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December 2018
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Cosmic Radiation Favors Alzheimer’s Development

Cosmic radiation, which comes from stars and distant galaxies, favors the development of Alzheimer''s disease, highlights an article released in the latest issue of the magazine Plus One. Continue reading

Havanatur Promotes Russian Tourism to Cuba

The company Havanatur in 2012 managed to place itself in the top seven tour operators for Cuba destination among those based in the Russian market, said the representative of that company in Moscow, Sandra Tarafa. Continue reading

President Chavez Calm, Stable

President Hugo Chavez has remained calm and stable in the past few hours of his recovery in Havana, accompanied by his daugthers, said Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Jorge Arreaza. Continue reading

Importance of US Progressive Movement Highlighted

It is important that the progressive movement in the United States strengthens to influence the government decisions on some issues, specifically regarding Cuba, affirmed president of Antonio Maceo brigade Andres Gomez. Continue reading

More than Twenty Years of the Program Educate Your Children

Next January 10, the Program Educate Your Child will celebrate its 21 years of creation. This type of education prepares the family to encourage the comprehensive development of children of 0-6 years, who do not attend early childhood education instit... Continue reading

El Globo Hotel Renovates its Image

Located in the center of Pinar del Rio City, a centric interception, the Hotel El Globo raises defying its more-than-100-year history. Continue reading

Venezuelan Socialists Win Most State Government Offices in Regional Elections

Venezuela's United Socialist Party candidates, which is part of the Gran Polo Patriotic coalition, won 20 of 23 state government offices at Sunday's regional elections. Continue reading

Raul and Fidel Castro Nominated Candidates to Parliament Deputies

Cuban President Raul Castro and Revolution leader Fidel Castro were elected candidates to Parliament deputies during a special session of the municipal assemblies of People's Power on Sunday. Continue reading

Beaches in Guanahacabibes Peninsula to Be Cleaned

Scientists and residents in Guanahacabibes Peninsula, a national park and reserve of the biosphere, will clean up the local beaches, said expert Able Sosa. Continue reading

Pinar del Río Documentary to Compete in Latin American Film Festival

The documentary "El relámpago de Bahía Honda" (The lighting of Bahía Honda), of Pinar del Río filmmaker José González Vera is one of the offers of the 34 Edition of the New Latin American Cinema Festival, in the category Home Made, which compile... Continue reading

Mijain Lopez and Idalys Ortiz, Cuba’s Best Athletes in 2012

Greek wrestler Mijaín Lopez and judoka Idalys Ortiz, Olympic champions in London 2012, were awarded Best Athletes of the Year in Cuba, by the Sports Writers Circle. Continue reading

Cuban Parliament Commissions in Session

Cuban Parliamentary Commissions are analyzing important issues of Cuban society, prior to the 10th Session of the National Assembly. Continue reading

Campaign for Release of Cuban 5 Strengthens

The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five asked today the United States (U.S.) Senate to lead immediate actions for the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters arbitrarily convicted in this northern country. Continue reading

Leinier Domínguez Loses in Chess Grand Prix

The Cuban Grand Master Leinier Dominguez lost today in the sixth round of the second stop on the mens Chess Grand Prix Chess 2012-2013, held in Tashkent. Continue reading

Pinar del Rio Pedagogical University Leads Student Scientific Movement

The Pedagogical University "Rafael Maria de Mendive" of Pinar del Rio province, was awarded the First collective place in the XXVII National Scientific Forum of Educational Sciences, developed at this Institute. Continue reading

Tobacco Plantations Go Fine in San Juan y Martínez

San Juan y Martínez tobacco growers completed for next November 30 the planting of the 66 percent of the areas destined for this cultivation. Continue reading

Alicia Alonso: "I Feel the Love of All People from Pinar del Rio" (+ Photos)

Notably excited, the prima ballerina Alicia Alonso, received the Shield from Pinar del Rio, the highest award conferred by the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power in this western province: "I can not talk, it's too much ... I can feel the love from a... Continue reading

Cuban Team Loses against Japan Enroute to Baseball Classic

The Cuban baseball team lost 0-2 today against a team of stars of Japanese professional league, in a preparatory match for the III World Classic, played in the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Continue reading

Eliades Ochoa wins Latin Grammy

Cuba's Eliades Ochoa has been awarded the Latin Grammy in the category of Best Traditional Tropical Album for his CD Un bolero para ti (A Bolero For You) under the EGREM Label. Continue reading

Vaccination Campaign against Seasonal Flu Starts Tomorow

In order to prevent in the population at greatest risk serious complications from influenza and pneumonia, in the province will begin on November 20, the Vaccination Campaign for Seasonal Flu 2012-2013, corresponding to the current stage. Continue reading

Internet Surfers of 20 Countries in Cuban Forum on US Blockade

Internauts of some 20 countries took part in a forum debate on the impact of the U.S. blockade against Cuba, which closed today with a panel of representatives of organizations of the civil society and state institutions. Continue reading

Havana Ballet Festival to Conclude Today

The International Ballet Festival will conclude today with a closing ceremony at the Gran Teatro in Havana.The repertoire that includes pieces such as the "Grand pas de quatre" and "Gottschalk Symphony," both with choreography by Alicia Alonso, "Canto... Continue reading

Began in Pinar del Rio Assembly of New Laboratory for Waters

In the Station of Environmental Analysis and Monitoring of Sandino, Cuban west, a laboratory for basic analysis of different kinds of waters is being assembled, which will allow determining the microbiology of the liquid. Continue reading

In Pinar del Rio, Way to Live Contest

Contest "Way to live: children and transportation" was developed in more than 50 elementary and high schools in Pinar del Rio province. Continue reading

In Pinar del Rio, Sports and Recreation for Children

Sport and recreation in Pinar del Río province is a right for everyone, it is undoubtedly an achievement of the Cuban Revolution in its more than 5 decade of existence. In the western most province of Cuba, different activities are taking place to ce... Continue reading

Pinar del Rio Workers Support Recovery in Cuban East

Three brigades of the Telecommunications Company ETECSA in Pinar del Río contribute to the recovery of the damages of Hurricane Sandy in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Holguin. Continue reading