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September 2018
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Venezuela sent aid to Cuba and Haiti

The government of Venezuela sent 611 tons of humanitarian assistance to Cuba and Haiti, countries impacted by Hurricane Sandy, causing loss of life and material damage. Continue reading

World Day of Cerebral Stroke, a silent pathology

Cerebrovascular diseases are the third leading cause of death worldwide. Each year, 15 million people suffer from this disease in the world, of which about 10 million are killed or disabled. Continue reading

Cuban Families are Owners of 85 Percent of all Homes in the Country

Cuban families currently own nearly 85 percent of the houses in the country, while only six percent of the housing stock belongs or is linked to state entities. Continue reading

Cuban Electoral Authorities Say Sunday’s Municipal Elections Were Successful

Sunday's round of elections to choose delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People's Power or local governments concluded successfully throughout Cuba, according to the vice president of the National Electoral Commission, Rosa Charroo. Continue reading

Successful Elections of Delegates to the Municipal Assemblies

The 93.35% of the voters in Pinar del Rio exercised their constitutional right to vote, in order to elect delegates to the municipal assemblies of People's Power. Continue reading

University of Pinar del Río Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The monument to the Saiz Brothers became the right place to start the day marking the four decades of existence of the University of Pinar del Rio. Continue reading

In Photos, the Electoral Process of Pinar del Río

On Sunday, the 1517 polling stations available in Pinar del Río province opened. Continue reading

Massive Assistance to the Polls

At 7 in the morning, the 1 517 polling stations opened in Pinar del Rio, with large numbers of voters. Continue reading

UNESCO Highlights Cuban Education Program

Cuba is heading the Education for All Development Index of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, in Latin America, while it ranks 16th on the list headed by countries like Japan, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom. Continue reading

Viñales, a Green Paradise in the West

The shades of green are mixed with the bright of the dawn, and the it gets lost in the cracks of the Viñales Valley, declared Cultural Landscape of Humanity, for the preservation of the old ways of tobacco cultivation, and almost perfect harmony betw... Continue reading

Pinar del Rio Finalizes Details for the Elections of October 21

The provincial electoral Commission of Pinar del Rio works on the final details, in order that the operation of polling stations for massive participation of voters on Oct. 21 is efficient, quick and successful. Continue reading

Provincial Congress Pedagogy 2013: "For the Unity of Educators"

Raising the quality of educational processes in Pinar del Rio is one of the central objectives of the Provincial Congress Pedagogy 2013, held this weekend at the University of Pedagogical Sciences "Rafael Maria de Mendive". Continue reading

Made in Pinar del Río Elections Dynamic Test

With high efficiency and organization took place in Pinar del Rio, the dynamic test for the elections on Oct. 21, the date on which delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People's Power will be elected by the people. Continue reading

China Launches 2 Satellites to Test Home Made Technology

China launched two civilian experimental satellites today to test its domestically developed components, reported Xinhua news agency today. Continue reading

Moving Concert in Madrid in Support of the Cuban Five

Urgent calls for the release of the Cuban Five imprisoned in the United States since 1998 were heard in a moving concert at Galileo Galilei Hall in Madrid. Continue reading

Twenty Years of Collage Fashions

Recognized as one of the main representatives of the culture of dressing in Pinar del Rio, the fashion group Collage celebrated its 20th anniversary with an exhibition show at the square of the Cuban Association of Craft Artists. Continue reading

Pinar del Río Growers Start Tobacco Sowing Season

Tobacco farmers in this western Cuban province, famous for its excellent product, are beginning their sowing season at the well-known Vueltabajo tobacco plantations, the country's largest producers of the leaves. Continue reading

Ban Ki-moon Demands Access to Education as a Human Right

Education is a fundamental human right, the cornerstone of every society, said today before the UNESCO, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Continue reading

Leuris Pupo Is Crowned at Iberoamerican Shooting Championship

Cuban Leuris Pupo, Olympic champion in London 2012, successfully defended his title at the Iberoamerican Shooting Championship in rapid-fire pistol at 25 meters, an event disputed in Granada, Spain. Continue reading

Raul Castro Congratulates Chavez for Election Victory

President Raul Castro congratulated his Venezuelan peer Hugo Chavez, who won the Sunday general election in the South American nation. Continue reading

Members of Polling Stations in Pinar del Rio are being Trained

The training of the more than 7500 members of the polling stations is a priority in the province of Pinar del Rio, in order to hold a democratic election, as legislated. Continue reading

Economic Update in Cuba Targets Efficiency

Cuba is updating its economic model, a process that is targeting efficiency and productivity without renouncing the socialist project that began half a century ago. Continue reading

Grandmaster Ortiz Favorite to Win LatAm Cup

Cuban Grand Master Isan Ortiz classified as favorite to win the III Latin American Chess Cup to start this Thursday in the Colombian city of Cali. Continue reading

White House Is Behind Capriles, Says James Petras

Washington's White House is behind Venezuelan rightwing Presidential Candidate Henrique Capriles, who receives advise to show a reformist, democratic and popular image, said the prominent U.S. sociologist James Petras. Continue reading

Concluded in Pinar del Rio, National Presentations of Circuba 2012

Shows of the highest quality were the hallmarks of the presentations, in Pinar del Rio, of the award-winning artists in the past International Festival CIRCUBA 2012. Continue reading

An increasement of biofertilizer production

Cuba has approved an investment program to build several plants to produce biofertilizers and biopesticides, as part of its efforts to revitalize its ailing agricultural sector. Continue reading