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April 2018
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Beach volleyball: Cuban women for a ticket to the Olympic event

The female couple which finally will integrate the Cuban team of Beach Volleyball will arrive well prepared to the qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games, said the trainer Clara Jiménez in an exclusive interview for Radio Rebelde (2018-04-24 13:35:00) Continue reading

Unity and Commitment on May Day in Ciego de Ávila

The union movement in that region of the nation is calling all the workers from the diverse sectors of the economy of the territory in Ciego de Ávila for a day of activities to celebrate the international proletariat day on May Day (2018-04-24 10:38:14) Continue reading

Cuba to take best cyclists to Pan- American road championship

The best Cuban riders nowadays, Arlenis Sierra and Marlies Mejias, head the Caribbean team to attend the 2018 Pan-American Road Cycling Championships (Elite, U23 and Women´s) based in San Juan, Argentina, from May 1-6. (2018-04-24 10:42:14) Continue reading

Cuban president Díaz-Canel receives Evo Morales

Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Council of State and Ministers of Cuba, received Bolivian President Evo Morales Ayma, who is making an official visit to Cuba. (2018-04-24 10:45:28) Continue reading

President Miguel Diaz-Canel Inaugurates Cuba Health 2018

Cuba’s President of the Council of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel inaugurated on Monday in Havana the 3 rd International Cuba Health 2018 Convention. (2018-04-24 10:50:27) Continue reading

Nicolas Maduro concludes his official visit to Cuba

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, concluded a visit to Cuba on Sunday evening in which the deep ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries were ratified (2018-04-23 09:58:30) Continue reading

May Day International Brigade arrives in Cuba today

Friends from 32 countries who are part of the May Day Brigade of Solidarity with Cuba, will arrive today at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM) in Caimito, Artemisa, to exchange with the people and participate in the parade for the Day o... Continue reading

Second Cuban 5 star plus hotel to open in August

The Packard, Cuba second luxury five-star plus hotel, located in Old Havana, is expected to be completed in August, according to officials from the company in charge of its construction (2018-04-23 10:33:03) Continue reading

Cuba wins the Pan American Judo Championship

Cuba got the crown in the team event of the 2018 Pan-American Judo Championship based San Jose, Costa Rica, thus confirming its excellent performance in this tournament as it had previously won the individual contest (2018-04-23 10:42:55) Continue reading

Bolivian President Evo Morales in an official visit to Cuba

Evo Morales Ayma, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, arrived in this capital city for an official visit, during which he will carry out various activities and meet with the highest Cuban authorities (2018-04-23 10:46:47) Continue reading

World leaders congratulate new Cuban President

After the election of Miguel Díaz Canel as president of the Cuban Council of State and Council of Ministers, leaders of various nations sent their congratulations and reiterated their support for the revolutionary process in Cuba (2018-04-20 10:14:11) Continue reading

Acosta Danza will perform in New York

The Acosta Danza company will perform on April 25, 26 and 27 at the New York City Center as part of the Adelante, Cuba! Festival, an event that will include leading Cuban artists (2018-04-20 10:19:18) Continue reading

Friends from 32 nations will participate in May Day Parade in Havana

The 300 members of the XIII May Day International Solidarity Brigade will arrive in Cuba next Monday 23rd to share with the people and participate in the parade for the World Day of the Proletariat, in the José Martí Revolution Square, in this capital city (2018-04-20 10:25:44) Continue reading

Raúl Castro says he trust new President will succeed

Raul Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, expressed his confidence in the absolute success of the administration of the new President of the Council of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez (201... Continue reading

Díaz-Canel: there will be no room in Cuba for capitalism

Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, assured in his first speech after taking office that in this new legislature "there will be no room for those who aspire to a capitalist restoration," but to continue to perf... Continue reading

Diaz-Canel nominated to be President of Cuba

Diaz-Canel, a 58 years old engineer, has been the First Vice-President of Cuba since 2013. He is a member of the Politburo of the Cuban Communist Party (2018-04-19 08:55:06) Continue reading

Esteban Lazo re-elected as Cuban Parliament´s President

With one hundred percent of the valid votes cast, Lazo Hernández was elected to a second term as head of the Cuban legislature (2018-04-19 08:56:57) Continue reading

Miguel Díaz-Canel elected President of the Council of State of Cuba

Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), announced the results of the vote on the 604 ballots cast, when 99.83 of the valid votes were cast for the election of Díaz-Canel Bermúdez. (2018-04-19 09:39:33) Continue reading

Valdés Mesa, new First Vice-president of the Council of Ministers

Salvador Valdés Mesa is an Agricultural Engineer who began his working life as an agricultural worker and joined the tasks of the Revolution from a very young age. (2018-04-19 10:31:57) Continue reading

Anisley López to Coach the Cuban Squad

The female softball will also be one of the teams which will try to achieve a medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla is spite of it does not have its former strength (2018-04-18 10:00:05) Continue reading

Cuban Parliament holds its constitutive session

(2018-04-18 10:17:26) Continue reading

Cuban young deputy: Youth will never let the Revolution down

Ania Yelina Fernandez Lara, the youngest Granma deputy to the National Assembly of People Power (ANPP), said in this city that the new generations of Cubans will never let the Revolution down (2018-04-18 10:32:30) Continue reading

Cuban Foreign Ministry reaffirms Canada that Cuba is a safe country

The Government of Canada has taken the decision to designate its Embassy in Havana as an unaccompanied family mission (2018-04-18 11:01:10) Continue reading

Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People Power Constitut

The IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People Power (ANPP) was constituted today in solemn session in this capital, with the oath of the deputies who will represent the people during the next five years (2018-04-18 11:08:02) Continue reading

Hector Ramón Shows Great Pride about his Participation in Bay of Pigs

Viltre who is 87 years of age was part of the 111 battalion of the National Revolutionary Militias and the Cuban troops which caused a resounding defeat to the Yankee imperialism in barely 17 hours (2018-04-17 10:01:59) Continue reading

Annie Garcés and the gift unsolved for everyone

Some Saturdays ago, Annie Garcés sang in honor to women in the hall of the Building of Cuban Art Museum. That concert demonstrated, unlike what happened in the National Theater of Cuba, that the Annie Garcés’ confidence in her talent will make her to go forward in the Cuban music (2018-04-17 10:09:29) Continue reading