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March 2017
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Cuba Among the Favorite Tourist Destinations of the Caribbean

When talking about the main attractions of the region Cuba is one of the best choices, alongside Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and Cancun (Mexico) Continue reading

Along the Rebel Path of the Second Front

Young Communist League members in Guantánamo covered the nearly 50 km-route from El Aguacate guerrilla Command headquarters to the mausoleum at the Eastern Second Front Continue reading

An Alliance for Cuban Fields

The first Young Communist League committee in a credit and service cooperative was officially established Continue reading

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The Telecommunications Company of Cuba announces new service terms. And, the long expected first step towards the expansion of internet at home, is among them Continue reading

25 Questions and Answers about the Cuban Political System

X Cuba is the application for the Android operating system, created by the youth and aimed at the youth, with the purpose of getting acquainted with the manner in which the people exercise power in the country. The application is available at Continue reading

A City Full of Trova Music

An intense academic program, as part of the Pepe Sánchez Trova Festival, will be developed through the different performances at the Casa de la Trova (Trova Center,) the Dolores concert hall, the Hermanos Saíz Association headquarters, the Universidad de Oriente, Céspedes Park and the Plaza de Marte

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On the Path of Rearrangement

About 447 contracts were signed between wholesale enterprises and non-agricultural cooperatives, as part of the policies approved by the Domestic Trade Ministry (MINCIN) for the rearrangement of this type of trade in the country Continue reading

Cuban Press Must Respond to Historical Claims

The call to the celebration of the 10th Congress of the Union of Cuban Journalists has been made from Santiago de Cuba, after 125 years of the foundation of the Patria newspaper and after paying honor to Martí and Fidel Continue reading

Caribbean Channel by Cuban TV

Today a new television signal will begin to be broadcasted, which will seek for the continue approaching of the Caribbean, a region that although it’s geographically near, is still unknown to us

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Diaz-Canel Recognizes Socio-Economic Contributions in Holguin

The First Vice-President of the Councils of State and Ministers is aware of the reconstructive of important squares and architectural spaces in Holguín city

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Young Blood Guiding the Path to Freedom

Cuba is getting ready for the tributes to that group of young fighters who filled their hearts with courage and dreams in the attempt to overthrow the tyranny 60 years after that March 13, 1957 Continue reading

An Island Dressed in Books

The 26th International Book Fair began its tour in Pinar del Rio, Matanzas and Cienfuegos Continue reading

More than Serving Food

An aging population requires, as much as posible, to have its needs met. The family care system has that noble purpose, although this effort is not observed in all the facilities Continue reading

Consolidating the ACS

The Association of Caribbean States places cooperation among Southern countries in the first point of its agenda Continue reading

The EU White Paper with Notes on the Divorce

This document opens the debate that leaders of the region will hold at the Rome Summit on March 25, on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the European unitary project Continue reading

A Way is Opened for the FARC-EP to Become a Political Party

The bill has passed through the Lower House and now must go to the Senate Continue reading

Young People Debate to Boost Economics

More than 10,000 young people from all provinces have been participating in debates, and they have been exchanged with managers of entities and organizations at all levels Continue reading

The Caribbean Will Meet Again in Havana

Cuba will receive the Council of Ministers of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and its first Conference of Cooperation. In addition, the Caricom-Cuba Ministerial Meeting will also be celebrated in Havana during the next week Continue reading

A New Specialty is open for Sciences

The Computer Science University, UCI, will open the Engineering in Bioinformatics specialty for the next academic year, to be studied in the daytime regular course with an strategic importance for the country’s development like biotechnology Continue reading

Foreign Trade Improves Mechanism

New working protocols will be implemented in this field to boost the Cuban economy Continue reading

United Kingdom will pay for the “beer” it ordered

The parable by the spokesman for the European Union illustrates how it will be to London its separation from the bloc Continue reading

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During the meeting topics of interest for both countries were discussed Continue reading

Resurrection of Coffee Plantations

One of the main economic activities of this Eastern region begins its recovery after the lashing suffered after the passing of hurricane Matthew Continue reading

Cuba Salsa Festival Returns to Havana

Dance and music workshops, masterly lectures and concerts feature in the program of Salsa Cuba 2017 Festival Continue reading

New Type of Alliance

The UJC aims at a real and conscious participation combining willingness and ideas with a view to its 55th anniversary. BTJ and the self-employees are joining this purpose Continue reading