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February 2018
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Recall in Cuba foundation of the Red Army

Havana, Feb 23.- The centenary of the founding of the Red Army and the Day of the defenders of the homeland was held today in Cuba with a political act and military ceremony. Continue reading

South Korea and U.S. Expose Differences on Inter-Korean Dialogue

Seoul, Feb 23.- The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, said today it is necessary to keep Inter-Korean dialogue environment, while Ivanka Trump said they should keep pressing Pyongyang. Continue reading

Tour through the neighborhoods of Silvio Rodriguez reaches 90 concerts

Havana, Feb 23.- The Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez will deliver today in this capital the concert number 90 of his tour through the neighborhoods. Continue reading

A day of ephemeris

By Edel White Duarte/ Cadena Agramonte Perhaps the February 24 will be one of those days chosen by the luck, or better yet, by the will of men and women, to become dated in the early and important events relevant ephemeris, as several of Our Histo... Continue reading

Cuban Youth Claim USA Return of Occupied Territory

Havana, Feb 23.- Cuban youths will demand today from social networks the return of the territory illegally occupied by the United States in Guantanamo province, where Washington maintains a naval base and a prison internationally denounced as a cente... Continue reading

Paro, first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, 23.- The first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba, known by the name Paro, grabs the attention of the audience to the Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0, an appointment and luxury that comes with "all in... Continue reading

Advances housing construction program in Camagüey Nuevitas ( Photos)

Camagüey, Feb 23. - Through various alternatives, including precast technology, the Petrocasas and materials of local production, working in the commune of Nuevitas to gradually resolve the enormous damages caused by the hurricane Irma to that r... Continue reading

Cuba-Nicaragua Baseball Friendly Match to start Today

Havana, Feb 23.- Right-hander Lazaro Blanco was announced by manager Carlos Marti as starting pitcher of the first game that Cuba will hold against its Nicaraguan counterpart, at Dennis Martinez stadium, in the city of Managua. Continue reading

Professional focus in Camagüey the Day of the Cuban Press

Camagüey, Feb 23. - a comprehensive program, dedicated mainly to the professional exchange, today presented the provincial executive of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, to purpose of the near beginning of the day for the Day of the Cuban press ... Continue reading

Cuban Boating by 2018 good harvest in

Havana, Feb 21.- The Cuban boating aspires to 12 medals, nine gold and three silver, in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla 2018, revealed here today by the National Commissioner of the discipline, Alejandro Hamze. Continue reading

Cuba Hosts La Guayabera 5.0 Technology Fair

Sancti Spíritus, Feb 21.- The third edition of the La Guayabera 5.0 Technology Fair, a unique event of its kind in Cuba, begins today in this central city with proposals that merge technology and culture for a better society. Continue reading

Havana Club to Launch New Version of Rum Tributo

Havana, Feb 21.- The Havana Club International S.A., informed today that during the 20th Habano Festival (February 26 to March 2) it will present here the new version of the rum named Tributo (Tribute) of this year. Continue reading

Evo Guarantees Assistance to Rain Victims in Bolivia

La Paz, feb 21.- Bolivian President Evo Morales assured today that all families affected by intense rains, and floods will receive guaranteed attention from the government. Continue reading

China Advances to Introduce 5G in Mobile Phones

Beijing, Feb 21.-  China made new advances toward the introduction of 5G in mobile telephones with the first call made between its Huawei company and British Vodafone supported in the network, the one with highest connection speed. Continue reading

UNICEF Praises Cuba’s Support in the Attention of Children in the Digital Era

Havana, Feb 21.-  A UNICEF report regarding the digital era recognized the advances in Cuba in the computerization of society and its contribution in anticipating to opportunities in the field and a reduction in the risks that affect the new gen... Continue reading

Acosta Dance will rise today to the scene in Camagüey

Camagüey, Feb 21.- Carlos Acosta dance today for the third time in his life in the main theater of this city, already with a company of his own, to conclude the tour of the Acosta Dance by the middle of Cuba. Continue reading

Camaguey´s citizens benefit more with facilities for the payment of tributes

Camagüey, Feb 21. - a week to conclude the encouragement of early payment of the tax on personal income, up to the 28 February, more than 95 % of persons attached to this incentive in the province of Camagüey were favored with the discount ... Continue reading

Raúl receives U.S. Congressional delegation

Havana, Feb 21.- Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of Cuba's Councils of State and Ministers, yesterday afternoon received a delegation from the United States Congress, led by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont).

Continue reading

Cuba Marks World Day of Social Justice with Important Achievements

Havana, Feb 20.- Cuba is celebrating today the World Day of Social Justice with important achievements in health and education, dedicating a large amount of resources to develop these sectors. Continue reading

In danger of disappearing more than 40 Indian languages or dialects of

New Delhi, Feb 20.- More than 40 languages or dialects in India face the risk of disappearing due to the small number of people who speak, according to data released by the Government. Continue reading

The right to Health in Cuba: an expression of social justice

By Mariela Penalty Followed/ Radio Cadena Agramonte. There are events in the life that, for everyday, we are not able to assess the real magnitude. Continue reading

Internet Develops Game to Face Fake News

London, Feb 20.- Scientists from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom today launched a game on the Internet to educate the population about spreading false news. Continue reading

Cuba, Luxembourg Sign Satellite Service Agreement

Havana, Feb 20.- The Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise (ETECSA) and SES Networks, of Luxembourg, signed a deal for satellite services, the entity of the Caribbean island said today. Continue reading

Camagüey modernizes its railway workshops to improve the transport service

Camagüey, Feb 20.- In order to improve the transportation of passengers and cargo, the railroad company Center This, in this province, implements a comprehensive reordering of the workshops for technical assistance to the park of locomotives and... Continue reading

Six Cuban judokas to Grand Slam of Dusseldorf

Havana, Feb 20.- The six Cuban judokas who will participate from next February 23 to 25 in the Grand Slam of Dusseldorf will depart today towards that German city led by Kaliema Antomarchi, world bronze medalist in Budapest 2017. Continue reading

Raúl continues tour of nation’s military industry

Havana, Feb 20.- Army General Raúl Castro Ruz visited three military industry facilities in Havana, as part of a tour that has included others in the provinces of Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba, and Mayabeque Continue reading