandante Daniel Ortega’s regime, was revived this Wednesday for discussion in the US House and Senate. Continue reading

Where Will Cubans Look to Now?

A schizophrenic situation has been enduring in Cuba for decades: the State sells things to you, but it doesn’t pay you enough to be able to buy them. Likewise, the much criticized two-currency system is what keeps most Cuban state companies afloat. Continue reading

The Day Trump Won, Depression Hit Me

Ana isn’t her real name - it’s been changed to protect her identity. She lives in Donald Trump’s United States with her three children and her husband. All except her are U.S. citizens. Originally from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, her history in the U.S has been one of painful setbacks and disappointments. Continue reading

Yanahara Mauri’s Nudes

Cuban photographer Yanahara Mauri Villareal’s (1984) nudes, border on the grotesque a lot of the time; bodies are normally accompanied by objects which are far removed from the classical beauty that the eye traditionally sees in this art form. (19 photos) Continue reading

Havana in Orbit with Jazz

Havana is the host city for the activities this week which accompany celebrations for International Jazz Day which will be commemorated on April 30th 2017. Cuban pianist Alejandro Falcon with his group and students kicked off the event on Wednesday. (... Continue reading

Google’s Real Impact in Cuba Today

A news item from the AP news agency has reported that “Google's GGC nodes finally went active in the last 24 hours”, wrote on Thursday morning Doug Madory, analysis director at Dyn Research which is based in New Hampshire on twitter. Continue reading

Venezuela Says it Will Leave OAS

Venezuela announced Wednesday that it will leave the Organization of American States (OAS) after the latter approved a Meeting of Consultation of foreign ministers to deal with the situation in the Latin American country, thereby increasing external pressures on Nicolas Maduro’s Government. Continue reading

Havana Weather for April 27 – May 3

Hot days with little cloudiness, which will increase slightly in the afternoons. There will be weak winds from the south and southeast, with speeds between 6 and 12 mph. Humidity will remain low, especially during the first half of the term. Continue reading

Reoffending Cuban Volleyball Players

Less than a month ago, there was a commotion in international sports media outlets after a report was published about the five Cuban volleyball players who are locked up in Finland, complaining about their living conditions and the lack of communicatio... Continue reading

Coffee with Cuban Truth Serum

Old Panfilo has become the greatest reporter of modern Cuba, it isn’t by chance that the entire country comes to a standstill and sits in front of the TV every Monday evening to watch his comedy show. Even his censored programs pass around from hand to hand or on USBs and hard-drives. Continue reading

Proud to Live in a Medical Power Like Cuba

There’s no doubt that one of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution has been universal access (not free) to health care for every Cuban. I have felt pride in our medical power at times. That pride has deflated on several occasions when I have needed to use this power. Continue reading

A Manipulating Anachronism Relating to Cuba

There isn’t an idea more absurd than the one that stigmatizes neo-colonialism with wanting greater freedom and a market economy, as an example of falling under the US’ radar. There are dozens of countries which have a market economy and democracy and they aren’t subordinated to the US. Continue reading

The Load (documentary)

A striking, beautifully filmed observation of life aboard an old freight train: a microcosm where a group of men forced to spend a lot of time together amid a variety of unplanned circumstances. Continue reading

The Cuban Series “Street Stories” Circulates Underground

The pirated version of “Historias Callejeras” (Street stories), episodes 6 and 7 are now readily available for Cubans eager to see any material which offers an alternative to the boring official TV broadcasts. The show portrays a grim and violent reality on the Havana streets, the flip side of the Moon called Cuba. Continue reading

Silence as a Virtue in Cuba

There’s a knock at the door and I open it. My neighbor shows me a copy of Granma newspaper and there’s a flask of rum in his other hand. He walks in happily as if he were plotting something and asks me if I can switch on the fan. Continue reading

Undocumented Nicaraguans in the USA: Fear and Paranoia

Jazel is an undocumented Nicaraguan who has no home, or work, or money. For almost four months she’s been surviving however she can, wandering the streets of New York, in search of some way to subsist. She escaped a toxic relationship with a man who attacked her physically and psychologically. Continue reading

The New Havana Port Passenger Terminal

The two-story metallic structure known as the Emboque de Luz welcomes passengers for their trip to the other side of Havana Bay. The new building was built upon an old structure which dates back to the 18th century and became a Fire Station in 1942... ... Continue reading

Sharing Experiences with a US Photographer

I was amazed to meet a heterosexual man who didn’t feel uncomfortable at any moment while looking through my work, on the contrary, he gave his opinion the whole time and they were mostly positive on the whole. Continue reading

Planning as Practiced in Cuba

There are people here who, sitting behind a desk with the air conditioning on and a car parked outside the door, make plans on their own which, by the time they reach the people, have already been approved. Continue reading

Cuba in Fast & Furious 8

The 8th sequel of the blockbuster The Fast and the Furious is already in the homes of many Cubans thanks to great “know-how” which, relying on new technologies plus a great amount of cunning and other tricks, has allowed anyone who has a USB drive to see the movie in the comfort of their own homes while it makes its world premiere. Continue reading

OMNI-Zona Franca and Notes for a Text in the Making…

In order to accurately assess OMNI’s impact, you have to look at its different stages, learn about government institutions and their censorship, about misunderstandings, bureaucracy, the urgency for a necessary art - a trinity which includes society, poetry and needs. Continue reading

Venezuela Needs More than a Breather

"Every day that passes in Venezuela, that country sinks more in poverty, more political positions are polarized and its return to democracy becomes more difficult," comments the usually pro-Nicaraguan government newspaper El Nuevo Diario in an editoria... Continue reading

Hanging on to the Oil Tree: Maduro, Castro & Ortega

The Venezuelan government is almost exclusively dependent on the State oil company PDVSA to fund its budget. Likewise, the governments of Raul Castro in Cuba and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua rely on the company to fund their coffers. Continue reading