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December 2018
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The tres musical instrument is present for these days in Baracoa

Meeting of treseros in Baracoa

Representatives of several generations of treseros gathered this Monday at the Cecilio Gómez Lambert House of Culture, in Baracoa, to interpret authentic melodies with the instrument of the three pairs of strings.

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Celebration for Baracoa’s birthday begins today

The materialization of a research event this August 10 will allow the begining of The Feast of Waters ( Fiesta de las Aguas) in Baracoa, name alluding to the exuberance of rivers and beaches of the area and constitutes a celebration of the 502 annivers... Continue reading

After his return from Venezuela, Rolbis is not the same (audio)

Rolbis Llacer Machado, young cameraman from Baracoa, was impacted by the different realities compared to Cuba that he experienced during her mission work in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Continue reading

Connected to the world via internet, one option for Guantanamo people

Baracoa's news

The world moves via the internet, it’s the phrase of a mad about the World Wide Web and is not far from reality. The search for information and news, social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, email, conducting business, large-scale advertising, buying and selling of dissimilar products, music downloads, videos and much more, so millions of people daily turn to digital pages to meet various needs.

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Proposal of Feeling in Baracoa

Filiniando con Iliana is the name of the fixed space that already hosts people from La Playa community, in Baracoa, as an attractive proposition to meet and enjoy the feeling. Continue reading

Guantánamo woman appreciated this July 26 the recovery of Santiago

Guantánamo woman appreciates this July 26 the recovery of Santiago

Celena Calderín Pérez from Guantánamo is ashamed for not participating personally in the activities for the 60th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba. However, she is happy because the act performed there is "a good example of how Santiago has restored " from damages of Sandy hurricane.

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Inaugurated in Baracoa universal painting exhibit

Inaugurated in Baracoa universal painting exhibit

The announced exhibit in Baracoa of original works by famous artists in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries solidified last july 27th when the public saw creations by Pablo Picasso, Gudmundur Erró, Robert Rauschenberg, André Masson, Richard Lindner, Alexander Calder, Antoni Seguí , Roberto Matta and Pierre Alechinski.

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Cuban Revolution Will Remain Young, said Raul Castro

The Cuban Revolution will remain young, here today said President Raul Castro to close the main event for the 60th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada barracks, attended by several leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean. Continue reading

Blockade of Cuba Must End, Says Ecuadorian FM

Ecuador's Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño today urged to put an end to the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

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St. Vincent and Grenadines Leader Urges to Take Care Cuban Revolution

The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, today urged Cubans to look after their revolution, saying that many in the world admire this nation. Continue reading

Cuba Radiates Moral Force for the World, Says Daniel Ortega

Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega today said here that the Cuban Revolution is the star of solidarity that radiates a big moral force for the world. Continue reading

Sixty Years of the Moncada Boost Changes in Latin America, Maduro

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said here that the 60 years of the assault on the Moncada barracks encourage ongoing changes in Latin America, reinforce hope and confirm that it was worth the fight. Continue reading

Children and the power of love

The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by U.S. governments for over half a century does not make exceptions, not even to allow the acquisition of medicines and resources in the health system to care for sick children, hospital... Continue reading

Expedition of 100 Ceibas Route departures from Guantanamo

Scholars of the life and work of Jose Marti participate since last Sunday July 21 until October 7 at the Second Cuban Expedition by the Route of the Hundred Ceibas, to mark the 160 anniversary of the birth of the National Hero and awaiting the Nati... Continue reading

We will do anything to make young artists feel represented

Antonio Ernesto Planos Samón, president of the AHS in Baracoa

Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Baracoa takes a second chance after being nearly extinct.

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Baracoa agricultural collective welcomes the anniversary of July 26

Martyrs of Angola Basic Unit of Production Cooperative in Baracoa

The overcompliance of the plans in the first half of 2013 constitutes the main tribute of workers of the Martyrs of Angola Basic Unit of Production Cooperative in Cayogüín, Baracoa, to those who participated in the events of July 26, 1953.

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Cojinúa season started in Baracoa

Cojinúa fish

As every year, Baramar Business Unit in Baracoa, belonging to the Niquero Industrial Fishing Company, created the conditions for the running of the cojinúa, characteristic event of the months of July to September.

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Cuba celebrates Che Guevara documents included in World Register

The UN Memory of the World Register is honored when saving documents whose creator is one of the most outstanding figures mankind has ever known, Ernesto Che Guevara, said investigator Berarda Salabrarria here Friday. Continue reading

Agriculture replaces imports and brings exports

With an overproduction by 15 % of coffee grains, this line is confirmed as the main export item of Guantanamo, an activity in agriculture that obtained encouraging results at the end of May. Continue reading

Defense Day was successfully developed in Baracoa

This Sunday it was developed succesfully the Territorial Defense Day in Baracoa, with scenarios in areas of Jamal, Mandinga, Mata-Guandao and Mosquitero. Continue reading

New professionals graduate in Baracoa

This Wednesday, 176 students completed their studies at the Municipal University Center in Baracoa and they are ready to join the army of professionals in the region, this emerged at the graduation ceremony held at El Encanto theater of the First City. Continue reading

The First Village of Cuba

Today it is called the First City, Landscape City, City of Waters and Mountain City. The contrast between mountains, rivers and typical marine environments of the region is one of the elements that makes the oldest city in Cuba a special place. Continue reading

New houses in the Caribe District

Of the 65 planned for this year in Guantanamo, 20 houses were culminated in the Caribe neighborhood of this city, according to Luis Ariel Bouly Favier, specialist in the Municipal Housing Unit, entity leading this project. Continue reading

No infant mortality in Baracoa this year

Baracoa remains with zero percent of infant mortality at the end of the first half of 2013, a figure that exceeds 6.4 in the same period of the previous year. Continue reading

Local Development Program, five years of achievements

In little more than five years after the implementation of the Local Development Program, Guantanamo province finished 1035 social projects, 22 of them are scheduled for July 26, located in the ten municipalities. Continue reading

Alternative Cuban Music in the First City of Cuba

The young art will be present in the First City of Cuba from 18 to July 20 through the Leche Kortada Alternative Cuban Music Festival, sponsored by members of the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS) in Baracoa. Continue reading