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October 2014
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Diaz-Canel Meets with Visiting Japanese Parliamentarian

Miguel Diaz Canel, First Vice-president of the councils of State and Ministers, met on Friday afternoon with Keji Furuya (2014.10.06 - 09:35:41) Continue reading

U.S. Ballerina Shares Routines in Cuba

U.S. ballerina Kristan Gajdica, invited to the 11th edition of DanzanDos –the National Contest of Dance Choreography and Interpretation (2014.10.06 - 10:26:06) Continue reading

Cuban Film La Piscina Receives Special Prize in Japan

The Cuban-Venezuelan movie La piscina (The Swimming Pool) by Carlos Machado, received a Special Prize in the recently (2014.10.06 - 10:58:45) Continue reading

Cuba’s Efforts in Renewable Energy Acknowledged by the UN

The resident coordinator of the United Nations System to Cuba, Mirta Kaulard, acknowledged on Monday the efforts (2014.10.07 - 09:25:50) Continue reading

Cuban Professionals Receive 2014 Habitat Award

Cuban personalities received on Monday in this capital the 2014 Habitat Award for their contribution to the development of settlements (2014.10.07 - 09:35:54) Continue reading

Quality of Veterinary Teaching in Cuba Highlighted

Sara Kahn, representative of the World Animal Health Organization (OIE), praised on Monday the quality of professional training of veterinary (2014.10.07 - 09:43:21) Continue reading

The Washington Post Published Article on Cuba s Aid to Fight Ebola

The newspaper The Washington Post has recently published an article on Cuba’s medical response to the outbreak of the Ebola (2014.10.07 - 10:06:20) Continue reading

Fidel Castro Comments on Knowledge of Human Existence and Criticizes NATO Chief

In his most recent article, "Uncertain Future" published on Granma newspaper, Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro (2014.10.08 - 09:36:29) Continue reading

Cuban Culture Festival Inaugurated in Minnesota

The head of Cuba’s Interests Section in Washington, Jose Ramon Cabañas, inaugurated on Sunday evening a cultural festival (2014.10.08 - 09:44:39) Continue reading

South African Leader Calls for Stronger Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba

Benson Ngqentsu, Brian Bunting District Secretary of the South African Communist Party (2014.10.08 - 09:53:53) Continue reading

Presence in Cuba of Paraguayan Guitarist Underlined

The performance in Cuba this week of famous Paraguayan classic guitarist Berta Rojas (2014.10.13 - 09:37:50) Continue reading

Imprint of Actor Enrique Molina in Cuban Cinema Highlighted

Enrique Molina received on Thursday in this capital the tribute of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) (2014.10.13 - 09:49:59) Continue reading

Book Conversation with Pombo Presented in Caracas

The book “Conversaciones con Pombo” (Conversation with Pombo), by Brigadier General Harry Villegas (Pombo) (2014.10.13 - 09:59:20) Continue reading

Fidel Castro Comments on New York Times Article about US Blockade of Cuba

In his most recent article, Cuban Revolution leader comments on last Sunday’s Internet edition of The New York Times (2014.10.14 - 12:34:19) Continue reading

New Switzerland-Cuba Direct Flight Announced

The Swiss airlines Edelweiss will incorporate and additional direct flight between the city of Zurich and Havana (2014.10.15 - 09:05:31) Continue reading

Cuban and Foreign Scientists Exchange Experiences

Cuban and foreign researchers in the field of education exchange experiences starting (2014.10.15 - 09:12:02) Continue reading

Ecuador and Cuba to Strengthen and Increase Cooperation in Health

Health is one of the sectors with greater potential to strengthen cooperation between Ecuador and Cuba (2014.10.15 - 09:16:15) Continue reading

Jesse Jackson Describes U.S. Policy against Cuba as Cold and Old-Fashioned War

U.S. Reverend Jesse Jackson called to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade (2014.10.15 - 09:22:49) Continue reading

Fort Detrick (II) The Detrick Fort Biological Researches Center

the Conventions on Chemical and Biological Weapons make illegal their production (2014.10.01 - 10:44:34) Continue reading

Former US State Secretary Henry Kissinger Planned to Attack Cuba in 1976

Declassified documents by the Gerald Ford Presidential Library revealed that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (2014.10.01 - 10:55:29) Continue reading

Niger’s President says Visit to Cuba was Excellent

Niger’s President Issoufou Mahamadou described his official visit to Cuba this week as excellent and he said he was optimistic (2014.10.01 - 10:58:18) Continue reading

Vice-president Stresses Role of Cuban Culture Institutions

Cuban first vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel stressed the need to empower the culture institutional system in tune with today’s reality (2014.10.01 - 11:05:17) Continue reading

Priest Michael Lapsley Visits Gerardo Hernandez

South African Episcopalian priest Michael Lapsley confirmed on Tuesday that he paid his 9th visit to Cuban antiterrorist and hero Gerardo Hernandez (2014.10.02 - 10:28:24) Continue reading

Double Currency Unification is the Main Challenge to Cuban Bank

The elimination of the circulation of the double currency and exchange rate in Cuba (2014.10.02 - 10:37:23) Continue reading

US Blockade Tries to Paralize Cuban Transport Systems

For over 50 years now, Washington has tried to paralyze the Cuban transport system by stiffening its commercial (2014.10.02 - 10:45:02) Continue reading