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The Popular Mojito Drink, Present in Varadero Gourmet 2017

Varadero, Jun 28.- Mojito, a popular Cuban cocktail, stands out today among the attractions of the 9th International Varadero Gourmet Festival 2017, which runs until June 30 in this city. Continue reading

Familiar agriculture´s contribution to the food production in Camagüey

Camagüey, June 28. - For the increase of the contribution of vegetables and fresh spices there the group who attends to the development of the familiar agriculture and organoponic centers works in this province, as part of the Program of Urban a... Continue reading

Poll Shows Disapproval to Trump out of the US

Washington, Jun 28.- The perfomance and the image of US President Donald Trump is taking high levels of disapproval out of the US, according to a poll mentioned by press media Tuesday. Continue reading

Cuba and Russia discuss medical- pharmaceutical exchanges

Havana. June 28.- The establishment of joint ventures in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, between Russia and Cuba, directed toward strengthening beneficial trade among entities responsible for the sale and production of equipment, medicine... Continue reading

Parlatino approves resolution against U.S. blockade of Cuba

Havana, June 28.–The Executive Board of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino) recently approved a resolution rejecting the U.S. President's statements announcing plans to reinforce the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed on Cuba by this country.

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US Gov’t Sanctions Fourth Company in 2017 to Worsen Blockade Against Cuba

Washington, June 28.- The US Treasury Department has imposed four fines this year on companies of this country and abroad for alleged violations of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba. Continue reading

Representatives of Caribbean Cinema Foster Exchange in the Region

Havana, Jun 28.- A meeting with representatives of the cinema from some 20 Caribbean countries began yesterday here seeking to promote the work and goals of the Caribbean Traveling Film Screening (CTFS). Continue reading

Daiquiri Wins Space at Varadero Gourmet Festival

Varadero, Jun 28.- Daiquiri, a distinctive cocktail from El Floridita bar-restaurant, has won a space today at the 9th Varadero Gourmet Festival 2017, taking place in this western Cuban resort. Continue reading

Dutch Scientists Celebrate Rare Meteorite Find in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, Jun 28.- Dutch scientists celebrated the rare discovery of meteorite in The Netherlands, which at 4.5-billion years old may hold clues to the birth of our solar system. Continue reading

Chinese-Cuban Sugarcane Harvester Works Successfully

Havana, Jun 28.- Eight CCA5 sugarcane harvesters, a model designed by specialists from China and Cuba, have reportedly successfully completed three years of work following this year sugar harvest. Continue reading

Havana Now Has Jose Marti’s Academic Record

Havana, Jun 27.- The National Archives of Cuba is currently keeping a facsimile of the academic record of National Hero, Jose Marti, corresponding to the period in which he studied at the Central University of Madrid. Continue reading

Oliver Stone Repels US Policy Change Towards Cuba

Havana, Jun 27.- Award-winning North American filmmaker, Oliver Stone, has expressed today his support for Cuba facing the U.S. policy change proclaimed by President, Donald Trump, to the detriment of the relations with this Caribbean country. Continue reading

Farmers clean over 12 thousand hectare of marabou-infested lands

Havana, Jun 27.- Ciego de Ávila's sugarcane planters have cleared more than 12,000 hectares of marabou from 2014, no they are mostly planted with cane to increase the raw material for the coming harvest.

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Propose the creation of tourism cluster in the historic center of the capital in Camagüey

Camagüey, Jun 27.- The city of Camagüey is strengthened to become a destination for the leisure industry is outstanding in the center eastern Cuba, according to a study that highlights the potential assets for the development of a tourism c... Continue reading

Camagüey´s young people will celebrate the summer at Festival Tempo

Camagüey, Jun 27.- With the incentive of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, multiple initiatives dealing with the work of the Union of Communist Youth (UJC), in this city, to celebrate the holiday. Continue reading

World Peace Council denounces U.S. interventionism in Cuba

Havana, June 27.- The organization reiterated its demand for an end to interventionist actions by the United States “which continually attempts to frustrate the progress of the Cuban Revolution and isolate the nation through a criminal blockade... Continue reading

San Juan: Feast of the people in Camagüey

The popular festivities are the result of the creation in the different historical stages of a people, their idiosyncrasies, their most characteristic traits, according to their ethnic origins and the development achieved through the process of trans... Continue reading

Belarus, Cuba Discuss Scientific Cooperation

Minsk, Jun 27.- The chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus, Alexander Shumilin, has discussed with Cuban ambassador to this country, Gerardo Suarez Alvarez, the bilateral cooperation in the scientific sphere. Continue reading

The wealth of sugar

Havana, June 27.– The 14th International Congress on Sugar Cane and its Derivatives - entitled Diversification 2017 - opened in Havana yesterday, June 26, with the attendance of José Ramón Machado, second secretary of the Communis... Continue reading

Sea Level to Damage Two Billion People by 2100

Washington, Jun 27.- Near two billion people might turn into refugees due to the climate, for the increased sea level, said a research published today by a journal. Continue reading

PT of Brazil Ratifies Unrestricted Defense of Cuba’s Sovereignty

Brasilia, June 21.- Brazil's Workers' Party (PT) ratified today its unrestricted defense of Cuba's sovereignty and non-interference by the US government in internal affairs in that Caribbean country.

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Meliá will administrate three hotels in the city of Camagüey

Camagüey, June 21.- The Meliá Hotels International chain, with 27 years of operations in Cuba, already has a presence in this province, where it signed an agreement for the management of the Grand Hotel, the Hotel Colón and the hot... Continue reading

Aging: a gift of life

Each June 21 is celebrated at the global level, the Day of the Elderly, and it happens since the 1982, when the First International Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations was dedicated to population aging. Continue reading

Anti-Cuban policy of Trump is doomed to failure, says Cuban Antiterrorist Hero

Camagüey, June 21.- Fernando González Llort, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, said in Camagüey that the policy of the American president Donald Trump is doomed to failu... Continue reading

Over 20 Countries Will Attend Cuban Environment Convention

Havana, June 21.- Some 1,000 specialists from 23 countries will attend the 11th International Convention on Environment and Development, which will run from July 1st to 7th, said organizers today. Continue reading

Constituted in Camagüey Municipal Electoral Commission

Camagüey, June 21.- With support for the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government, due to the recent actions of the American president Donald Trump, was constituted this Tuesday the Municipal Electoral Commission, in this city. Continue reading