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August 2018
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Works at Fidel Castro Square Advance Fast in Vietnam (+Photos)

Hanoi, Aug 20.-  The works of a square to be named after Fidel Castro in central Quang Tri province, one of those visited by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution when he was in Vietnam in 1973, are going fast. Continue reading

Cuba with bronze at Pan American Cup of volleyball (f)

Havana, Aug 20. - Women's u-23 Cuba volleyball team won the bronze medal in the Pan American Cup IV of Lima, Peru, to defeat of Mexico 3-1, with the stage at the Colosseum Teofilo Bonilla, where Dominican Republic retained the title.

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Starring Camagüey’s women volunteer work in food production

Sierra de Cubitas, Camagüey, Aug 20. -  A day of volunteer work held in this northern town, as part of the activities greeting the 58th anniversary  of the Federation of Cuban women, with the participation of Anielka Fernández, ... Continue reading

Contribution of young people to agricultural production is growing in Camagüey

Camagüey, Aug 19. - Although distant even from the ideal scenario for the fields of Camagüey, it is encouraging, compared with other times, growing presence and, with it, the contribution of young people in agricultural production. Continue reading

Intensified in Camagüey the use of renewable energy

By Maykel Torres la Rosa / Radio Cadena  Agramonte. Many believe that coal, oil or gas are natural sources of energy inexhaustible, but the truth is that they take thousands, or millions of years to generate. In contrast, their overuse is pro... Continue reading

Cuba and its economic and social development

By Juan  G. Mendoza Medina / Radio Cadena Agramonte. At the end of the year 2010 in Cuba began to talk of updating economic and social; the international crisis and not a few internal deficiencies that would stop the development of the societ... Continue reading

Cuba Works to Control Exotic Species in Northern Keys

Ciego de Avila, Aug 20.- A program to manage and control invasive exotic plant species is implemented in the northern keys off central Cuba in order to preserve the environment and contribute to the balance of ecosystems. Continue reading

Archaeological Treasure Found in New Airport Area in Mexico

Mexico, Aug 20.- Nearly 800 pieces and fragments of pre-Hispanic origin were recovered in the lands where the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) is being built today. Continue reading

Cuba Plans in Advance Due to Diabates Incidence

Havana, Aug 20.- More than one million people live with diabetes in Cuba, but only 700,000 are registered, warn experts from the island, according to an article published today in Granma newspaper. Continue reading

Debates on New Draft Constitution Continue in Cuba

Havana, Aug 20.- After one week that the debates on the new Draft Constitution began, the analyzes of the document approved by the People's Power National Assembly (Parliament) continue today in Cuba.

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United States reduces to one year stay of its diplomats in Cuba

Havana, Aug 16. - The Department of State reduced to barely one year duration of the Mission of its diplomats in Cuba, an atypical lapse that applies only to positions in war or very dangerous. Continue reading

Magnetized Gel Can Ease Chronic Pain, According to Study

Washington, Aug 16.- A material similar to a gel containing small magnetic particles could be used to control chronic pain, according to a study by US scientists published today. Continue reading

Asteroid Strike May Have Forged the Oldest Rocks Ever Found on Earth

Canberra, Aug 16.- The oldest rocks ever found on Earth may have been born in an asteroid bombardment that happened over four billion years ago. Continue reading

Asteroid Strike May Have Forged the Oldest Rocks Ever Found on Earth

Canberra, Aug 16.- The oldest rocks ever found on Earth may have been born in an asteroid bombardment that happened over four billion years ago. Continue reading

Camagüey´s Youth will enrich the draft of the Constitution

Camagüey, Aug 16. – Camagüey´s youth has the opportunity to participate in the process of popular consultation for the project of Constitution of the Republic, which takes place in all of Cuba until the next month of November. Continue reading

Ulises Rosales called to teachings of Fidel for livestock development in Camagüey (+ photos)

By Juan Mendoza Medina / Radio Cadena Agramonte. Camagüey, Aug 16 .- On the final day of a working visit to Camagüey, the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers Ulises Rosales del Toro exchanged with workers and managers of cooperati... Continue reading

Cándido González Stadium, of Camagüey, regains its original elegance

Camagüey, Aug 16. - Troubled in recent times of a strong deterioration, Candido Gonzalez Stadium, in this city, regained its original elegance after a repair covered virtually all of the dependencies, and that puts it in excellent condition to r... Continue reading

Contemporary Ballet of Camaguey proposes premieres to its public

Camagüey, Aug 16. - The Contemporary Ballet of Camaguey will offer two premieres at the Avellaneda theatre, this Thursday and Friday, with directorate-general of Yaylín Ortiz Clavería. Continue reading

Lula, Victim of a Judicial Persecution Already Seen in History

Brasilia, Aug 16.- ''I am victim of a judicial chase already registered in history'', denounced former president and now presidential candidate of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, now 132 days as a political prisoner.

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Visit to Cuba of North Korean VP is to Increase Bilateral Relations

Havana, Aug 16.- The vice-president of the State Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Choe Ryong Hae, is carrying out an intense agenda in Cuba, where on Wednesday he held talks with the authorities to strengthen bilateral relations.

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Venezuela Denounces Subversion Actions from European Embassies

Caracas, Aug 15.- President Nicolas Maduro has denounced that some European embassies are calling on Venezuelan intellectuals to put their knowledge and prestige against the South American nation. Continue reading

Naif Painters of Santiago de Cuba for Environmental Care

Santiago de Cuba, Aug 15.- With the First Man and Nature Exhibition Erik L. Ekman next September here, the naif art group Bayate will ratify its commitment to the defense of the natural environment, sources of this artistic and community initiative r... Continue reading

My Constitution

By Omar Olazábal Rodríguez / network of intellectuals in defense of humanity. Once again we will talk about front. If I start to remember, me, who I am privileged to have been born with my revolution and lived all stages, I have lost... Continue reading

Cuba defeated Guatemala in Pan-American volleyball Cup

Havana, Aug 15 .- The Cuban women's national volleyball team u-23 defeated 3-0 to Guatemala in the first day of the Pan American Cup IV, with stage until next Sunday at the Coliseum Teofilo Bonilla in Lima, Peru.

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SpaceX to Make First Manned Flight to Space Station in 2019

Washington, Aug 15.- The US company SpaceX will carry out its first manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in April 2019, which will be made up of four astronauts, digital media published today. Continue reading

Cuba is not alone

Havana, Aug 15. - The audacity of the people of Cuba to defend a system of Government in humanism and social justice promotes increasingly admiration worldwide for his people and the resistance against the aggression of the United States. Continue reading