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August 2016
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Radio Rebelde – En

Hit parade of Radio Rebelde from July 15 through 21, 2016

Hit parade of the most popular songs, songwriters and singers weekly broadcast on Radio Rebelde from July 15 through 21, 2016 (2016-08-26 08:20:58) Continue reading

Natural Medicine Centers to be Authenticated in Cuba

There have been millions of people who were advice some related parameters in their consultations in terms of using the natural and traditional medicine (2016-08-26 08:29:59) Continue reading

U.S.- Cuba Regular Flights to Begin on August 31

An airplane of the U.S. airline Jet Blue will arrive in Cuba on August 31, an event that will mark the reestablishment of regular flights from the U.S. to the island, with a route that had not taken place for more than half a century (2016-08-26 08:33:09) Continue reading

Condolences from Cuba for Earthquake in Italy

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) sent a message of condolences to the movement of solidarity with Cuba in Italy, following the earthquake that occurred in that European nation, reported on Thursday the local Foreign Ministry (2... Continue reading

Cuban Paralympic Athletes Bid Official Farewell in Havana

Worthy heirs of their people and determined to defend and keep the national flag high, Cuba’s disabled athletes were officially bid farewell on Thursday to participate in the 15th Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (2016-08-26 13:49:16) Continue reading

The Elimination of Sudden Tax Gas Increase in Argentina

The previous government of Cristina Fernández used to grant subsides to the users so that avoiding the increase about the prices of public services (2016-08-25 09:01:06) Continue reading

Colombian Government and Guerrillas Announce Final Peace Accord

Colombia National Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces guerrillas announced on Wednesday in Havana a Final, Comprehensive and Definitive Peace Accord to end the over-50-year armed conflict and to build stable and long-lasting peace in Colombia... Continue reading

Brazil trying to Buy Votes

Those actions are aimed at evading and eroding the Venezuelan presidency and that is the whole truth (2016-08-24 11:05:42) Continue reading

Raul Castro sends congratulations message to Cuban writers and artists

Cuban President Raul Castro congratulated the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) on the occasion of its 55th anniversary (2016-08-24 11:08:41) Continue reading

Raul Castro receives Iranian Foreign Minister

Cuban Raul Castro received Monday afternoon Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who is in Cuba on an official visit (2016-08-24 11:14:07) Continue reading

Cuba finishes 20 in Rio Olympics

With a harvest of five gold, two silver and four bronze medals Cuba ranked 18th in the overall standings of the 31st Olympic Games Rio 2016 that concluded last Sunday in that Brazilian city (2016-08-24 11:21:00) Continue reading

TECSA and AT-T Sign Agreements

The Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (Cuba Telecommunications Company, ETECSA) and the U.S. telecommunications company AT-T, have concluded negotiations (2016-08-24 11:28:42) Continue reading

Cuba and Iran Interested in Strengthening Economic Bonds

The will to expand and strengthen economic relations between Cuba and the Islamic Republic of Iran was expressed on Monday in the first binational business forum held in this capital (2016-08-24 11:34:15) Continue reading

Book about Fidel Castro to be presented in France

Salim Lamrano stated that Fidel is acclaimed by the nations of Latin America and the third world which consider him as a symbol of the resistance before the oppression (2016-08-23 08:47:44) Continue reading

Iranian FM kicks off visit to Cuba

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, kicked off his visit to Cuba that marks the beginning of a Latin American tour aimed at strengthening his country’s relations with the region (2016-08-22 10:20:54) Continue reading

The cyberwar and the ProjectSauron Agent

The organizations that have been attacked have usually played a key role about the provision of special services to the State (2016-08-22 10:05:18) Continue reading

Cuba Selected as Country to Begin Royalty Ballet Gala Project

This is the first time a gala by the Royalty Ballet takes place and we have chosen Cuba to start the project, which aims to travel the world with big stars, asserted on Friday dancer Rodrigo Almarales, director general of the production (2016-08-22 10:... Continue reading

Cuba to Host Summit on Energy Investment

The First Summit on Energy Investment in Cuba will be held in early September at the Melia Cohiba Hotel, with the attendance of entrepreneurs from 14 countries in Latin America and Europe (2016-08-22 10:17:54) Continue reading

The Inclusive Cartoon Story Genre

A remarkable aspect of the aforementioned cartoon story is the characterization not only the psychological but also physical one of its main characters (2016-08-19 09:06:00) Continue reading

LACLAC Proposes Cuba to Join World Civil Aviation Council

The 22 member states of the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC) elected Cuba from the eight countries in the region that aspire to occupy a seat in the council of the International Civil Aviation Organization, in its next meeting (2016-08-... Continue reading

Fateful Day for Cuba in Rio 2016

The twelfth day of the 31st Olympic Games, under way in this South American city, was fateful for Cuban participants, whose intentions were winning two bronze medals (2016-08-19 09:37:27) Continue reading

El Acompañante: Cuban Proposal to Compete for the Oscar and Goya Awards

El acompañante, by Cuban director Pavel Giroud, was selected to represent Cuban cinema in the Oscar and Goya awards, given by the film academies of the U.S. and Spain, respectively (2016-08-19 09:47:43) Continue reading

Cuban Sugar Technicians to Attend Latin American Congress in Mexico

Cuba will attend the 10th Congress of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Latin America and the Caribbean (Atalac) and the 38th Convention of the Association of Sugar Technicians of Mexico (ATAM), in its 70th anniversary (2016-08-19 09:53:19) Continue reading

Cuban Boxer La Cruz wins Gold Medal in Rio 2016 Olympics

Cuban Julio Cesar La Cruz (81 kg) became an Olympic monarch when winning today in the finals of his division in the boxing tournament of the Rio 2016 Games (2016-08-19 10:00:51) Continue reading

White and Black Exhibition

It is about expressing the energy of nature and also a call for its preservation (2016-08-18 10:35:59) Continue reading