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September 2017
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The softball in the peephole

The baseball’s authorities, mainly from the United States, began to handle the option of promoting the female sector of the also called soft ball, in contrast of the baseball for men (2017-09-23 09:40:46) Continue reading

An exhibition to thank some Memories

The citizens from Havana city and visitors should have known that place was a space for the dramatic arts throughout all the symbolic extension that leads into the musical theater (2017-09-22 09:39:21) Continue reading

Varadero is ready for tourism high season after the passage of Hurricane Irma

In spite of the lash of Hurricane Irma, Vardero beach is in perfect conditions for assuming the tourism high season in Cuba this year, declared the master’s degree in science Oscar García Martínez, delegate of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in Matanzas (2017-09-22 09:48:21) Continue reading

Cuba and Belarus sign Agreement on Economic Cooperation

With the aim of promoting economic and technical cooperation in agriculture and rural development, the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture and the one of Agriculture and Food, from Belarus, signed a Cooperation Agreement (2017-09-22 09:55:23) Continue reading

Raul Castro receives Venezuelan President at Havana airport

Cuban president Raul Castro received his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro at the Jose Marti International Airport close to midnight of this Thursday (2017-09-22 09:58:42) Continue reading

Raul Castro sends message of condolences to Mexican President

Cuban president Raul Castro sent a message of condolences to his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto for the victims and devastation caused by a strong earthquake on September 19 (2017-09-22 10:02:08) Continue reading

The Tunnel of Havana as Wonder of the Cuban Civil Engineering

It is considered as a really important one for the local transportation system and its huge size (2017-09-21 20:04:05) Continue reading

Cuban Transportation Workers Carrying Out Debates

The related debates in those meetings to be carried out in the workplaces and municipalities were focused on how to meet the clients (2017-09-20 10:00:31) Continue reading

IFA officials to visit Cuba

In order to diagnose how Cuban soccer is, a delegation from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA by its French acronym), related to its area of Development Project, will visit the Caribbean island for three days starting next Sun... Continue reading

Everyone for Cuba

The Cuban Women Federation (FMC) joined to the called that the mass organizations are doing for including the people to the cleansing of the homes, communities and cities (2017-09-20 10:13:37) Continue reading

The Child who saved the bust of the National Hero

Yander Zamora told me that all that time that place was intensely struck by the Irma hurricane that bust was hugged by the child (2017-09-19 10:32:47) Continue reading

Dominican Navy ship arrives in Cuba with aid for victims of Hurricane Irma

The Patrol 301, Admiral Didiez Burgos of the Dominican Navy, docked Monday in the Havana port with more than 86 tons of aid on board to help the areas most affected by Hurricane Irma (2017-09-19 10:42:47) Continue reading

Suriname sends donation to Cuba after hurricane Irma

The government of Suriname sent an eight-ton donation to Cuba that includes water bottles, food, cooking utensils and blankets to help those affected by the hurricane Irma (2017-09-18 12:35:34) Continue reading

Cuban Garden Center Treasures nearly Half thousand Orchids

The famous Orchid center from Sora region, which was struck by the Gustav and Ike hurricanes, shows more than 480 local Aristocrat flower species which is admired by both the Cuban and foreign visitors (2017-09-18 11:23:52) Continue reading

Cuban FM in New York for UN high-level debate

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is in New York to participate in the high-level segment of the United Nations General Assembly scheduled for September 19-25 (2017-09-18 11:30:12) Continue reading

The Great Musician Joseíto Fernández

Joseíto Fernández excelled by his simplicity and the respectful treatment to all people who were working with him (2017-09-15 10:56:48) Continue reading

Cuba: Remarkable recovery of the health system in the capital

After the devastation caused by powerful hurricane Irma that affected almost all of Cuba, most hospitals in Havana already have power, said Dr. Reynol García Moreiro, director of Public Health in Havana (2017-09-14 10:27:52) Continue reading

Cuban Miranda ranks Third in Women Continental Chess Championship

Cuban Yerisbel Miranda was beaten yesterday by the local Ayelen Martinez in the penultimate round of the 2017 Women´s Continental Chess Championship that ends today in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017-09-14 12:25:52) Continue reading

The Hurricanes and the Climate Change

Those events caused that a sector from scientific community to rethink about the causes which create those natural disasters and the hypothesis on the climate change comes out (2017-09-13 10:05:17) Continue reading

Ten Deaths in Cuba after Passage of Irma Hurricane

The National Civil Defense General Staff issued an official note about people who died in Cuba due to the impact of Irma Hurricane. (2017-09-12 09:15:20) Continue reading

Three Cubans involved in the Grand Final of the Can-Am Baseball League

The Capitales beat in three consecutive games the Sussex County Miners in the semifinal play-off to get their ticket to the grand final. (2017-09-12 09:18:53) Continue reading

Raul Castro: A call to our combative people

Cuban President Army General Raul Castro sent a message to the Cuban people after the passing of Hurricane Irma through the northern coast of Cuba (2017-09-12 09:25:12) Continue reading

Cuba will be ready for high season, says Minister of Tourism

Cayo Coco and Santa Maria will be ready for the beginning of the high season, it is necessary to take advantage of it with the capacity and availability that Holguín has, offering the services with the highest quality that has always distinguished it. (2017-09-12 09:31:10) Continue reading

Hurricane Irma: Severe damages to Cuban agriculture

Although the figures are preliminary, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that Hurricane Irma caused severe damage to livestock facilities, windmills, crops and livestock. (2017-09-12 09:37:00) Continue reading

Havana´s International Airport resumes operations

The Civil Aviation Corporation of Cuba reports that from 12:00 hours on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, national and international air operations are reestablished at José Martí International Airport. (2017-09-12 09:41:25) Continue reading

The Resume of Cylinders Production for the National liquefied Gas Program

These productions are essential to continue the experiment about the unlimited sale of the liquefied gas and having enough related containers (2017-09-08 09:37:37) Continue reading