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December 2017
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The Global Left’s Romance with Cuba

After 60 years, the Cuban political project continues to be a paradigm for a group within the global Left. Let’s take a simplified look at the milestones in this ambivalent love story of those who admire Cuba, but haven’t moved here just yet, preferring to defend the Revolution from Boston or Paris. Continue reading

Raul Castro Won’t Leave Power in 2018

Raul Castro's strategy seems to be to delegate tasks, which were concentrated in one person up until now, including to the second in command of the state-party dichotomy, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Castro is 86 years old, Machado Ventura is 87. Continue reading

Cuban Artist Found at Havana Police Station

The whereabouts of Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero, reported as disappeared last night while on a long pilgrimage to the San Lazaro Sanctuary, is now known. Luis Manuel is being held without charges at the Aguilera police station in Lawton. Continue reading

Cuban Artist Luis Manuel Otero Disappears

At the beginning of his pilgrimage to the Rincon de San Lazaro sanctuary, Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero has been arrested (apparently) by the Cuban State Security, when he was at Carlos III and Belascoain streets in Centro Habana. Continue reading

Ecuador VP Gets 6-Years for Corruption

Ecuador's Vice President Jorge Glas was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison for receiving huge bribes from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. The court also sentenced eight other defendants to various sentences, including Glas's uncl... Continue reading

Venezuela: Christmas with Hyperinflation

This Christmas season most Venezuelans aren’t thinking much about sprucing up the home, buying gifts and special meals as they are preoccupied with how to put the bear basics on the table today and then tomorrow. Foto: Continue reading

With What Resources Will Cuba Face 2018?

If Raul Castro leaves day-to-day administration, he will only be looking for a “successful” way out of his greatest failure: the attempt to move the country towards a more efficient economic structure within an authoritarian regime. Continue reading

From Nicaragua: Ten Pearls that Should Not Come Out of Their Shell

Less than a hundred meters from my house there is an evangelical church in which the congregation sings with good rhythm and accompanies with palms: The word has power, has power, has power. They refer to the word of Jesus, but what is said applies to ... Continue reading

US Reinvents Attacks on its Diplomats Stationed in Cuba

he press in the US says that "bipartisan leaders of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lower House asked the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health to direct the investigation into the mysterious sonic attacks... Continue reading

Animal Rights Law Still Pending in Cuba

It will seem contradictory, but I was very happy to find a post on Facebook that denounced the abuse some lion cubs were subjected to at the Camaguey zoo. Of course I was sad for these animals and my city, but my happiness came from the long list of co... Continue reading

Havana Weather for December 14-20

This week the days will be cool, with isolated and scarce cloudiness. Early mornings will be slightly cold, with temperatures between 16 and 18° C (61 and 64 F) while during the day the maximum temperatures will oscillate between 24 and 27° C (75 and 81 F). Continue reading

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy in Cuba’s Political Landscape

We are witnessing many examples of an absence and cracks or flaws in democracy, with a great deal of disappointment. The belief that you are enjoying the greatest dose of democracy there is very commonplace in capitalist societies as you are absorbed i... Continue reading

We Visit Bayamo, Granma in Eastern Cuba

Bayamo was one of the first villages founded in Cuba by the Spanish. Nowadays Bayamo has a population of around 250,000 inhabitants. It is a quiet, clean city, with hospitable and friendly people. (26 photos) Continue reading

Gaddafi’s Nephew Nicaragua’s New Ambassador to Kuwait and Egypt

The government of Daniel Ortega named the controversial Mohamed Lashtar, a Nicaraguan citizen of Libyan origin and nephew of the former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, as the new ambassador of Nicaragua in both Kuwait and Egypt, reported Confidencial. Continue reading

Technical Problems at the Havana Film Festival

This 39th edition didn’t get off to a bad start until one of the most important screenings of the Festival had to be canceled at the Charles Chaplin movie theater just two days after the festival began, the screenings of one of the most important films in the festival from Cuba competing for the Coral award: Sergio y Serguei. Continue reading

Ileana the Painter: Art is the Path to Happiness

Ileana the Painter moves with the force of a torrent and irradiates the joy of a little girl. She confesses that she has always been “different” and challenging implacable society hasn’t been the greatest challenge in her life. She paints, she cooks, she lives with contagious and authentic freedom. With an unstoppable flair for improvising. (14 photos) Continue reading

Havana Advances with Public Works

Journalist Fernando Ravsberg reports there are currently numerous large-scale public works projects visible in different parts of the Cuban capital. "In the almost 3 decades that I have been living in Cuba I have never seen this amount of public works ... Continue reading

Violence, oh Violence

Like many women who are abused, Tamara felt she was to blame for what had happened: that she should have gone straight home after work, that she didn’t tell her partner she was going to go to the market, that she really did take a long time, that something else or another... Continue reading

Restaurant Tycoon Faces Sexual Abuse Allegations

One of the latest accused in the coming out by women sexually abused and harassed by powerful men is celebrity chef Mario Batali, reports Democracy Now on Tuesday. Batali stepped down from his TV and restaurant empire, in the face of numerous women acc... Continue reading

Venezuelan Pensioners Ordeal at the Banks

Sebastian and Aurelia are two elderly persons I met a few months ago. Sebastian is about 70 years old and Aurelia is almost 90. They don’t know each other personally, but aside from their advanced age, they have something else in common: they both receive a state pension. Continue reading

The Giant Puppet Tradition in Sutiava, Nicaragua

In Sutiava, a suburb of Leon, a family of “gigantona makers” have held on to the tradition of these giant puppets for decades, although in some periods of history it’s been menaced. Wilfredo Arostegui works with rigorous historical accuracy. He notes that to make the body of a gigantona, he consulted magazines and articles from the era. Continue reading

“Filming” at Havana’s Famous Coppelia Ice Cream Parlor (2)

The camera moves from the 50-year-old man’s face with the backpack and cap to faces of those who are also waiting with us for seats to empty in Coppelia’s covered area. Then, there is a long take of the area where you can see customers’ backs along the bar... Continue reading

Childhood Joy in Cuba Is at Risk

She moves her hips to the rhythm of the music. They sing along and clap. She laughs and shakes her body even more, making her miniskirt dance like a flower that moves about it the wind. The song ends and everyone shouts Bravo!, because “it’s funny” to see her dance like this, with her lips painted red and a bun up high on her head, just like the one her mother has. The exotic dancer is only three years old. Continue reading

El Salvador Judges Delay Ruling on Woman Jailed a Decade Already for Aborting

Teodora del Carmen Vásquez is an El Salvadoran woman who suffered a stillbirth in 2007, after the rapid onset of serious pain while she was at work, notes Amnesty International. Police arrested her as she lay in a pool of blood. She was later sentenced to 30 years for ‘aggravated homicide’ under El Salvador’s strict ban on abortions of any kind and has been in jail since 2008. Continue reading

Cuban “Salsa” in Europe

Over recent decades a number of talented Cuban dancers have made new homes in various European cities and, thanks to their efforts, along with those of a large number of dedicated European enthusiasts, a fertile Cuban dance scene has blossomed from Mad... Continue reading

Cuba Art: Untitled Goes for $7,000 Dollars

Cuban avant-garde art, and whatever resembles this, is experiencing a new moment of glory. Not only has artistic creation become more diverse, but production has multiplied thousand-fold, by the many thousands that collectors, and those who appear to b... Continue reading