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October 2014
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Cuban Literacy Program Benefits Over Eight Million People

The Cuban literacy program known as “Yes, I Can” has been implemented in 30 nations of the world where eight million people (2014.10.30 - 09:36:53) Continue reading

China Exploring Business Opportunities in Cuban Electricity Sector

China is exploring business opportunities in the Cuban electricity sector through sales of LED street and domestic lighting (2014.10.30 - 09:48:14) Continue reading

A Condemn for Former Contractors

Four former private contractors from the US Blackwater Safety enterprise were condemned by an US Federal jury (2014.10.27 - 08:56:13) Continue reading

UNICEF Praises Cuban “Educate your Child” Program

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) praised on Friday in this capital the Cuban Program “Educa a tu Hijo” (2014.10.27 - 08:57:37) Continue reading

Over a Thousand Runners Register to Marabana Marathon in Cuba

The preparations for the 28th edition of Marabana, main event of marathon in Cuba (2014.10.27 - 09:26:08) Continue reading

Dilma Rousseff Reelected President of Brazil

Dilma Rousseff was reelected in the second round of presidential elections on Sunday with 51, 54 percent (2014.10.27 - 10:02:28) Continue reading

Children Singing, Dancing and Telling Stories

the colorful emission is dedicated to the children theater company regarded as a pride of Cuba (2014.10.28 - 08:50:18) Continue reading

Cuban Ortiz Qualified to Chess World Cup

The qualification of Isam Ortiz for the 2015 World Cup was Cuba’s best performance in the Continental Chess (2014.10.28 - 08:58:12) Continue reading

Cuban Slugger Cepeda Back in Cuba from Japanese Baseball

The stellar Cuban player Frederich Cepeda arrived on Sunday in this capital, after his first foray into the called Japanese (2014.10.28 - 09:11:01) Continue reading

First VP Diaz-Canel Receives ECLAC Executive Secretary

Miguel Diaz-Canel, First Vice-president of the councils of State and Ministers, received Alicia Barcenas, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), who is on a working visit to Cuba (2014.10.28 - 11:57:10) Continue reading

Local Cigar Field: Among the most Affected by the US Blockade

The Cuban agricultural sector is one of the most affected ones by the harmful effects of the US blockade (2014.10.29 - 09:00:28) Continue reading

Cuba and South Africa Strengthen Cooperation in Hydraulic Sector

With the handing over on Tuesday in this capital of the official letters of employment to 33 professional of the hydraulic (2014.10.29 - 09:11:34) Continue reading

Intl. Community Expects Positive Reaction from the U.S.A.

Alicia Barcena, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) (2014.10.29 - 09:28:36) Continue reading

Brazilian Elections will Determine Regional Future

Next Sunday´s presidential elections in Brazil will undoubtedly not only bring a president, but their result will have a direct impact on regiona (2014.10.24 - 09:53:08) Continue reading

Canada Contributes Vaccine to Fight Ebola

The first lot of an experimental vaccine against Ebola, produced in Canada, was sent to hospitals in Geneva to begin clinical tests on November 1 (2014.10.24 - 10:33:09) Continue reading

Florida’s Aquarium Experts Meet with Cuban Colleagues on Coral Reef Protection

Experts and executives of the aquarium located in Florida, the United States, traveled to Cuba to explore a possible association with Havana’s National Aquarium (2014.10.24 - 10:49:34) Continue reading

Liberia and Guinea Thank Cuba for Assistance against Ebola

The governments of Liberia and Guinea expressed their gratefulness to Cuba for its medical assistance to those western African nations amidst (2014.10.23 - 11:34:51) Continue reading

Cuban Doctors are Proud to Assist Ebola Victims in Africa

Despite a global alarm over the worst Ebola outbreak on record, Cuban doctors are eager to travel to West Africa and start healing the sick (2014.10.23 - 11:38:48) Continue reading

Washington Welcomes Possibility of Working along Cuba on Ebola

Washington welcomes the possibility to jointly work with Cuba in the fight against Ebola, according to US media outlets citing a US State Department (2014.10.23 - 11:42:07) Continue reading

Cuban First VP Meets with Visiting OPCW Director General

Miguel Diaz-Canel, First Vice-president of the councils of State and Ministers, met on Tuesday morning with Ahmed Üzümcü, Director General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), on the occasion of his work visit to Cuba. (2014.10.22 - 12:16:17) Continue reading

Raul Castro Sees off Cuban Doctors to Fight Ebola in Africa

President Raul Castro saw off an 83-member medical brigade that will fight Ebola in Africa, particularly in Liberia and Guinea Conakry, two nations hard hit by poverty, which is a major source for the terrible disease. (2014.10.22 - 12:21:53) Continue reading

Diaz-Canel Meets with Visiting Japanese Parliamentarian

Miguel Diaz Canel, First Vice-president of the councils of State and Ministers, met on Friday afternoon with Keji Furuya (2014.10.06 - 09:35:41) Continue reading

U.S. Ballerina Shares Routines in Cuba

U.S. ballerina Kristan Gajdica, invited to the 11th edition of DanzanDos –the National Contest of Dance Choreography and Interpretation (2014.10.06 - 10:26:06) Continue reading

Cuban Film La Piscina Receives Special Prize in Japan

The Cuban-Venezuelan movie La piscina (The Swimming Pool) by Carlos Machado, received a Special Prize in the recently (2014.10.06 - 10:58:45) Continue reading

Cuba’s Efforts in Renewable Energy Acknowledged by the UN

The resident coordinator of the United Nations System to Cuba, Mirta Kaulard, acknowledged on Monday the efforts (2014.10.07 - 09:25:50) Continue reading