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June 2018
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A human and altruistic task

In Las Tunas the Day in honor of the voluntary blood donors concluded with the recognition to the most distinguished ones. (2018-06-18 11:14:32) Continue reading

Trump to Increase Duties on Chinese Technological Products

The president of the United States and Donald Trump approved this Friday some duties of the 25 percent on the technological products coming from China (2018-06-17 11:39:22) Continue reading

Friends, the family we choose

Friendship relations play a fundamental role in our lives because we need other people for developing ourselves and living a pleasant life (2018-06-15 13:18:11) Continue reading

The Announcement on the 14th International Movie Festival in Givara

For its fourteenths occasion, the locally named as Villa de los Cangrejos will be the venue of different the artistic expressions as part of the International Movie Festival of the Gibara town which will be carried out this year from July 1st through 7... Continue reading

Cuba and Spain Strengthen Economic Relations

The Minister of Economy and Planning Ricardo Cabrisas met on Thursday in Havana with an official delegation from Spain that will participate in the 22nd Session of the Cuba-Spain Business Committee (2018-06-15 09:51:31) Continue reading

Members of Parlatino Health Commission Meets in Cuba

The Health Commission of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament, (Parlatino) met on Thursday at the site of the National Assembly of the People’s Power in Havana to debate on the integration of science, technology and innovation (2018-06-15 09:57:31) Continue reading

Tribute to Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba

The Antonio Maceo Studies Center in the Eastern city of Santiago de Cuba paid tribute on Thursday to the Independence leader on the 173rd anniversary of his birth (2018-06-15 10:02:47) Continue reading

Cuban President Checks Development of Foreign Investment

Foreign investment is fundamental for the growth and development of the country, we must be audacious and creative in the way we focus it in order to achieve advancing in the projects that we design (2018-06-15 10:06:40) Continue reading

Che Guevara Birth to be recalled in Santa Clara

Santa Clara province will pay tribute to Che Gevara in his birth ceremony and the main meeting for that historical date will be carried out at the Comandante Che Guevara memorial on June 14 on the occasion when the young generation will be reaffirming ... Continue reading

Havana to host Fencing Continental Tournament

Cuba will host from next June 15-20 the Fencing Continental Tournament, qualifier to the Lima 2019 Pan-American Games at Havana´s Sports City Coliseum (2018-06-14 10:01:03) Continue reading

Zambia praises Cuban Collaboration in the Field of Health

(2018-06-14 10:11:19) Continue reading

Over 30 Countries to Attend the 2018 Cubaindustria Convention and Fair

Strategic alliances, opportunities to attract foreign investment and broad space for scientific technical exchanges will center the attention of the participants to the 2018 Cubaindustria Convention and Fair to be held from June 18th to the 22 nd in Ha... Continue reading

Ricardo Cabrisas Meets with Russian Serguey Kalashnikov

Cuban Economy and Planning Minister Ricardo Cabrisas met on Wednesday in Havana with Senator Serguey V. Kalashnikov, Coordinator of the Parliamentary Friendship with Cuba Group and First Vice President of the Committee of the Economic Policy of the Rus... Continue reading

Prize-winning Japanese-Cuban Film to be screened in Havana

The premiere of the Cuban-Japanese co-production ¨Ernesto, ¨winner of the Special Peace Award at the Hiroshima International Film Festival, took place yesterday at Havana´s Charles Chaplin movie-theater (2018-06-14 10:27:27) Continue reading

The United States without Clues on Causes of Affectations

The embassy of the United States in Havana city announced by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cuba that an official of that embassy has reported some health symptoms as a result as undefined sounds in her residence On May 29 in 2018 (201... Continue reading

Latin American Event is Informed on Cuban Informatics Process

A panel on the advances of informatics in Cuban Society was held prior to the inauguration on Tuesday of the 6 th Latin American Telecommunications Congress at the Melia Marina Varadero Hotel in Matanzas province (2018-06-13 10:02:06) Continue reading

Cinema, Art and Fiesta in Gibara

The 14th Gibara International Film Festival, created by the late Cuban filmmaker Hubmerto Solas, will be held from July 1st to the 7th in the eastern town, Holguin province, with an avalanche of different artists, this year dedicated to children and ad... Continue reading

Production and trade of food is analyzed in Cienfuegos

The production and trade of food occupied the attention of the delegates to the II Ordinary Session of the XII Mandate Period of the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power leaded by the President Mayrelis Pernía Cordero (2018-06-12 10:23:55) Continue reading

Cuban Athlete Juan Miguel Echevarría Reaches the 8.83 Meters

The Cuban long jumper Juan Miguel Echeverria highlighted on Sunday in the sixth round of the Diamond Athletic in Stockholm in Sweden where he achieved the gold medal with 8.83 meters although the tail wind (2018-06-12 10:29:01) Continue reading

Lights, Camera and Action at the Gibara Film Festival

The Gibara International Film Festival to be held from July 1st to the 7th is ready for another edition that will award film, music, arts, dance and theater (2018-06-12 10:37:15) Continue reading

Bahamas Prioritizes Strengthening Relations with Cuba

The ambassador of the Bahamas in Cuba, Andrew Brent Dean said on Monday in Havana that strengthening food trade is a priority for his country (2018-06-12 10:56:13) Continue reading

Raul: Unity is our main Weapon

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party, Army General Raul Castro exchanged with the members of the Secretariat of the Central Committee (2018-06-12 11:02:10) Continue reading

The plague of the unpunctuality

The unpunctuality characterizes the everyday life of many persons; it is a reality which covers bureaucratic procedures, personal steps, meetings, appointments and even the work dynamics (2018-06-12 12:20:33) Continue reading

Law on Protection for the Consumer Comes into Force

The rule is addressed to the local citizens and institutions that are carrying out trade activities linked to the items selling process as well as the technical and personal services and gastronomy and accommodation (2018-06-11 09:54:11) Continue reading

Havana to Host Annual Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum

Havana will host the 24th Annual Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum from July 15th to the 17 th with the participation of the region’s left parties and progressive movements (2018-06-09 09:01:47) Continue reading

The Personal Choice on Cigars or Health

It is true that leaving the so-called Soft drug is very complicated process and it is sometimes necessary some specialized help to achieve it (2018-06-09 06:56:49) Continue reading