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December 2017
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Cuban parliament to hold ordinary session on December 21

The President of the Cuban national People Power Assembly (parliament) Esteban Lazo Hernandez convened this Friday the Tenth Ordinary Session of the Eighth Legislature for next December 21 (2017-12-01 10:14:51) Continue reading

Cuba declares its solidarity with the Palestinian people in the UN

Cuban Ambassador Humberto Rivero expressed in the United Nations (UN) the solidarity of his country towards the Palestinian people, and demanded the end of the Israeli occupation, which causes so much damage in the region (2017-12-01 10:25:02) Continue reading

Half of Cuba sugar mills to start harvest in December

Twenty-six sugar mills will start operations Cuba next December, announced today in this capital the Liobel Pérez Hernández, institutional communicator of AZCUBA Sugar Group (2017-12-01 10:30:15) Continue reading

Fidel Reborns from his People

Ana Teresa Badía is already an accomplished name in the Cuban journalism and the journalistic Cuban academy (2017-11-30 09:59:46) Continue reading

The National Prize of Meteorology will be given on December

The National Prize of Meteorology due to the Life’s Work, in the scientific category and in the section of Technical Scientific Services, such as the Benito Viñes Prize that distinguishes the authors of researches with relevant results, it will be given from 4th to 8th of December in Havana. (2017-11-30 10:02:26) Continue reading

The First Preliminary Results of the Elections in Honduras

There were many international observers who recommended the local TSE to give its results in favor of the Honduran democracy given the related tension due to the long wait and the respective proclamations that occurred after a quiet electoral campaign ... Continue reading

Vietnam donates 1000 tons of rice to Cuba

The Party, the State and the Vietnamese people had a new gesture of solidarity towards Cuba by donating a thousand tons of rice to help compensating damages caused by Hurricane Irma (2017-11-29 09:34:09) Continue reading

Cuban Minister stands out Strong Relations between Cuba and Syria

Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuba Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, highlighted the close Syrian-Cuban relations, which he described as fraternal. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (2017-11-29 09:45:19) Continue reading

Cuba gets Ticket to Second Round of Pan-American U23 Baseball Championship

Cuban defeated 5-4 Colombia and got its ticket for group B to the super round of the Pan-American U23 Baseball Championship, based in Panama. (2017-11-29 09:52:21) Continue reading

That inexplicable Noise

It is known by the world scientific community researching this acoustic disorder that it is not acquired through contagion or not even an epidemic cause channeled through an alleged acoustic attack (2017-11-28 09:44:02) Continue reading

The exodus of Cuban professionals

After the European Socialist Field’s fallen, the especial period and all the asymmetries and all the problems, and the inverted pyramids that live in the Cuban society have determinate the constantly migration of thousands of professionals that were formed for contributing (2017-11-28 09:50:23) Continue reading

Raul Castro attends wake of deceased Cuban leader

Cuban president Raul Castro attended the wake of the revolutionary fighter Armando Hart Dávalos, an essential figure in Cuban history, held at the headquarters of the Marti Studies Center on Monday morning (2017-11-28 10:01:17) Continue reading

Cuban elections: 86 percent of Cubans cast their ballots

Over 7.6 million Cubans went to the polls this Sunday to vote for the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, informed today in a press conference Alina Balseiro, president of the National Electoral Commission (2017-11-28 10:06:42) Continue reading

Raul Castro receives Minister of Public Security of Vietnam

Cuban president Raul Castro received on Monday afternoon Colonel General To Lam, Minister of Public Security of Vietnam, who is in Cuba on a working visit (2017-11-28 10:10:30) Continue reading

Garments of Compay Segundo for his Santiago de Cuba Home City

A shirt and a traditional loose lightweight shirt of the composer of the Chan Chan lyrics is also already part of those valuable donations given to the Pablo Henández Balaguer museum (2017-11-27 09:35:36) Continue reading

Puerto Rican Oscar López wraps up visit to Cuba

The Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera ended his visit to Cuba by reiterating that the reality was much more than what he dreamed of. "It has been happier, more intense and much more rewarding than I expected," he said (2017-11-27 09:39:39) Continue reading

Cuban First VP praises role of young people in elections

(2017-11-27 09:44:40) Continue reading

More than seven million Cubans voted on Sunday´s general elections

By 5 PM on this Sunday, November 27, over 7.3 million Cubans had gone went to the polls to elect the delegates to the municipal assemblies of the Popular Power, according to preliminary figures offered by the National Electoral Commission (CEN) (2017-1... Continue reading

The common social denominator, is the marginality?

The marginality has taken the reins of many questions regarding the interpersonal communication. The society is mining the good manners and the good forms (2017-11-25 12:01:28) Continue reading

A Giant Replica of the Hat of Fidel Castro from Argentina

That idea came out thanks to the initiative carried out by Urca and a group of friends of the Caribbean nation and it was carried out with the support of the workers of the Carmen Areco harbor (2017-11-25 09:22:58) Continue reading

An alleged Old Chronicle

It was right at that moment when she stopped being a happy girl and she changed her character and assuming her life and she has continued asking to get know about each detail in respect of his father (2017-11-24 10:29:24) Continue reading

The inseparable Rampa Section of Havana city

La Rampa is one of the most important urban places of the city as it has a group of buildings and public areas with an important architectural and historic value (2017-11-23 09:34:30) Continue reading

Sebastían Piñera and Guillier to the second Electoral Round

Chile wants a change and more than a million and two hundred people voted for that change (2017-11-22 10:18:17) Continue reading

Havana Club Rum, authentic symbol of the Cuban culture

The Havana Club Rum emerged in 1878 and it is considered as one of the best one hundred rums of the world. In order to perpetuate it, since the year two thousand, there is a museum with the same name located in the Avenue of the Port, Old Havana San Pe... Continue reading

Korean Foreign Minister carries out Official Visit to Cuba

Mr. Ri Yong Ho, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People Republic of Korea (RPDK), is in Cuba on an official visit, reports the site of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, CubaMinrex (2017-11-22 10:34:54) Continue reading

The Art of Building Humidifiers in Cuba

Humidores Habana is a project with two decades that has been many times awarded in national and international festivals (2017-11-21 09:48:24) Continue reading