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March 2017
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Over Five Million Mobile Phones in Cuba

Tanía Velásquez pointed out that the related services and products are being sold in the national currency and the public telephone system has over 59818 phones (2017-03-25 10:56:19) Continue reading

Cuban vaccine against lung cancer goes to clinical trial at primary health care level

With nearly 200 patients, a clinical trial of the drug Cimavax EGF against lung cancer in primary health care (PHC) is being developed in Cuba to evaluate other parameters in order to increase the effectiveness of the first vaccine of its type register... Continue reading

The Alma Mater Sculpture and its Many Fates

Mario Joseph Kórbel chose the maternal face of a young woman named Feliciana Villalón Wilson who was known as Chana (2017-03-24 09:19:50) Continue reading

Cuba: Tobacco production will be good this harvest

The province of Pinar del Río, Cuba´s largest tobacco producer, is on the verge of a good campaign, which is appreciable in the health of the plantations and the drying process of the leaves. (2017-03-23 11:09:02) Continue reading

United States beat Puerto Rico to win World Baseball Classic

United States beat 8-0 Puerto Rico, thus winning the 4th World Baseball Classic (WBC) in a game held at the Dodger Stadium, in Los Angeles. (2017-03-23 11:13:01) Continue reading

Cuban cancer vaccines at primary health care services

The Nimotuzumab is a monoclonal antibody being used in Cuba to fight advance head and neck, pancreas, esophagus cancer and cerebral tumors. (2017-03-23 06:08:54) Continue reading

The Assessment on Fruit Production for Exportation in Cuba

Gustavo Rodríguez Rollero pointed out that after the five years of having been created that movement the areas dedicated to the fruit production have grown (2017-03-23 06:21:54) Continue reading

Intense Rains in Peru

There are some districts which have spent three days without water supply as a consequence of the landslides into the Rímac River that was the main source of water supply for the local capital city (2017-03-22 09:13:42) Continue reading

Loans to Havana private businesses grew 29 percent in 2017

Havana´s Banco Metropolitano (Banmet) granted 1,174 loans to private businesses in 2016, a 29 percent increase compared to the previous year (2017-03-22 09:38:07) Continue reading

Cuba to use Russian desalination plants to fight drought

The installment of portable desalination units in coastal towns is a way for the Russian federation to help Cuba palliate the negative effects of the drought hitting the island-nation (2017-03-22 09:44:47) Continue reading

We cannot be a Nation without Cultural References

Abel Prieto talked about the importance of preserving this event by even using the new technologies in order to encouraging the reading (2017-03-21 09:30:00) Continue reading

Raul Castro sends message of condolences to Peru

Cuban President Raul Castro sent a message of condolences to his Peruvian counterpart Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for the human and material losses his country is suffering due to natural disasters (2017-03-21 10:04:59) Continue reading

The Eclectic and well-design Guash Palace

Both the building plans and the carrying out of that project was carried out by the own Francisco Guash (2017-03-20 09:31:42) Continue reading

A Comprehensive Use of Local Morera Tree and its applications

It is work that has been granted the National Prize for the scientific results by the Cuban Sciences Academy (2017-03-18 11:04:47) Continue reading

Correos de Cuba Enterprise Getting Ready for Electronic Trade

The Radio Reloj webpage announced that that new service will begin in April after having finished the current phase (2017-03-17 09:57:43) Continue reading

U.S. Novel Prizewinner Chosen as Member of Cuban Sciences Academy

The decision about granting him that category was taken by the Cuban academicians as part of their recent full meeting (2017-03-16 09:18:39) Continue reading

Netherlands trounce Cuba 14-1 in World baseball Classic

The European team deployed an overwhelming offensive of 13 hits, including 4 homeruns, and also had an outstanding performance of its starting pitcher, lefty Diegomar Markwell, who allowed only one run and 4 hits in six innings (2017-03-16 09:21:00) Continue reading

Cuban U17 soccer team begins Central American tour

The Cuban U17soccer team will leave for Panama today, where they will start a six-game Central American tour as training for upcoming events (2017-03-16 09:23:32) Continue reading

Venezuela Rejects OAS Intervention Report

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro repudiated the report on the nation presented by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, that ignores the institutional processes and principles of the organization (2017-03-16 09:40:11) Continue reading

Accountability reports by People´s Power delegates begin today in Guantánamo

The fourth and last round of accountability reports for this term, presented by People´s Power Municipal Assembly delegates to their electors, begin today in Guantánamo with the holding of 25 pilot meetings (2017-03-16 09:49:09) Continue reading

The example of Baraguá will continue to guide Committees for the Defense of the Revolution

The Baraguá protest, an enduring example of revolutionary intransigence, was commemorated on its 139th anniversary, at the very site where the event led by General Antonio Maceo took place (2017-03-16 09:53:29) Continue reading

Fire Warning in Chile Once Again

Chile is also facing the effects of the climate change and it is very likely the occurrence of more frequent fires (2017-03-15 10:21:34) Continue reading

Cuba and Finland sign agreement on aviation

At the headquarters of the Cuban Ministry of Transportation, the two officials signed a document that allows airlines to have operations between the two countries (2017-03-15 10:42:22) Continue reading

The Place where Habano Tobacco Germinates

The growing process starts in the months of July and August when the seedling facilities begin to be prepared and the soils begin being chosen and well drained (2017-03-13 09:06:19) Continue reading

Cuba to launch new TV channel

Will be broadcasted on the High-definition 1 channel, from 8.30 in the morning to midnight and aims at presenting viewers with news in an attractive format (2017-03-11 21:33:15) Continue reading