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May 2018
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UN Secretary General lashes inequality in the world

What world is this in which a handful of men accumulate the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of humanity,? Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), pondered in a speech in Havana city (2018-05-09 10:06:32) Continue reading

UN Secretary General thanks Cuba for its Hospitality

The Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres expressed gratitude on Tuesday in Havana for the hospitality and warm welcome he received in Cuba during his official visit to the country (2018-05-09 10:11:10) Continue reading

Cuban Duo wins Twice in 2018 Beach Volleyball World Tour

The Cuban duo of Nivaldo Diaz and Sergio Gonzalez achieved two wins today in the three-star stop of the 2018 Beach Volleyball World Tour taking place in Mersin, Turkey, from May 2 to 6 (2018-05-07 10:21:59) Continue reading

United Nations Secretary General to arrive in Cuba this Monday

António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), will arrive in Havana this afternoon for his first official visit to Cuba, where he will participate in the 37th session of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) (2018-05-07 10:26:52) Continue reading

Documentary highlights Labor of Cuban Doctors in Bolivia

The work of Cuban doctors in Bolivia was highlighted in the presentation of the documentary Compromiso con la vida (Commitment to life), held today in La Paz, capital of the Andean country (2018-05-07 10:16:44) Continue reading

The storyteller Ana Luperón Cantillo

The storyteller Ana Luperón Cantillo begins telling the modern tale about the local and small Martina cockroach character which is a classic that she proposes to the children with humorous details and other incidents (2018-05-04 10:06:22) Continue reading

Cuba to Host Most Important Meeting of the Economic Commission for Lat

Cuba will host for the first time since the triumph of the Revolution a meeting of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC -the Spanish acronym is CEPAL), from May 7th to the 11th, considered the most important encounter of t... Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Exhibits Tourism Attractions in FitCuba 2018

Sancti Spiritus has its history, culture and beautiful landscapes which is being exhibited at the 38 th International Tourism Fair, FitCuba 2018 underway at the keys north of the province of Villa Clara (2018-05-04 10:18:29) Continue reading

The Youth Computer Center and its 30 Years in Camagüey

There are 42 local Joven Club (Youth Computer and Electronics) center to those ones which are included in the technological areas through the wifi installation that diversify the spaces and options for the family in that province (2018-05-03 10:15:48) Continue reading

Cuba to submit Human Rights Achievements in Geneva

The progress achieved during the last five years in the field of human rights will be presented by the Cuban delegation on May 16 at the universal periodic review that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland (2018-05-03 10:35:48) Continue reading

Cuban GM Bruzon climbs in the Chess World Ranking

Cuban Lazaro Bruzon added seven points to his ELO coefficient and with 2,664 units will remain throughout May in the 79th place of the chess world ranking (2018-05-03 10:41:45) Continue reading

Cuba vs. France in WSB Semifinal

The Cuban Boxing Federation announced that the Cuba Domadores and the France Fighting Roosters will face each other this month in the semifinal stage of the 8th World Series of Boxing (2018-05-03 10:49:04) Continue reading

Debates Underway on How to Make the Land more Productive

The representatives of the International Congress on Soil which began on Wednesday in Havana centered their discussions on the projection of the science of the soil in Cuba to achieve highly production land and whose practices favor the environment (20... Continue reading

Cuba to Share Achievements in Ophthalmology

The 8th International Congress and 16th of National Ophthalmology is to begin on Thursday in Havana with a demonstration of the island’s achievements in the field (2018-05-03 11:13:42) Continue reading

British Representative Praises the Current Image of Cayo Santamaria

The head of the Latin American Office and Assistant Director of the America Departmnet of the British Foreign Ministry, Nigel Baker said on Wednesday he was impressed for the recovered image of the keys north of Villa Clara province, which was severely... Continue reading

Camagüey for the venue of the National Day of the Farmer

During the last three years the work of the Small Farmers National Association (ANAP) goes forward in this province which is the one with the greatest livestock potential in the country and with strengths in the farming and cooperative movement (2018-0... Continue reading

May Day: A Parade for the Unity

The next May Day will be another demonstration of the local solidarity with the peoples of Latin America and the world which are decided to reach an inclusive social justice in their fight for the unity and peace (2018-04-30 10:00:09) Continue reading

The Pionero Magazine to Grant Special OCPI Recognitions

Three teenagers will be granted the especial recognitions by the Pionero Magazine that is part of the Abril Publishing house of the Youth Communist League at the XXI Prize event (2018-04-28 09:39:02) Continue reading

14th Health Fair Highlighted for its High Number of Paricipants

The 14th edition of the 2018 Health for All Fair was highlighted for the number of participants and the second with the most exhibition area so far to date, said the Cuban Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas (2018-04-27 10:08:57) Continue reading

Attractive Beach Resorts, Culture and History at Tourism Fair

Where the blue of the sea becomes intense in contrast with the white sands and biodiversity which adds to the mysticism of Cayo Santa Maria Beach Resort, host of the International Tourism Fair FitCuba 2018 to be held from May 2nd to the 6 th (2018-04-2... Continue reading

Cuba Denounced the US Blockade as an Obstacle for Development

Cuba denounced at the United Nations in Geneva that the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island is the main obstacle to the right to development of the people (2018-04-27 10:29:16) Continue reading

Cuban Dancer to be Granted the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award

Cuban outstanding dancer Carlos Acosta will be granted the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Award, by the UK Real Academy of Dance in acknowledgment of his status as one of the most influencing figures of today’s dance (2018-04-26 10:48:32) Continue reading

Cuban Consulate in D.C. Meets with US Travel Agents

The Cuban consulate officers in Washington D.C. held a meeting last weekend with nearly 50 travel agents and charter companies on the Cuban migration policy, the Cuban embassy in Washington reported (2018-04-26 10:54:00) Continue reading

Cuban Government Session Address Priority Social and Economic Issues

The Cuban Council of Ministers held a session on Wednesday to address economic and social issues on its agenda, including the negative impact by irregularities in foreign trade operations (2018-04-26 11:00:13) Continue reading

Cuba as World Reference of the Vaccination System

The XVI Las Americas Vaccination event and the third week of the World Immunization events will be carried out as part of the context on the 2018 International Cuba Health event (2018-04-25 13:32:00) Continue reading

Beach volleyball: Cuban women for a ticket to the Olympic event

The female couple which finally will integrate the Cuban team of Beach Volleyball will arrive well prepared to the qualifying event for the Youth Olympic Games, said the trainer Clara Jiménez in an exclusive interview for Radio Rebelde (2018-04-24 13:35:00) Continue reading